10 common types of cars defined: which one would you buy?


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Automakers offer consumers several car model options to choose from. Read this article to identify 10 types of cars and their main purposes of usage.

We live in a free world; at least, that is what it is supposed to be. With this freedom, comes the power to make choices. It is not a choice if it is the only thing you have. For there to be a choice, there have to be options.

The automotive industry is one area that truly offers freedom and options. Gone are the days when cars were newly invented, and there were a limited number of cars. Consumers were more than excited to purchase the few available ones. Any car that would take them from point A to point B was good to go.

Times have changed. Technology has evolved, and the result is over 400 car models on the market. Wrapping your head around over 400 cars is a lot of work. To make it easier, cars are categorized into segments.

The easiest way to identify a car is by the way it looks i.e its body style. Even before you are able to figure out the automaker, you take note of its shape. Is it big, small, tall or short? These adjectives are registered in your mind. In regard to this, Naijauto shall indentify 10 car body styles for your reading pleasure.

1. Four-door sedan

Four-door sedans are very visible on Nigerian roads. As the name implies, these sedans have four doors i.e two front doors and two rear doors. The front doors are for the driver and front seat passenger while other passengers can access the rear seats easily without having to disturb those in the front seats.


Most sedans are luxury cars due to their stylishness

A good number of luxury cars are four-sedans due to the trunk and comfort they provide.

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2. Station wagon

Station wagons are the perfect choice for families. They are big four-door vehicles with enough space to accommodate a lot of people. Many people consider station wagons to be old-school as they have been replaced by minivans and SUVs. Regardless, this kind of car is still available on the market and is a favorite to some people.


Station wagons are spacious and roomy

3. Convertible

Convertible are cars that have a hatchback and trunk, and can be driven either enclosed or open. They have only two doors and two seats. Convertibles are not your regular kind of cars especially in a country like Nigeria where people love to take a ride with family and friends. If you have a convertible, you might be tagged “selfish” as only you and one passenger can ride in it. It is not a kind of car to acquire for “serious” purposes but for fun.


Driving a convertible makes you look cool & rich

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4. Two-door coupe

Sometimes, a trunk seems a little boring, and a hatchback fits perfectly for that youthful and vibrant appeal. 2-door coupes are a favorite among the young and the young at heart. If you do not have a family that you have to carry in a large car, a 2-door coupe is perfect for you, your partner (if you have one) and one or two friends.


The two doors serve all passengers

By the name, it is clear that 2-door coupes have only two doors located by the front seats. Although they have rear seats, these seats can only be accessed through the front doors, which causes hassles for the rear seats to get in and out.

5. Sports car

Originally, sports cars had only two doors. But with terms like sports-sedan now being used by automakers, we have sports cars that have four doors. Sticking to the name, sports cars are very sporty. That is, they are portable, flexible and offer very high speeds.

Sports cars are not very popular in Nigerian due to the nature of our roads.


Sports cars are fast and portable

6. Minivan

Do you have a family? A spouse and kids? If yes, you most likely need a minivan. This car is suitable for carrying kids and cargo. Having the entire family struggle to find space in a four-door sedan can be stressful. Everyone will get tired before you arrive at your destination. Minivans offer a better driving experience as they are high enough to give the driver a good view of the road.


A great choice for families

7. SUV

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are bigger than regular cars and smaller than minivans and station wagons. The four-door ride is mainly designed for off-road trips, but not many people use it for that purpose. If you want something big that is not a minivan or wagon, an SUV is a good option.


Always ready for an off-road ride

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8. Van

We mentioned the minivan earlier, right? It is a smaller version of the van. Basically, the van is so big it is unattractive to convey people. Hence, most people have turned the van into a vehicle for carrying goods.


Offers plenty of space for large families and cargo

9. Hatchback

A hatchback is a four-door car with a rear door that opens goes upwards in opening. A Hatchback is a perfect choice for the stylish and sophisticated. When you pull over, and the rear door opens upwards, all eyes will definitely be on you.


So portable and stylish

10. Crossover

The combination of an SUV and a hatchback gives you a Crossover. It has the rugged features of an SUV suitable for off-road rides. You would not be wrong if you referred to it as a mini SUV.


A combination of an SUV and a Hatchback

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Chris Odogwu
Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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