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The used Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are the two most popular mid-size sedans in Nigeria. Which one to choose is kind of a headache? is ready to help you have your own answer! Read on to find out!


1. Overview 

The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry are the most successful and popular mid-size automobiles in the Nigerian Automotive market. They are both front-wheel drive four-door sedans by the Japanese Automotive industry with station wagons available for some models just for better practicality as a 5-door liftback.

These two cars also share a lot of similar features which is why I would be comparing a used Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry from 2019 and below. They even borrow each other's technology legally like the V-Tec/VVT-I technology, CVCC /TTC, and others. 


I would look at all relevant year models up to 2020 based on reliability, features, price, cost of maintenance, and functions.

2. Nigerian background of both cars

To tell you how popular and successful these two Japanese automobiles are in Nigeria, they always get Nigerian nicknames. The Honda Accord and Toyota Camry cars are part of the Nigerian family but adopted from Japan. 

The common Toyota Camry nicknames so far are; Orobo ( XV10 1991-1996), Pencil light (XV20 1996 - 1999), Envelope (XV20 2000-2002), Big daddy (XV30 2002-2006), Muscle (XV40 2007-2008) and Spider (XV40 2009-2011).


Every Toyota Camry Nickname in Nigeria is so funny 

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On the other hand, the common Honda nicknames so far are; Hala (1989-1993), Bulldog (1994-1997), Babyboy (1998-2002), End of Discussion (2002-2005), Discussion continues (2006-2008), Evil Spirit (2009-2012), and Anaconda (2013-2015).


I am sure you are wondering where these names came from

If you learn more about how the Honda nicknames and Toyota nicknames came about, you would be amused by the ridiculous ways these names came about.

There were several versions of these two cars that didn't make it to the Nigerian car market. Some examples of some of those cars for Honda include the Honda Ascot, Honda Vigor, and Honda Inspire which are other versions of the Accord.

For Toyota, we have the Toyota Scepter, Toyota Gracia, and Toyota Vista which are other versions of the Camry some were even hardtop sedans.

Before I go into the comparison of used Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry in Nigeria, here are the relevant Accord and Camry models that are well available in the used car market of Nigeria :

  • Honda Accord - 2008 till date which covers the 8th generation to 10th generation.  
  • Toyota Camry - 2007 till date which covers the 6th generation to 8th generation. 

Now, let the comparison begin.

3. Used Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry Comparison 

3.1. Exterior Style and design 

The Honda Accord has always made better-looking cars compared to the Toyota Camry on the exterior.

Before 2018, Honda Accord always got a 2 door coupe version specially styled for lovers of sport looking cars looking to buy the accord while Toyota produces a sports trim for sports lovers.

There were even the Honda Accord Crosstour crossover SUV hatchbacks that Honda manufactured based on the Evil Spirit. Just because of this extra step Honda takes in making various body styles and designs, Northerners love the Accord.

Nigerian Northerners bought the eighth-generation Accord and the ninth-generation Accord almost 10 times more than the Toyota Camry 6th and 7th generation. Surprise?


2016 Accord body styles (up)  compared to the Camry (down)

The Camry also looks very good (don't get me wrong) and it appeals to people that don't want a car that draws the attention from people.

It was from 2018 that the Camry XSE (sports trim) became aggressively sporty looking beating the Honda Accord hands down based on looks.

Honda canceled the Coupe versions of the Accord from the 10th generation and even the Sports trim of the 4-door Accord sedan isn't clearly different from the regular trims just like how Camry used to be before 2018.

In conclusion, from 2008 till 2017, the Honda Accord was a better-looking car than the Camry's standard look even though you can easily upgrade a Camry to look sporty. From 2018, Toyota revised the concept of the Camry and now produced two clearly different sports trim badged the SE & XSE along with other trims that also look really good while Honda Accord had basically the same appearance across all trims. 


This is the Camry that can compete with a rival Accord exterior design

Now, it is time for the interior design and features comparison of both cars. 

3.2. Interior Style and Design

The interior design language of the Honda Accord from time has always been to give the best out of the most affordable materials.

Honda goes as far as using wooden finishes on some Honda Accord year models but the Camry has always been using cheaper materials just to imply that the car is not a luxury car.

The Honda Accord has always made real leather available from 2008 as options for its cars while the Toyota Camry never put that in mind. In terms of just interior feel and appearance, till date, the Honda Accord has been better than the Toyota Camry.


Are you also of the opinion that Honda has been doing it better?

