[Expert Car Comparison] Toyota Corolla 2019 vs. Honda Civic 2019

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When the Toyota Corolla 2019 goes head to head with the Honda Civic 2019, it's extremely difficult to decide which one to go. We hope this article would help!


These are two heavyweights in the compact car segment and you are about to read about the comparison review of the Toyota Corolla 2019 and Honda Civic 2019.

The Toyota Corolla was introduced in 1974 and is in its twelfth generation presently. It has gone on to be one of the best selling cars in the world. In 1994, it surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle as the best selling nameplate in the world, with sales of about 47 million cars over its 12 generations of existence.

We are not surprised at all.

On the other hand, the Honda Civic came a little earlier in 1972 and is currently in its tenth generation. It has also performed tremendously well in the market, with sales of over 16.5 million vehicles at its 8th generation. It has established itself as a reliable and efficient car over time.

This compact car segment is a highly competitive one because that is where almost every brand focuses on. Almost every car manufacturer has a car in this segment and it is understandable.

A compact car is a utility vehicle. It is the car that you want to use to quickly get something down the road, for school runs, for emergency travel, for running around town. Everyone needs a compact car if you ask me!

So, these expectations would influence how we rate each car in this segment.

We are focused on the 2019 sedan models of both vehicles.

1. Prices

Both Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are affordable compact cars. They also have similar price tags.

Toyota Corolla 2019 prices start at N7.1m for the L base model, while the top of the line Corolla XSE is priced at N8.7m.

The Honda Civic sedan starts at N7m base price. The more expensive body types of Honda Civic are coupe and hatchback, at N7.5m and N7.8m.

2. Trim levels

The Corolla 2019 comes in six trim levels, the basic L, the mid-level LE, LE Eco, the top-level SE, and the luxury themed XSE, and XLE.

Meanwhile, the trims available for the Honda Civic 2019 include: LX, Sport, EX, EX-L, EX-L with Navigation, Touring, Sport Touring, and the high-performance trims, Si and Type R.


Front design comparison: Toyota Corolla 2019 vs. Honda Civic 2019

3. Engines of the 2019 models

The Honda Civic LX, which is the base model, comes equipped with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 158 horsepower and 138-pound feet of torque. This engine is then coupled to a six-speed manual transmission, but with options for a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).

The Toyota Corolla L, which is the base model is equipped with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine which produces 132 horsepower and 123-pound feet of torque. It is then coupled to a continuously variable automatic transmission that is, CVT.

So both of them have very similar engine configurations although buyers have criticized the only available CVT option for the base model of the Corolla. The Honda Civic also comes with a more powerful engine which could be an advantage on our Nigerian roads.

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4. Driving

The 2019 Toyota Corolla provides a decent drive experience in its class. It takes about 19 seconds to go 0 – 60 mph but then it makes a lot of noise while accelerating too and this is due to the CVT which makes taking off a little slower than other vehicles in the segment. The Toyota Corolla also provides a good braking system, but one that leaves it within the average cars in its class. 


Rear-end design of coupe variants: Toyota Corolla 2019 vs. Honda Civic 2019

The presence of more power in the 2019 Honda Civic and the absence of CVT in the standard trim means that it would accelerate faster than the base Toyota Corolla. The Honda Civic also creates less noise during acceleration and driving generally. The handling of this vehicle is superb and its braking system is one of the best in its class.

The Honda Civic also absorbs bumps on the road and potholes better than the Toyota Corolla although, we know both are compact cars and would transmit some degree of shock because of the size.

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5. Fuel efficiency

Nigerians love these two models because of their fuel economy. They both help us to go longer distances with relatively little fuel.

Perhaps one of its strongest points of the 2019 Toyota Corolla is one of the best fuel economy cars in the compact segment. It would go at 28 mpg n the city and 36 mpg on the highway.

The Honda Civic still beats the Toyota Corolla in fuel economy. It has a 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg gas mileage on the highway. so even with the fact that it produces more power than the Corolla, it is still more fuel-efficient.

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6. Interior

The Toyota Corolla is easy to get into, thanks to wide door openings. On entering, you are welcomed into a roomy and spacious interior that is decently fitted. There is about 40 inches of legroom for you to stretch and enjoy your ride. There is also a lot of headroom, so that tall people would cope with fewer problems.

It has a leather-wrapped steering wheel, but other materials are not quality and it makes the interior of the car look cheap. In terms of space, the Toyota Corolla sedan has a very much undersized 13.1 cubic feet. Although if you really need cargo space, then the hatchback would be appropriate for you, with 17.8 cubic ft. 


Cabin design comparison: Toyota Corolla 2019 vs. Honda Civic 2019

The Honda Civic also boasts of good headroom and legroom. It would comfortably seat two six-footers; one as the driver and the other as the passenger directly behind the driver. The Civic is well designed and is one of the cars with the best interiors among the compact sedans. Much of the interior materials are more quality than what obtains in the Corolla and this gives a refined appearance when you enter into the vehicle.

The Honda Civic sedan has more space than its Corolla counterpart, with 15.1 cubic feet. It is actually one of the best in its class and then it also has a lot of vertical room to accommodate more luggage. 

7. Maintenance and repairs

In Nigeria, the spare parts for the Toyota are always readily available and cheap. It is also very easy to find mechanics that understand the Toyota working system than any other vehicle in the country. Technically, almost all mechanics in Nigeria are trained using Toyota models!

While the Honda Civic also has readily available spare parts, it is not as widespread as Toyota and the technical know-how is not as extensive for mechanics as for Toyota.


In the end, the 2019 Honda Civic seems to be the better car. But the Toyota Corolla rides on a smooth reputation and easy access to parts that are cheaper. 

However, the Toyota Corolla 2019 vs. Honda Civic 2019 comparison review shows that they are both very reliable vehicles, although a 2019 Honda Civic is still my pick of the two. How about yours?

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