What makes your car audio system sound sickening


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The car stereo has become a part that car owners cannot live without. So what to look for when buying one?

Be grateful for your car sound system - the savior that gets you through unpleasant traffic, a mood booster when you are locked out of your house at midnight, and your duet partner during long boring trips. For many reasons, the car stereo has become a part that car owners cannot live without. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to choose a car stereo system or an upgrade for it. Below we make a list of three most common problems with today's car stereo systems and the technologies you can look for to solve them.

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One of the banes in the modern life is that popular sound forms now are more and more compressed. Users all want to save the space, so satellite radios, stream or MP3s are now made really small to the point that it’s hard to believe they can work properly.

The leading trend at the moment is using the AI predictive technology which listens ahead of the source to make a guess to what may be missing, then put it back right before the signal reaches the speakers and the amp. The technique is used for helping with the fried ear symptom.

Speaker Placement

Almost all car speakers are positioned in improper places. It seems to become a norm since the occupants have to sit on one side or the other of the car’s listening room.

The one important thing that’s missing from most systems is a central channel speaker that found on any home theater. Some high-end car rigs integrated with a central channel speakers include B&O and THX.

Car stereo

Look for new technologies that fix the compression damage


The road noise always reduces the fulfilled experience of playing music in your car. The modern technology introduces new techniques which help cancel the noise outside. However, the effect of road noise somehow still partly comes into the car and spoils our experience.

Bottom Line

So here is the takeaway message for you to get a better listening experience: opt for new technologies which fix the compression damage, look for a system equipped with a central channel speaker, and remind yourself that the sportier- sounding the car is, the worse listening experience you get.

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