How to understand Toyota trim levels via their acronyms?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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When Toyota as well as other manufacturers launches their latest model, it doesn't come with a single one but many trim levels follow. How the brand categorizes them? Read this article to understand Toyota trim levels now!

One of the most fun experiences as a car enthusiast is getting to know about the latest product from your favourite automaker. Obviously, if you really have the financial capability, it becomes all easier for you to get your hands on the brand new product. Sometimes, to get your favourite car, it takes time researching on what best suits your taste. Among what you normally look out for such as the brand, models, it also includes packages (standard and optional) for every trim level and sometimes the colour options. To avoid getting too overwhelmed with this massive burden of trim enquiry, we have decided here on Naijauto to make the job a lot easier for Toyota lovers out there.

How do you understand basic Toyota trim levels?


Knowing about trim levels aids you in buying the perfect Toyota product that suits your needs and taste

1. Meanings of Toyota trim level acronyms

Well, you might get confused at various acronyms, especially when you see lot of S’s, L’s and many at times, LE’s. Before you push the panic button, take a chill pill and look carefully at the designation for the Toyota trim levels. Before we jump into it, you need to quickly understand what the basic acronyms stand for.

  • L – Entry Level Grade
  • LE – Luxury Edition
  • S – Sport
  • SE – Sport Edition
  • XLE – Executive Luxury Edition
  • XSE – Executive Sport Edition
  • Trail – Trail Rated Edition
  • Limited – Luxury Grade
  • SR – Sport Rally
  • SR5 – Sport Rally 5-Speed
  • TRD – Toyota Racing Development

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2. Common Toyota models and their trim level designations

We believe you now have a good grasp of basic trim levels. We would take a step further and highlight popular Toyota models, line-up and their designated trim levels for 2016 model year.

Tacoma RAV4 Camry Corolla Highlander Tundra
Tacoma SR RAV4 LE Camry LE Corolla L Highlander LE Tundra SR
Tacoma SR5 RAV4 XLE CamryXLE Corolla LE Highlander LE Plus Tundra SR5
Tacoma TRD Sport RAV4 SE Camry SE Corolla LE Eco Highlander XLE Tundra Limited
Tacoma TRD Off Road RAV4 Limited Camry Special Edition Corolla S Highlander Limited Tundra TRD Pro
Tacoma Limited Camry XSE Corolla Special Edition Tundra Platinum
Tundra 1974 Edition

It is now time to make a decision which trim you would love to get in your next Toyota purchase.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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