Used Toyota Sienna buying guide for Nigerians


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Toyota needs no introduction among Nigerian car owners. Check out important factors to consider in buying a used Toyota Sienna that will serve you well!

The Toyota Sienna is a great choice for families, especially those that are always on the move. Amongst all minivans, this is the only that comes with all-weather traction. And if you are looking to save some money and still get a good car, this is a perfect choice as it is budget-friendly.

But how can you buy a good Toyota Sienna?

Used cars are what they are “used.” Expecting them to be in top condition just like brand-new ones is unrealistic. Despite the difference in their working conditions in comparison to brand-new cars, as a buyer, there are certain precautionary measures you need to take to ensure that you buy a used Toyota Sienna that can serve you well. Buying just anyone you see could turn out to be a bad decision.

1. Used Toyota Sienna third-generation, 2011 to current

  • Comfort

The third-generation Toyota Sienna has enough space to accommodate seven or eight people, depending on the availability of second-row chairs. Some models of the Sienna offer second-row lounge chairs. Driving along the road, you are wrapped in comfort by the Sienna’s seats.

  • Technology and convenience

Technology on the Sienna is family-friendly. Kids can be entertained with the rear-seat entertainment system. By inserting a DVD for their viewing pleasure, the longest rides are made to seem shorter as they get engrossed in what they are watching. The power-opening rear window lets in some cool breeze to give them a touch a nature when the weather is in its best element.


An interior with a simple but classy design

  • Safety

The automaker ushers in some advanced safety technologies with the third generation. There is a navigation system that aids you in finding your way around. This is very important especially if you are going to a place you are not conversant with. Chances of you getting lost are very slim as you are directed all through.

  • Performance

The Sienna is not a car that makes too much on the highway. It is quiet and comfy, taking you to your destination in the calmest way. Your requests for speed are fulfilled swiftly as it responds without delay. You get to maneuver traffic like a pro.

2. Second generation Toyota Sienna, 2004 to 2010

  • Comfort

Similar to other recent models, Siennas in the second generation offer configurations of both seven and eight passengers. But these options are dependent on the availability of second-row captain chairs in the model you acquire. Long rides to work and dropping off kids at school are made less stressful due to the level of comfort offered.

  • Technology and convenience

The Sienna offers adaptive cruise controls that are very useful on the highway. It notifies you when the car moving in front of you has reduced its speed, urging you to reduce yours too in order to avoid possible collision. The third-row seats are power-folding; hence, they are very comfortable. You can create more cargo room to carry more items by simply folding them.

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  • Safety

The automaker made side airbags a mandatory standard for all its models in order to enhance the safety of their customers all around the world in 2006.

  • Performance

Minivans in the second generation are responsive and refined. You can easily get on and off the highway as a result of the Sienna’s commendable throttle response.


It is big enough to accommodate 7 or 8 people

3. What drivers love about the used Toyota Sienna?

There must be a reason why Nigerian drivers are crazy about the used Toyota Sienna. The cabin and cargo space top the list. You can run errands with so much ‘load’ and take a ride with your family and friends. You can make turns and hit the highway without any sluggishness.

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4. Price of used Toyota Sienna and what to watch out for

If you want to get a second generation Sienna, remember that the automaker strengthened the side structure of the Sienna to improve side impact resistance in 2006. It also added revised side airbags for passenger protection improvement.

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Tokunbo Toyota Sienna cost from N1.2 million to N11 million while Naija used Sienna range from N550,000 to N3.5 million.

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