4 types of rims for cars you can buy nowadays


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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While the steel rims are popular in Nigeria, the alloy wheels are growing in the latest cars as well? How about the other two types of rims? Read to find out now!

In the past, cars were made with the available materials that manufacturers deemed fit enough to make it durable and worth the while. Over time, automakers are have come up with top-notch upgrades to ensure that their products not only last longer but meet the specific needs of their customers. From steering wheels to transmissions and engine types, you now have the opportunity to choose what kind of part you like based on specs. One of the major parts of a car that has gotten these upgrades are rims. Keep in mind that rims and tyres are actually different, wheels and rims also mean two entirely different things as well.

Tyres are the round rubber part of your wheels. Wheels are is the entire composition of your tyres and rims.

Car rims, on the other hand, is the metal exterior on which the tyres are mounted on. If you have visited the vulcaniser often, you will notice that they always pull out the rubber part from the metal part. The heavy round metal left is known as the rims. It's usually made of steel and very crucial for the performance of your vehicle. It also adds to traction, safety and the aesthetics of your car. In the 90s, rims were mostly made of steel, but enhancements have seen us witness chrome, spinners and others. Without keeping you waiting for too long, here are the several types of rims, explained on Naijauto.com!

1. Steel rims

These are the first ever kinds of rims. They have been in existence since cars were first created. Steel rims are really cheap and are actually the strongest type of rims. But what people liked about it in strength, they don't when it comes to how heavy it makes your wheels. In fact, it is actually almost 4 times heavier than aluminium. This has also affected the sales of steel wheels as drivers now know the advantage of light wheels and even lighter cars.

However, since steel rims are the cheapest of them all, those who can't afford the other 3 types of rims opt for steel.


The most popular type of rim in Nigeria - steel rim

2. Alloy rims

Lots of foreign music videos in the early 2000s saw artistes posing beside cars with alloy rims. Those who watch foreign movies loved how the wheels with alloy wheels were easily lifted as well. Popular TV car show, Pimp My Ride, seemed to promote the use of alloy rims because of how shiny they are.

It's important to note that this kind of rims are indeed lighter than the steel rims. They are made of aluminium mostly. Though there are other materials used in making these rims, but aluminium provides the perfect qualities needed that's why it's mainly used.


Alloy rims are growing popular in the latest models

Alloy rims also enhance the beauty of a vehicle. You can easily have it coated with gold or silver. It is durable and doesn't rust as easily as steel when placed in quite similar conditions. Car experts even advice vehicle owners to purchase alloy rims if they want to handle their cars a lot better. They also say that the aluminium and nickel alloy rims should be avoided. It's best to opt for the aluminium with magnesium combination. It has better traction, responds better to braking and is way cheaper than the former.

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3. Chrome rims

The chrome rims do not influence a car's performance in anyway. In fact it is mainly meant for enhancing the beauty of a vehicle. The chrome rims are made of aluminium or steel with a coat of metal. It's not made of hard chrome as many car enthusiasts had believed. So when you see chrome rims on the cars of your favourite car racers, celebrities and other driver's cars, know it's almost like yours. The only difference is the price of owning one.


Chrome rims are easier to lose their shape

The chrome rims used to be expensive because of the method of coating which wasn't as easy as it is now. But recently, you can purchase a chrome rim for about half the price of what it used to be over a decade ago. The advantage of chrome rims are that they are visible. If you're driving in the sun or at night, lights illuminate them and other drivers can see and avoid any collision. But the bad side is that they easily lose shape when you drive on a rugged terrain and they can easily get scratched.

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4. Colored and Spinner rims

The coloured rims are still your regular rims that have just been painted to white, yellow, black, red, blue and so on. They don't boost performance of safety of the car. It simply makes your wheels stand out when you drive. The spinner rims as well. When you watch music videos or see cars parked on the road side with rims spinning, most of them are simply modified chrome rims - not like a totally different material was used in making them.


Colored and spinner rims are used mostly for decoration

Now you know. The two major types of rims are steel and aluminium. The others are tweaks of these two main types. Whichever you opt for, ensure that you drive smart and safe. Maintain them adequately to prevent rust and disfiguring.

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Kennedy Ilediagu

Kennedy Ilediagu


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