The 6th generation Camry (2007 - 2011) had a common complaint from users in Nigeria based on the interior. The dashboard melts after being exposed regularly to the very hot Nigerian sun and the interior generally also falls apart with time as it gets used.

For features, the technology on the Camry and Accord has always been very similar but the Honda Accord has this habit of making some basic features not available on base trims while the Toyota Camry is more generous with features on the base trims.

So in terms of features, the Camry would offer you more. I will give the Camry the car that is more equipped with features over the Accord but when looking at the Accord vs Camry sound system, Accord wins this because of its better quality sound production system.

They both comfortably seat 5 people but the Accord provides you with more trunk space than the Camry by some cubic feet in measurement. It is safe to say that the Accord would carry more luggage than the Camry.
How does performance on the road of these two cars match up to each other?

3.3. Performance

The base Honda Accord has always been faster when compared to the Camry base trims by a very small difference. However, the V6 engine trims of the Camry is always faster than the Honda Accord V6 for some reason.  

The Accord vs Camry specs took another direction from 2018,  Honda harnessed the power of turbochargers because customers didn't see any need in buying V6 cars that are not luxury cars but the Toyota Camry still made both a 4 cylinder and 6- cylinder engine available.


Honda Accord involved in a track race event, a Camry cannot dare

The present generation Camry (8th generation) performs better than the present generation (10th generation) Honda Accord. In conclusion for the Accord vs Camry performance, before 2018 the Honda Accord has always been the leader but from 2018 till date, the Camry has stood up to the competition and now performs better than the Accord's new drive train.

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3.4. Durability and Reliability

Sometimes, I feel like the Toyota Camry was designed with Nigeria in mind because it is one of the most reliable cars that has ever been sold in Nigeria.

The Honda Accord disappoints Nigerians daily because of its unreliability issues which are often caused by poor maintenance culture of owners.

Before 2013, Honda Accord had a steering assembly setup that failed from time to time because of how the car gets driven on uneven roads with a lot of obstructions. It is very common to see Honda Accords with a failed ball joint overturning on the road, indeed.


4 different models of the Accord with the same steering system failure

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Engine-wise also, the Camry is a more reliable car. The Honda engine finds it hard to survive under Nigerian temperate weather conditions. The Evil Spirit engine, for example, gets a lot of knocking complaints from owners in Nigeria once they are not well maintained.

In contrast, the Camry engine still survives even if the car owner maintains it badly because it is a Toyota.

The new generation Accord vs Camry safety comparison is a tie. They both have the same level of safety rating according to safety tests conducted. Down the history of the relevant Camry and Accord models, we have today, based on safety it has always been a tie. 

For the Accord vs Camry reliability, the only more durable aspect of the Honda Accord over the Toyota Camry is in the interior. Every other aspect of the Honda Accord is not as durable as the Toyota Camry.

Now, let me compare the costs of owning these two cars in Nigeria.

4. Affordability

The cost of owning a car is not the price of buying it. Maintenance costs and daily running costs are included and I will compare the costs of owning the Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry in Nigeria. 

4.1. Fuel Economy 

The fuel economy of the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry are very close to each other. The 2020 Camry will use up 6.9 litres of fuel for every 100km drive while the Honda Accord will use up 6.8 litres of petrol for the same 100k. That is less than ₦50 difference for every 100km driven.

The 2008 Camry has a 25 MPG rating while the 2008 Camry has a 24 MPG rating, the 2014 Camry has a 29.5 MPG rating while the 2014 Accord has a 29 MPG rating.

From these ratings, we can see that the Camry is more economical than the Accord but only by a very small and almost negotiable difference. They are both cars with a great fuel economy in the world car fuel economy rating.

4.2. Maintenance and Cost of Spare Parts

Honda and Toyota, in general, are cars that have spare parts and technicians available in Nigeria. The maintenance cost of the Honda Accord will just be more because it tends to be more unreliable and needs more replacement parts from time to time. This is why buying a used Honda Accord in Nigeria needs more inspection than buying a Toyota Camry.


The big daddy Camry is more reliable than the End of Discussion

A Nigerian Honda Accord owner might have to change the ball joint once every year for the 2010 models and intermediate models while a Toyota Camry owner would do that probably only once in 3 years. The Camry is cheaper to maintain generally.

5. Price Comparison 

There are three categories for purchasing cars in Nigeria; the brand new cars, the foreign used cars otherwise known as Tokunbo, and the locally used cars (fairly used, second-hand or third-hard cars). Here is a table for 2 categories to compare the Honda Accord vs Toyota Camry price in Nigeria. 

