How to use Google to generate leads for your online car sales?


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Hardly any online business can do without Google these days and car listings are no exception. Do you know how to use Google to generate leads for your online car sales? Well, you are in luck. Read the Naijauto expert guide.


Humans have always been open to innovation right from the onset of our being. So, from the start, we've pushed the boundaries in creativity and scientific breakthroughs to know more and make life an easier prospect. The introduction of the Internet has proven to be a phenomenal breakthrough, with its platform not only paving the way for swift and effective research and information gathering, but also for business.

Like other businesses, auto sales firms also use online means to sell. This means they utilize tools like Google to generate sales. However, not everyone knows how to use Google to generate leads for your online car sales.


Selling online is all about leads generation

What is Google?

One globally recognized multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services has rooted itself in Internet history and is still going strong. The Internet giant is no other than Google LLC. This company needs no introduction, but for those looking for a little in-depth delve into it, I've got your back.

Google was a privately incorporated company founded by the duo of Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September 1998. It later got reincorporated in Delaware on October 22, 2002. Alongside the likes of Internet and computer giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple, Google is almost unparalleled in the information technology industry worldwide and is considered part of the Big Four technology companies in the US.

Google subsidiaries and core services

Beyond Google's core search engine, partnerships and acquisitions have been made since its incorporation due to its rapid growth. As of now, it offers diverse services such as; email (Gmail), language and translation (Google Translate), messaging and video chatting (Duo, Hangout and Meet), and cloud storage (Google Drive).

In addition, Google offers scheduling and time management (Google Calendar), mapping and navigation (Google Maps), and SAAS or software as a service app for work (Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides), just to mention a few. The good news is, Google can help you with selling your car.


Google can put money in your pocket- but you need to do it right

Google optimization for car sales lead generation

One cannot just simply fold their hands, expecting customers to patronize them en mass, especially if you are a car dealer. The automotive industry depends on reaching as many buyers as possible since a single buyer cannot be expected to repeat car purchases in a year, unlike most other industries.

So in order to stay relevant and also aid growth, more customers need to be reached out to.

As aforementioned, Google provides so many services that can be optimized for a greater effect for generating leads for the car dealer looking to make more sales from online platforms. The way to do this is as follows:

1. Open a website

Studies show that 9 out of 10 online car buyers visit the website of at least one auto dealer in the course of purchasing a car. As such, opening a website is a very important part of leads generation since it is regarded as the first destination of your potential customers.

The readily available information and content regarding your brand is a priority on your website as well as your mobile number and email address (Gmail preferably), for easy contact from potential car buyers. Also, note that creating blog posts and pages on your website is a vital strategy for content marketing for your car listings.

You would do well to make sure that your website content, layout, and UX all comply with Google standards. This helps your site to rank high on Google searches.


Your website, like for instance, has to be optimized and easy to use

2. Google Ads optimization

This Google platform, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a tool used for the effective creation and publication of advert campaigns for your brand. It is a superb medium for car dealers to generate leads, and when paired with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it becomes parallel to none in its ability to actualize increased traffic to your car listings.

Without much ado, we shall walk through the steps of using this to your advantage.

  • Set up an account on Google Ads for your dealership which must be separate from personal accounts.
  • Google Ads can also be used to select keywords which are an important aspect of a car buyer's decision process when searching for a car. These keywords can change on a weekly and sometimes daily basis so using Google's Keyword Planner is a recommended tool in order to see the searches that are most popular.
  • Google Ads lets you select the particular location you might want to put on your ads that will be more convenient for your customers. Potential buyers would rather purchase vehicles from dealerships that are in close proximity to them. Hence it is highly recommended to start with a 90-100 mile radius from where your dealership is located.
  • Creating text ads is one of the necessary steps to take when using Google Ads to generate leads as contents that are written for your text ads are what becomes visible for users on Google. Optimizing functions like Headline, Display URL, and Descriptions will best grab the attention of users and give them an idea of where they will be directed to when they click on your text ads.


Google Ads is a tool you can leverage for building a customer base

3. Reach customers with emails

Emails are great ways of keeping in close contact with your prospects as it ensures communication with them before and after a purchase is made. Sharing newsletters via a Gmail account, for example, will help keep customers up to date with your dealership goings-on. Your email can be about how and where to get cheap cars to buy, new car parts, or anything else.

It will also help them with relevant information concerning cars and other related products they might be interested in. Automated emails can also be utilized to follow up with target customers in a more personalized manner.

Always remember that the goal here is to show customers that you are a trustworthy and helpful source of information. It's important not to be too promotional in your emails. The more relevant your emails are to your customers, the more liable they are to want to figure out more about other things as well.

An engaged customer is a happy customer


SEO, or search engine optimization, is by far the best way to use Google to generate leads for your car listings. You must do well to make sure that the selected keywords on your car listing and website are high ranking and relevant. If you do not know much about SEO, then it might be more practical to hire a web content expert versed in SEO.


Carefully chosen keywords are key to ranking high on Google

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5. Google Alerts

Google alerts give you a heads up as to what customers are searching for right now. Knowing popular search keywords helps you tailor your content and products to suit customer demand.

See more info about selling cars with Google in the video:

Selling Cars with Google 101: Search


Lead generation is a challenging prospect for any industry, and the automotive industry is no different. So with studies showing Google to be the most visited site in the world, it's only right that one takes advantage of its many offerings in order to acquire the maximum number of leads for sales, especially if you're a car dealer. 

You do that by knowing how to use Google to generate leads for your online car sales.

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