[Comparison review] Toyota Camry 2019 vs. Honda Accord 2019

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Two sedans that every Nigerian would have to go through when choosing one for their families. For you, what to choose and what not, read this comparison review: Toyota Camry 2019 Vs. Honda Accord 2019!

Comparing two heavyweights in the midsize sedan category is absolutely fantastic!

The Honda Accord has been around since 1976 and it is in its 10th generation. The Toyota Camry has been around since 1982 and it is in its 8th generation. Both are heavyweights in the mid-size sedan segment in Nigerian market.

It is interesting to note that all over the world, it seems like there is a shift from sedans to SUVs and many companies are making that shift already. It is not unexpected since almost every car on the road is a sedan or something. However, Toyota and Honda seem to have found a way to still corner the sedan market, ensuring that loyal buyers all over the world still have something to look forward to.

The two cars feature a trendier and more athletic sporty version which gives a different feel to the car and its handling on the road, although there are slight differences between the two. Again, there are significant differences across the trim levels in the two brands.

Without further delay, let's delve in!

1. Prices

The 2019 Toyota Camry comes in five trims: the L which is the entry-level, the LE, SE, the XLE and the top of the line XSE. The price list below exclude tax, shipping fee, clearance cost and so on:

  • 2019 Camry L starts at N8.6m
  • 2019 Camry LE starts at N8.8m
  • 2019 Camry SE starts at N9.25m
  • 2019 Camry XLE starts at N10.4
  • 2019 Camry XSE starts at N10.7m
  • 2019 Camry XLE V6 starts at N12.3m
  • 2019 Camry XSE V6 starts at N12.5m

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In the 2019 Honda Accord, interestingly, there are also five trim levels: the base model is the LX, followed by the Sport, EX, EX-L and then the premium trim, the Touring. The price list below exclude tax, shipping fee, clearance cost and so on:

  • Honda Accord 2019 LX starts at N8.6m
  • Honda Accord 2019 Sport starts at N9.5m
  • Honda Accord 2019 EX starts at N10m
  • Honda Accord 2019 EX-L starts at N10.9m
  • Honda Accord 2019 Touring starts at N12.7m

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2. Exterior

The 2019 Toyota Camry was designed with an aggressive feel to it. It seems like it seeks to intimidate other classes in the sedan, especially when you take a good look at the XSE. The grille is wider and with a lower mesh which gives the car that fierce, strong look. The fake vents create a nice effect and the quad exhausts at the rear are simply amazing, creating the feel of a car that is meant for performance.


Front design comparison: Toyota Camry 2019 Vs. Honda Accord 2019

The 2019 Honda Accord exterior appears to be one that is in between aggressive and just cool and it went really well. In the base entry LX model, there are 4 LED lights that make everything look really nice. The design is quite impressive and very refined. A very cool distinction between the grille and the lower part. There is also a radar in front and camera at the sides. One of the best external features is that Honda separated the hood from the front part of the car. It really made a lot of sense and then they also added a very neat curve at the back. A quad exhaust would perhaps have made everything perfect.

3. Engine

The Toyota Camry 2019 still continues with the traditional 4-cylinder engine. Most other vehicles in this category have switched to turbocharged engines. All trims come standard with a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 203 hp. On the XSE and XLE trims, a V6 2.5-litre engine that produces 301 hp is optional. They are all coupled to an eight-speed automatic transmission. A great deal of power is produced by the engine, coupled to an efficient transmission system.


Engine comparison: Toyota Camry 2019 Vs. Honda Accord 2019

The 2019 Honda Accord has made the turbo switch and so features a 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 192 hp. This engine is standard on all trim levels, except the touring. A 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing 252 hp is available for the Sport, EX-L and Touring models, it is coupled to a traditional 10-speed automatic transmission. In the standard model, the engine is then coupled to a continuously variable automatic transmission.

Of course, the turbocharged Honda Accord has the advantage of lesser emissions and noise pollution during acceleration. Actually, due to its CVT, you do not feel it even changing the gears at all!
The Camry obviously produces more power and is coupled to a very efficient transmission system too.

The 2019 Honda Accord made a great switch in terms of the engine and transmission.

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4. Driving

The Toyota Camry does well on the road. It has a 0-60 mph of about 7.8 seconds. It also goes around corners well and runs over obstacles with minimal disturbance of its stability. The steering of the Sport trim is quite heavier than normal, but the handling is still good. During driving, it, however, makes a lot of noise that you can hear from inside the cabin.


Interior design comparison: Toyota Camry 2019 Vs. Honda Accord 2019

The Honda Accord performs excellently on the road. Since it runs on CVT, it makes stopping and starting seamless and eliminates those seconds of waiting for a gear change! It does its 0-60 mph in 8 seconds and its brakes are quite efficient too. IT really handles well and allows easy maneuvering. It is a silent car; except on the highway where you might hear a bit of tyre noise.

5. Interior

The interior of the Toyota Camry is decent. It has a spacious cabin and seats that vary depending on the trim levels. It is also not difficult to get into and out of the car, there is a lot of legroom and 6 footers would not have a problem. Visibility is also very good in the front.

The Honda Accord boasts of a well-crafted interior. It is easy to enter and come out of the vehicle. It has a spacious cabin too, and visibility is very good from the driver’s seat. It also has a 7-inches tablet screen. The rear seats are a bit tilted to contribute more to the groom and 6 footers would not brush against the roof of the car. It has a better design than the Camry, but has an infotainment system that is less easy to use.

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6. Fuel economy

Of course, running on a turbocharged engine, the Honda Accord is more fuel-efficient. However, the Camry is also efficient in its fuel consumption.

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7. Reliability

Both cars are both reliable as evidenced by their popularity in the category of mid-sized sedans!

They both offer good cargo space.

There are so many more amazing features that are peculiar to these two cars such that, you would definitely find it challenging to make a choice!

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