Prices of Toyota Camry and Honda Accord in Nigeria
  Locally Used  Foreign Used
Year Model  Camry/Accord Camry/Accord
2007  ₦1.4 million - ₦2 million/₦1 million - ₦1.2 million  ₦2.6 million – ₦3.6 million/ ₦2.2 million – ₦3.2 million
2008   ₦1.4 million - ₦2 million/₦1.1 million - ₦1.7 million    ₦2.5 million – ₦3.8 million/ ₦2.2 million – ₦3.5 million
2009   ₦1.4 million - ₦2 million/₦1.5 million - ₦2.2 million   ₦2.5 million – ₦3.6 million/ ₦2.5 million – ₦3.2 million
2010   ₦1.4 million - ₦2 million/₦1.5 million - ₦2.4 million   ₦2.8 million – ₦3.9 million/ ₦2.5 million – ₦3.6 million
2011   ₦1.4 million - ₦2 million/₦1.5 million- ₦2.3 million    ₦2.6 million – ₦3.9 million/ ₦2.6 million – ₦3.6 million
2012   ₦3.5 million - ₦5 million/₦2 million - ₦3.2 million   ₦4 million – ₦6.5 million/ ₦2.6 million – ₦4 million
2013  ₦3.5 million - ₦5 million/₦2.5 million- ₦4 million   ₦4 million – ₦6.7 million/ ₦3 million – ₦4.7 million
2014  ₦3.5 million - ₦5 million/₦3.5 million - ₦4.5 million   ₦4.1 million – ₦6.7 million/ ₦3.5 million – ₦6.8 million
2015  ₦6 million – ₦9 million/₦3.5 million - ₦4.5 million    ₦4.1 million – ₦6.7 million/ ₦3.8 million – ₦7 million
2016  ₦6 million – ₦9 million/₦4 million - ₦7 million    ₦5 million – ₦7.2 million/ ₦5 million – ₦9 million
2017  ₦6 million – ₦9 million/₦4 million - ₦7 million    ₦6 million – ₦11 million/ ₦5.5 million – ₦9 million
2018  ₦8 million – ₦11 million/₦7.5 million – ₦11 million   ₦12 million – ₦17 million/₦10 million – ₦16 million
2019  ₦8 million – ₦11 million/₦7.5 million – ₦11 million  ₦12 million – ₦22 million/₦11 million – ₦17 million

Considering the Accord VS Camry sales in Nigeria, Camry sells more because with the Honda Accord Nigerians have a lot of trust issues.

You can buy both the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry from almost any car dealership in Nigeria and verified online car sales platforms like

6.0 Alternatives to both cars

There are quite a number of alternatives to the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in Nigeria. The top rivals to the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord include the Nissan Altima, Mazda 6, Chevrolet Impala, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Optima, and others.

It is unbelievable how the Mazda 6 matches up with an Accord/Camry while the Nissan Altima compared to the Accord has always been relevant. 


The common alternatives to Camry and Accord in Nigeria, but they have bad resale value

If you need a low-cost full-size sedan then the Toyota and Honda brand won't be able to offer any car but in the compact sedans category, we have the Honda Civic, Honda Inspire while Toyota has the Yaris and Prius. 

The only time Toyota sold executive cars on the platform of Camry was when the first-generation Lexus ES was rebadged as the Toyota Windom for domestic markets. So when talking about Toyota and luxury, always remember the Lexus while for luxury and Honda you should check the Acura brand. Honda always badge-engineered Acura's Accord equivalent from year to year but it wasn't common in Nigeria.  

The best way to maintain Honda Accord in Nigeria is not far fetched from the best way to maintain Toyota Camry in Nigeria but it is a fact that the Honda Accord needs more attention. It is even more demanding for this new generation that uses a turbocharged engine technology.

7. Summary & Verdict 

You should now understand that both the used Honda Accord vs.Toyota Camry are both great low maintenance mid-size 4-door sedans to buy and drive in Nigeria but the Honda Accord is less reliable if you don't put up the best maintenance culture. 

I know you still want to ask me at this point 'Accord or Camry, which is better ?'. The table below is a recap of the areas we considered and the winner in each aspect.

Verdict on used Camry vs Accord

We hope that you have got your answer just now! So why don't visit our endless list of cars for sale on

At, we always have all the answers to your car-related questions and more because we never want you to make a car-related mistake. For all Toyota Camry prices and Honda Accord prices in Nigeria, make sure you check out the Car Price articles.

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