Here're the reasons for the Toyota Venza's rising popularity in Nigeria


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Do you notice the steady increase in the number of Toyota Venza Models in Nigeria recently? Well, what do you think caused this? Find out in this article!

Even if you are not into cars and the likes, you would have noticed that there has been a surge in the use of the Toyota Venza across the country. 

Yes, the Venza had been in use before now, but it seems like all of a sudden, there is a Venza everywhere you turn. 

Why is this so tough? Could it perhaps have something to do with Toyota Venza prices in the country, or there is some other reason less obvious?


The Toyota Venza is rapidly becoming a big deal in Nigeria

Well, to start with, this brand is one of the most popular Sport Utility Vehicles in the Nigerian market. There are several reasons for this as we will examine shortly. But first, we should say that the Toyota brand is easily the most popular and reliable brand in the Nigerian market. As a result, most of the cars that they produce in each category are met with a very warm reception. 

The Toyota Venza brand in Nigeria

The Toyota Venza is not an exception to the fact that Toyota is a great brand. Although it is no longer in production, (stopped in 2017 though a hybrid version is available as a 2021 version) the tokunbo of various years is still very available in Nigeria. 

The following features stand the Venza out from the other cars in the SUV category:

1. Fuel efficiency 

As expected, the fuel efficiency of the Toyota Venza as a Sports utility vehicle is consistent with what we know of the Toyota brand. In the SUV category, there are very few brands that could beat the Toyota Venza in terms of fuel efficiency. 

2. Stylish design

Abeg make we no lie, this car fine die! 

Really, this is like the first thing that you would notice on the Venza. The Toyota Venza is very appealing in a country like Nigeria; the car will always make you stand out wherever you are. The design and styling are simple for the exterior; Lots of lines and curved edges that give it a sleek and unassuming feel. This exterior look is timeless and if you pick the models from years as far back as 2009 or 2010, you would notice that the design still looks very classy. This cannot be said for so many other SUVs in the class. 


Not bad for a car difficult to categorize

The interior is also very attractive and provides an average level of comfort. Some have criticized the use of cheap and less standard materials for the interior, but then, I think that many Nigerians find it satisfying, and once Nigerians like it, they like it na ni yen o!

3. Size

There is some debate about whether the Venza is truly an SUV or not because it is a little lower than most other SUVs and has some other divergent characteristics, but it is definitely not a car! Whichever side you pick, it is unique. Some people may not be comfortable with the very large Toyota Highlander and would also not want to go for a saloon, especially when you consider the Toyota Highlander price in Nigeria. The Venza is the perfect fit for such people. With large 19-inch wheels, you get a lot of ground clearance which is very important on Nigerian roads since there are a lot of potholes and ditches.

4. Engine performance

The Toyota Venza’s engine comes in either a 4-cylinder variant or the V6 option. There is no debating which most drivers prefer -  the V6. For obvious reasons –plenty of power to move on our roads. You would have enough power to burst through any obstacle on the way. 

5. Space

One of the problems with some other SUVs is space. Typically, other models would come with three rows; but at the expense of space and enough legroom. The Toyota Venza is different in this regard. It has enough room for the driver and passengers. It is spacious enough to occupy five passengers. The second row has enough legroom; that came at the expense of the third-row present in other SUVs. The Venza also has large cargo space. Nigerians generally carry people and cargo from place to place. With a car like this, they are not bothered when they have some load to carry. 


Roominess is one thing the Venza has in loads

6. Handling

In the Nigerian environment, any SUV that will thrive must have very excellent handling. It handles the road really well and from the steering to the wheels, driving the Venza seems effortless. 

7. Connectivity and sound 

6 speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and CD changer, the Venza is the perfect car for entertainment in Nigeria. It also has the hands free calling feature to ensure the driver can focus on the road. Nigerians would love a car that can play their songs from their android or apple phones. The Venza allows them to do this and so it should definitely be popular. 


Although there is some talk about quality on interior materials, this has not stopped Nigerians from buying

8. Reasonable price

This is perhaps the most important quality that makes the Venza so popular on Nigerian roads. A good 2010 tokunbo model of the Toyota Venza (which is the most common) can go for between 6 million and 7 million. A Nigerian used 2010 Venza can go for between 3m and 5 million depending on how neat it is. For an SUV that offers its features, this is a very reasonable price and it is not surprising that many Nigerians own this model. It is a very reasonable price when compared to other SUVs like the Ford Edge in its category. 

Toyota Venza for sale in Nigeria
 Model Year Link 
 2013  2013 Toyota Venza Model
 2012  2012 Toyota Venza Model
 2011  2011 Toyota Venza Model
 2010  2010 Toyota Venza Model
2009  2009 Toyota Venza Model

9. Easy accessibility to spare parts

This is another factor that affects the popularity of any vehicle. Like most other Toyota vehicles, spare parts of the Venza are very easy to obtain; It is as easy as walking into any major spare parts dealer’s shop to get them. 

Video: Toyota Venza Review


In conclusion, even though the Toyota Vena has been phased out of production, it will still be with us on this side of the world for perhaps another decade and the reason for this is not far-fetched. It has a timeless design and other features that we have examined that would still endear it to the minds of several Nigerians for many more years to come. 

If you are looking for a classic, sassy and comfortable SUV to purchase, with enough street credibility and popularity; well, you know what to go for now – The Toyota Venza! 

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