Factors to decide what type of car you need most


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Knowing the type of car you need makes purchase a lot easier! Here are some great tips to guide you towards making a good decision, briefing over different factors for you to consider!

Almost every Nigerian wishes to own a car someday. But deciding on what type of car you need is not as easy as wanting a sandwich or rice for breakfast. You definitely want a car that can meet your immediate needs and not be a liability most of the time. That's why experts always advice that before you make a car purchase, be sure that the likely benefits outweigh the budgeted monies for running the vehicle. Therefore, carry out a lot of research on the car you desire and if there are cheaper alternatives. That said, here's a quick guide to help you know the type of car you need, by Naijauto.com!

1. Car body styles

  • Sedan

There are probably more sedans than any other car type in the world. This is probably because it can be used for a wide range of purposes. A sedan can serve as a private car, can be used for taxi services and even for moving a certain amount of luggage. So if you're looking for a compact multipurpose vehicle, a sedan is your best bet.


Knowing the type of car you need makes purchase a lot easier

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  • Coupe

A couple is a two-door vehicle mainly used as a sports and to show off one's status. If you are looking for a car that can move luggage or convey a family from one place to another, then a coupe shouldn't be in your list of desired car. Besides, also keep in mind that coupes don't do well on the potholes and bumps on most Nigerian roads.

  • SUV or truck

SUVs and trucks are made to contain more cargo than sedans. If you have a large family or you run a business that involves you conveying items to different places regularly, you should consider buying a truck or an SUV. Additionally, they easily adapt to rugged roads so you won't have to worry when driving off road. You can also consider a hatchback if you want something more compact.

  • Bus

If you intend to become a commercial driver, and still carry goods and your family from time to time, then a bus is a great idea. There are 12 - 18 seater that would cater for your needs.


Buying a used Toyota Coaster bus is not a bad idea

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2. Choosing car based on budget

2.1. How much is the car?

How much is the car you wish to buy? Does it exceed your budget? These are questions you need to answer when making a decision on the type of car you need. Keep in mind that in Nigeria, how much a costs also tells you how easy it will be to maintain.

2.2. How much does maintenance cost?

This is where the cost of major parts and how fuel efficient the car is, comes in. You should have a budget for how much you intend to spend on fuel, routine maintenance and miscellaneous, monthly. If from your research, it exceeds your budget, perhaps that type of car isn't for you.

However, if you're a fan of flashy luxury cars, then you can always go for the models you want if you can afford it. These tips will definitely help guide you through the decision you eventually make on what type of car you need.

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3. Conclusion

All in all, you should ask yourself what purpose you are buying car for? Is it a daily transport or a commercial vehicle?

Then, decide on car body styles, based on what we suggest above, along with the amount of budget you have to buy your vehicle. On Naijauto.com, we have plenty of used cars for sale with affordable price tags for your reference. For example:

Feel free to check and contact the seller for clarification & direct negotiation!

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Kennedy Ilediagu
Kennedy Ilediagu

Kennedy Ilediagu


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