How to upgrade the popular Lexus ES & IS in Nigeria at an affordable price


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While the latest models of the Lexus ES and IS is far from reach from average earners in Nigeria, the option of upgrading them is preferred by many car enthusiasts who love to bring their cars new looks and more potent engines.

The Lexus IS and ES are two executive cars by Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota that makes the rounds for luxury cars in Nigeria.

If there is something everyone know, it must be that Toyota set-up the Lexus company not for badge engineering but for the total development of cars. This is why cars like the Lexus IS and RX has been introducing brand new technologies into the automobile industry since the late 1990s like cross-over SUVs and gas-electric hybrid tech. Also, the fact that Lexus cars mostly have only one body style makes it easier to buy. 


The new generation Lexus IS & ES; beauties

These are the two luxury sedans that most Nigerians can comfortably afford and maintain. I mean, it is a luxury brand but the selling price of Lexus cars in Nigeria is lower than its German competitors, which is one of the reasons why I boldly said the Lexus can take up the place of Mercedes-Benz in the future.

The Lexus IS is a compact luxury car while the Lexus ES is a mid-size luxury sedan representing luxury versions of the Toyota Camry and the Toyota Corolla respectively.


The IS is up, the ES id down; two affordable luxury cars for Nigerians

Thankfully, the Lexus ES and IS are two cars that are very open to upgrading and facelifting in Nigeria. This is why I want to share with you how to go about upgrading the Lexus ES & IS in Nigeria in case you happen to have one of the two cars or plan to own some time. I will show you which model years you can upgrade/facelift, where to do it, how much it will cost you, and every other thing you must know about it.

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What Model of the Lexus ES & IS can you upgrade?

The Lexus ES 5th generation and the Lexus IS 3rd generation are the two models that you can completely facelift and upgrade in Nigeria while you can lightly upgrade the remaining relevant models of the two cars.

For the ES, models from 2001 till present are what you will find activities on the road while the Lexus IS models from 2005 till present are the relevant year models.

Upgrading the Lexus IS in Nigeria 

The Lexus IS 250 and IS 350 second generation started from 2005 till 2012 with an exterior redesign in 2010. Then the second generation came out in 2013 that had a front fascia in line with Lexus's new design language that involved very large grilles. Around  2014, there was a very popular facelift kit for 2005 - 2012 Lexus IS350 & IS250.


This is what the facelift looks like

This facelift kit transforms the Lexus IS to have the same front fascia with the 2013 - 2020 model with the only difference being the absence of a stand-alone led strip below the headlight like in the actual 3rd generation.

This facelift only transforms the front part while the rear is subjected to an aftermarket taillight and rear bumper with an aerodynamic and sporty design.

Some facelift bumpers include diffusers while some just include vents. A full facelift kit comes with headlights, front/rear bumpers, bonnet, fenders, spoiler, and taillights only. You can add a new set of wheels to your facelift.


The rear can also be upgraded to look newer

The Lexus IS 250 2008 - 2012 is currently the most upgraded car in Nigeria because of the ease with which the upgrade can happen. You can also upgrade the interior of your Lexus IS to have a tesla or android screen if it doesn't come with one.

So, once you find Lexus IS used cars for sale, just buy one and facelift it to the new Lexus signature appearance. 


I spotted these two Lexus IS cars; the red one is upgraded, can you see it?

There are also a lot of aftermarket body kits for your Lexus if you are trying to make your IS just standout and not necessarily facelifted. If you buy the Lexus IS F Sport, there might be no need for an upgrade because Lexus specially designs its F-Sport models to already look aggressive.

Upgrading the Lexus ES in Nigeria

The Lexus ES350 started from the 2006 model year till present with the 2006 - 2011 year model offering an aftermarket facelift that makes the Lexus ES have the new Lexus style front fascia.

This facelift doesn't entirely make the 2006 - 2011 Lexus ES350 look like the next generation, it just makes it look like a new generation Lexus from the front and a modified Lexus ES from the rear.


The new Lexus fascia looks good on the 2007 - 2011 Lexus ES

The fact that the Lexus ES is a front-wheel-drive makes it drive like a regular Toyota Camry unlike the entry-level luxury IS that has rear-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive options. This is why the ES fits perfectly as an executive sedan just like the Toyota Avalon.


The Lexus on the right that inspired the facelift

There is also a minimalist facelift available from the 2006 - 2009 Lexus ES to the 2010-2011 Lexus ES. This facelift is not advisable because it is not evident at all. The grilles just get slimmer and that's it.

The 2012 - 2014 Lexus ES can also be facelifted to look like the 2015 - 2018 Lexus ES with the right body kit. This 2012 - 2014 upgrade is not common because the sixth-generation Lexus ES is very uncommon in Nigeria.

The Lexus ES330 & ES300 from the 2001 - 2005 year model cannot be facelifted but can be modified (pimped) with aftermarket body kits because the 2006 model was a total redesign from what the Lexus ES used to be.

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For all Lexus ES from 2001, you can upgrade the interior infotainment system to either a full tesla screen or an android screen with a lot of modern functionalities.


A Tesla screen in a 2007 Lexus ES

Once you find a 2006 - 2011 Lexus ES used for sale in Nigeria, just know you can buy and upgrade it to look like the new Lexus design language. 

How much does this upgrade cost?

Here is a table that shows the cost of upgrading your Lexus IS & ES in Naira :

Price of upgrading Lexus IS &ES in Nigeria
Item Price 
Full facelift conversion kit   ₦120,000 -  ₦250,000
Tesla Screen   ₦75,000 -  ₦150,000
Android Screen  ₦40,000 -  ₦90,000
Aftermarket body kits (spoiler, bumper add-on, diffuser, etc)  ₦20,000 -  ₦300,000
Aftermarket rims   ₦50,000 -  ₦250,000

Where to get the facelift kit in Nigeria

To get the facelift conversion kit in Nigeria, you have two options. You can either buy them from a parts dealer in the country or order for yours from a reputable car parts sale website.


A new Lexus facelift bumper 

The best places to get an upgrade kit for Lexus cars in Nigeria are in Lagos and Abuja. There are a lot of parts sellers in Lagos that deal in the Lexus ES & IS facelift parts.

How much is the used Lexus IS & ES in Nigeria?

The updated prices of Lexus cars in Nigeria shows that the Lexus brand is still an affordable luxury car you can buy. Below is the price range to buy used Lexus ES & IS in Nigeria:

Used Lexus IS & ES in Nigeria
Year and Model Price
Lexus IS 300 price in Nigeria (1999 - 2004) ₦1 million - ₦3 million
Lexus IS 250 price in Nigeria ( 2005 - 2012) ₦2 million - ₦5 million
Lexus IS 350 price in Nigeria (2005 - 2012) ₦2 million - ₦5.5 million
Lexus ES 300 price in Nigeria ( 2001 -2003) ₦1 million - ₦2.2 million
Lexus ES 330 price in Nigeria ( 2004 - 2006) ₦1.2 million - ₦3 million
Lexus ES 350 price in Nigeria ( 2007 - 2012) ₦2 million - ₦5.5 million


I hope I have been able to help you see how you can easily upgrade your Lexus ES & IS in Nigeria and get the car back on the road looking way newer than its peers. At, this is what we do daily for our readers. Helping you have a better motoring experience in Nigeria with our experience put into writing.

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