Used car for sale: Should you buy a car used by a woman?


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Buying used cars can be a gamble, but with one old wives tale has always been that you should buy one used by a woman. Others say avoid it. Let's see our opinion!

Finding used car for sale by owner in Nigeria?

Most cars being bought in Nigeria are used. This is because the cost of a brand new car is prohibitive for a majority of Nigerians. You may choose to buy a used Toyota or a used Honda, as these are the most popullar models in Nigeria. Maintaining a used Honda car or any used car is also something you need to read up on.

On, we have a variety of used cars for sale by owner, ranging from Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Volkswagen or Peugeot.

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No matter what car you do decide on, there is a proper and safe way to buy a used car in Nigeria. For instance, doing a background check on a used car you intend to purchase is very essential. This is because through a background check:

  • You get to know more about the car you want to make payments for.
  • Get to know if it was stolen or hijacked.
  • Become aware of any and all damages done to the car by the previous user.
  • Get to know the level of maintenance done on the car.
  • Discover whether the previous user has complete legal papers for the car.

While some people may stop at the above-listed steps in clarifying the viability of a used car, others may go as far as inquiring if the previous car was used by a woman.


The Toyota Highlander is one of the most common used vehicles bought in Nigeria

There are many car lovers out there who believe that buying a car that was once used by a woman is risky because such a car is not well used or maintained. For others, the opposite is the real case. What then is the truth? 

Should you buy a car used by a woman?

What contributes to the value of a used car, making it a good bargain, notwithstanding whether it was used by a man or a woman, is how carefully the previous users drove or used the car. Also did the vehicle get the necessary periodic maintenance at the required times?

1. Women are more careful drivers

According to research conducted online and researchers on road accidents, it has been uncovered that women are safer drivers on the road than men. The research further showed that women take more precautions on the road than men. Thus, they are involved in fewer accidents than men which causes less damage to the cars they use.


Research indicates women are more cautious behind the wheel than men

These research also found out that, regarding overtaking, when compared to the number of cars damaged and the accidents incurred as a result of reckless overtaking, men seem to take the lead. This is because some men seem to lack patience on the road. Research looked at:

  • Overspeeding: The research also disclosed that fewer women tend to over-speed or exceed the speed limit when driving. It also showed that women motorists practice more hard braking than men.
  • Traffic offenders: In Nigeria, according to the Federal Road Safety Corps, women tend to be involved in fewer traffic offences than their men. They also tend to accumulate lesser penalty points given to road offenders.
  • Night driving: Night driving has contributed to the number of car crashes and damaged cars over the years. Road safety research also added that fewer women tend to drive in the night. This tends to make them less involved in night car crashes that cause damage to the car.
  • Driving drunk: Though some women have also been caught in the act, however, the statistics of male drunk drivers seem to be higher than the female.
  • Aggressive drivers: The research also stated that male drivers display more of their anger on the road than women. This makes them more aggressive on the road, leading to crushing or bashing into other drivers. This results in damaged cars

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Women are generally happier drivers than the menfolk

In as much as the research conducted showed that women seem to be the safer drivers on the road, there are still some men who practice better cautious driving than their female counterparts on the road.

2. Car maintenance is not gender determined

Aside from safe road usage, another indication that makes a car worth buying is how the used car was maintained by the woman or man. There has been numerous arguments that female are terrible in maintaining cars. Some argue that they only check the oil usage, wash or clean the car without checking for other car issues, leading to massive damage to the car over time. 

This argument has no research backing and was made out of personal experiences. However, whether true or not, one cannot fully determine that women car users are bad in maintaining their cars. Just like practicing safe driving on the road, some women are carrying out the required maintenance for their car while others are not.

Since there is less or little research to back up this claim, it okay to say that car maintenance is not gender determined but differs according to the individual. Some individuals find it beneficial to service their car on period dates while others don't. Whether male or female, some car owners have made it a habit to only take their car for servicing when they notice a fault in it. This should not be so.

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Used Honda Pilot is one SUV favored by women drivers in Nigeria

Waiting to find fault or damage in a car before taking it for servicing is more like what we may call "medicine after death". The car might have been showing signs but ignoring it leads to the damage.

It is best to thoroughly scrutinize a used car before purchase and not specifically wanting to know the gender that used the car before. No gender is quite perfect in car maintenance so your duty as a purchaser of any used car is to test drive the car and look out for faults. You can do the following:

  • Look out for sounds in the engine.
  • Check for any leakage.
  • Test the brake and reverse pad.
  • The steering wheel should not also be overlooked.

Overall, make your decisions based on hard evidence not on perceived gender based prior ownership.

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