9 ways to make your normal car look expensive with just ₦100,000 or less!


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With just ₦100,000, there is a lot you can do to your car in Nigeria to make it look better and here are 9 easy ways you can upgrade your car on a small budget.

The one reason why your wife/girlfriend/mother goes for a face makeover whenever she is going for social gatherings is that she wants to look extraordinary. You can do the same thing to your normal everyday car on a strict budget.


See what I am saying,the regular Toyota Corolla looking very different 

Sometimes, you buy used cars in Nigeria and you want it to look better than a used car but you have no idea what to do apart from a paint job. This article is here to help you realize 9 ways to make your normal car look expensive with just ₦100,000 or less so that you can stand out anywhere you go.

With just ₦100,000 you can achieve a lot of amazing outcomes on your car that will make it stand out from the rest.

7 ways to make your everyday car look more expensive and finer!

1. Change the light bulbs/headlights/taillights 

Light bulbs are very cheap and they can make your car look very different especially at night. A DRL strip, halo ring light, angel eyes light and halogen bulbs would do the job of transforming your car to a beauty that everyone will stare at night.


Various kinds of bulbs you can choose from 

These bulbs are very affordable even though some of them require opening up your headlights to fix them. You can also buy aftermarket headlights for your car. Aftermarket headlights alone transform regular cars to look very expensive and please the eye.

The taillights of your car can also be changed to aftermarket taillights that reflect nothing but beauty. Living legends to these less than ₦100,000 taillights is the 2007 Toyota Camry.

When you see the Camry with its aftermarket taillights in the evening, you'd think you are approaching a new model Toyota car.

2. Stickers and Vinyl Wraps

Wrapping a car in Nigeria is very expensive but stickers and smaller vinyl wrap panels, otherwise, are very affordable. You can use stickers to properly design your car to have an expensive look while you spend just a few thousands of naira.


This black effect was achieved by cutting black vinyl wrap all over the car

Small vinyl wrap panels can also be placed at strategic places on the car to give it an overall striking look. For instance, an all-white car with a black vinyl wrap on the fuel door would make the car look different.

3. Upgrade the audio unit 

In our world of today, you can bring the same experience you get from your smartphone into your car even if it didn't come from the factory that way. A lot of the used cars on sale have just regular infotainment systems with Bluetooth connectivity as the most interesting feature.

This is part of many ways you can upgrade your car in Nigeria for a better look.


Nobody uses boring infotainment anymore, switch to android today

You can have an android system on almost every car out there with less than a  ₦100,000. Yes, I am very serious right now.

Android systems for the popular 2002 - 2006 Corolla costs around ₦45,000 only and they work just like your phone. It comes with an aux feature, Bluetooth, wifi connectivity, android play store, a browser, video player, music player and other interesting features.

4. Change your wheels

A new set of wheels on your car is one of the best investments you can make with less than ₦100,000. When selecting new wheels, make sure you don't go wrong with the sizing.

Rim changes mostly result to a tyre change also but if you go to the right budget outlets to purchase your wheels and tyres, a hundred thousand naira would do the job neatly.


You can see the white rims made the Corolla look madder 

You will come across different types of rims for sale that fits your vehicle, pick the one that looks best on it. You should go for alloy wheels that fit your car and its paint colour perfectly.

5. Fix up new upholstery

You should not take up any leather upholstery job of ₦100,000 because the leather quality will be very poor. Just go for fabrics and you can play with the colour combinations to achieve something unique.


There are a lot of beautiful fabrics out there 

When it comes to matters that concern upholstery in a car, I tell people that the upholsterer matters a lot in the outcome of the look. You can spend ₦100,000 on two different upholsterers and one will come out like a million-dollar job while the other looks like slightly better than a refuse dumpsite.


This is just beautiful 

Attention to details of the upholsterer is what will show this difference.

6. Upgrade the front/rear bumper

For every common car out there, there are over 50 different aftermarket bumpers that cost less than ₦100,000 to purchase.

These bumpers have been carefully re-modelled to give your car a sporty look that will leave every onlooker with questions on their lips.


Modified Front Bumper of a 2009 Civic

A 2009 Honda Civic with modified front bumpers will trick you into thinking it is a limited production Honda Civic.


Both front and rear bumpers are modified

Try not to get bumpers that are very close to the ground because, for use in Nigeria, you cannot run on very close to the ground cars due to bad roads. 

7. Rear Spoilers 

That small wing you see on the trunk of most sports edition cars is called the boot-spoiler. Its job is to provide better aerodynamics and look for your car. It looks useless but it does a lot of transformation on a car.


One has the Spoiler while other doesn't; which would you rather have?

When fitting large spoilers on your car, make sure to open and close the trunk while testing the position to place it on the boot. I have seen cases where the spoiler touches the rear windshield as the boot is opened up for access into the trunk.

8. Interior Moulds/Panels

You can also spice up your car's interior with coloured moulds around the trims of your car and use coloured panels to achieve different forms of effect for your car interior.


Those red thin moulds would do wonders to your car's interior 

There are over 500 effects that have been designed to fit the interior trims of your car; matte, metallic effect, Formica effect, carbon fibre effect e.t.c


This is Carbon fibre effect in red and black. Very easy to fix

These moulds and panels are very easy to fix up in any car.


You will be surprised by how much these small-small things can transform your car into looking like the very expensive cars you admire every day on the internet.

At Naijauto.com we care about your knowledge and safety as a driver in Nigeria. Now that you know about 9 ways to make your normal car look expensive with just ₦100,000 or less, you should also see details on how to maintain cars in Nigeria from the common Toyota, Honda, Mazda to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others.

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