What are shooting brake cars? The best wagon for you!


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This article explains the meaning of shooting brake cars and how they vary from regular Station-Wagons.

The most confusing term in recent times regarding automobiles is the word "COUPE" and guess who complicated the word for us? Germans of course.

They took their complex German engineering into car vocabulary by producing Coupe with 4 doors. Before we look at the concept of Shooting brake cars, two definitions need to be known.

What are Coupes?

Coupes are cars with a fixed roof and a sloping/truncating roofline with generally 2 doors. Every 2 door car that has a fixed roof is a Coupe but not all Coupes have 2 doors "anymore".

Examples of common Coupes in Nigeria include the Ford Mustang, Toyota Solara and the Toyota Celica.


What are Station-Wagons/Estates?

Station-wagons are cars that are designed to have a rear tailgate that is open for access from within the car and this tailgate area has large cargo space.

A lot of sedans have their Estate variants just to serve as a more practical vehicle for utility. Common Station-wagons in Nigeria include the Volvo 200 Series, Volkswagen Passat and Nissan Primera.


Then goes shooting brake

Shooting brake is a combination of a Coupe and an Estate in one car. Shooting brakes are Station Wagon of cars that have a coupe body styling with two/four doors.


Another way to view a Shooting Brake is as a sleek estate with two/four doors and a sports-car appearance.

Shooting brakes are very adorable and rare in terms of production which is why you only get to see maybe two/three in Nigeria and that would be a Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting-Brake because it is the only shooting brake that a roll call can be performed on in Nigeria. 

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Shooting brakes are beautiful cars and the fact that it is available in exotics is very interesting. In Abuja Nigeria, we have the Ferrari FF Shooting-brake rolling around with it's 6.3L V12 engine.

Common iconic Shooting-brake cars are the Aston-Martin Zagato, BMW Z3 Shooting-Brake and the hottest one in the news right now is the 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA shooting brake.


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Who should buy a shooting brake? 

Lovers of Station-Wagons need to explore the stylish option of a Shooting-Brake even though it doesn't give all that cargo space a standard Estate has to offer but you get to enjoy a premium driving experience because they are mostly performance cars. 


Wanna join the gang of shooting brake cars in Nigeria? Check out the Mercedes-Benz CLS for sale now!

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