10 ways to make money from old/worn-out car tyres in Nigeria


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Old and worn-out tyres are often abandoned by car users without knowing that they still have many advantages we can make use of. Here are the top 10 things you can do with your used tyres!

Your car tyres are the only part of the car that is in contact with the road and this makes them very important. No matter how expensive or luxurious your car is, once a tyre is bad, you will not be able to move the car until you get it fixed. It does not matter if your tyre brand is among the best tyre brands you can get in Nigeria, it will get old and later wear out. 


They look useless but they can bring you money and fun

An average car needs a tyre change after every 4/5 years of regular use. It would interest you to know that those useless old car tyres you keep in your garage still have a lot of usefulness and can fetch you money if you are not scared of making money.

I know 10 ways to make money from old/worn-out car tyres in Nigeria and that is what I will be sharing with you today in this article. I would love to know the action you took after reading this is. In Nigeria today, one has to be a slasher (someone that does more than one job to make money) to have a better chance of survival. 

10 things you can use your old tyres for that will fetch you money in Nigeria

1. To build Houses  

Old car tyres can be used to build houses or structures that can be used as offices. The tyres are cut in half, filled with soil then properly stacked to form the structure while the space between the tyres is filled with different cementing materials.


80 per cent built out of old car tyres

Tyres are very good heat conductors and this makes the structure very heat resistant. The Earthship in Australia was the first major structure to be made totally out of tyres. If you are a builder and anyone needs a temporary structure, you can just recommend tyre houses to them. 

2. To make flip-flop slippers

This is already a common practice in rural and remote areas around Nigeria. Farmers make flip-flops out of old car tyres and use it to the farm just to save the cost of having to purchase slippers from time to time.


Flip-Flops made out of tyre can sell at  ₦1,000 

A tyre is made out of rubber and other materials, this makes the flip-flop slippers last very long. Even when you come across the worst vulcanizers in Nigeria that have bad habits which ruin your tyre, you can make cool flip-flop designs out of the tyre and sell to lovers of recycled products out there.

3. To start up a garden

Setting up a garden with old car tyres is a common practice among Nigerians. A lot of gardeners and horticulturists plant inside tyres and as the tree grows, you notice that the tyre is married to the tree for life. 


Yep! those are tyres making the garden look more beautiful

If you hang tyres on the wall and plant around them, and boom! you have a hanging garden. These tyres can be painted just to beautify the trees and the tyres also serve as a means of numbering the trees just to keep track of the garden.

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4. To set up an obstacle course for work-out routines

Old car tyres are very common elements of work-out routines these days. Tyres are used to set up barriers and obstacles, used as jumping/running markers and also a hit target for competition.


That is trailer tyre being used to practice by the army

You can set up these obstacles for Gyms, training camps e.t.c while you make some cool cash from doing this.

5. To make furniture 

Furniture is one of the most profitable uses of old car tyres. I have seen amazing furniture come out of old car tyres that just involved little cutting and shaping of the tyre.


Furniture out of old car tyres is always a beautiful piece

You can make chairs, tables and shelves out of old tyres by combining it with other materials like metal and wood just to form something classic. There are furniture companies out there making millions of naira from old car tyres. It is never too late to join them. The reason why car tyres blow out easily would now be the same reason you would start a furniture company. 

6. To create a staircase

Old car tyres can be used to design staircases around outdoor tourist attraction sites like natural mountain areas, game reserves and conservation centres. It can also be used in streets that have a sloping landscape as staircases to aid people walking on the street.


Staircases from tyres save everyone a lot of stress; the process is in the top-right frame

It just involves placing the tyres across different levels of the slope and sticking them between the natural soil in the area.

7. To use for painting art

Old car tyres and arts these days have a synergy that makes art collectors very happy. You can make a living by supplying old car tyres to artists all over Nigeria or if you are an artist, you can use old car tyres to make art expressions.


You would hardly tell it is made from old car tyres

Forming tyres into different forms like trees, wares and others is something people will be willing to pay for.

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8. To make doormats

Doormats can be weaved out of old tyres. This is a very technical process but it will profit you in the end. Doormats made out of old car tyres last very long and they carefully dust off the sand and other forms of dirt from people's shoes.


Still, it's very hard to tell it was made from tyre

You can learn the process of making floormats from tyres and sell off to make some cool cash. When next you have to tackle a tyre-blow out, just keep the tyre and use it for something profitable. 

9. To construct a wall or barrier 

Tyres can be used to create different forms of walls. Walls of a building, or just a wall for shield. In the army, Tyres are used to create shields to hide soldiers during a gun battle. 


Walls made from car tyres and sand 

You can make money with this function of old tyres by setting up walls for the fast-growing outdoor Paintball sport in Nigeria. Paintball is that sport where people wear combat clothes and get handed a gun with paintball bullets.

10. To set up out-door playgrounds

The last common use of old tyres is in setting up children playgrounds. Most schools have an outdoor playground for extracurricular activities for their students.


Playground beautified with tyres

You can gather old tyres and set up different forms of outdoor games for children like a tyre swing and hoop, jumping jacks and many others. You can also use old tyres to demarcate different compartments of the playground. 


It is a totally dumb idea to use new tyres for any of the 10 ways to make money from old/worn-out car tyres in Nigeria. Just find old abandoned tyres and buy them cheap if you have to. If you have friends that have cars, tell them to dispose off their old tyres with you. 

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