Top lady cars that men should stay away from


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Before you call us sexists, please spare 4 minutes to scan through these cars and make your decision then.

Generally speaking, there are no "male cars" or  "female cars" labels on any car ever produced, it just that some cars are more feminine than others. For one, can you imagine Yao Minh, the 2-meter-tall basketball player driving a KIA morning? He can, but it's very unlikely that you'd see him in one anytime soon, it just looks off. 

Below are top Lady cars which best suit women. Take a look at those vehicles and figure out why they are best cars for girls! So why are you, men, supposed to read this? First, to stay away when shopping for your own car. Second, to buy it as a gift for your beloved!

1. Toyota Rav4

Take one up-close look for several minutes at the car and you'd understand why. It wasn't this unfit for men with the first edition, but the later ones, the 2nd and 3rd editions are manufactured in a way that clearly implies "Bro, stay out of this". You can still buy it for your beloved women though. 

a Toyota RAV4

The 1st Toyota RAV4 edition is the only edition for men in our humble opinion

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2. Toyota Sienna

This one is similar to the Rav4, just with a little less masculinity. On a broader perspective, you should think twice, if not thrice, before even consider driving a mini-van. We wonder if there's a hidden message here from the manufacturer. Maybe they created this line of product just so we can buy it for our wives and moms. The message is steer-clear with the 1998-2003 models.  

a Toyota Sienna

To our estimation, this line of product was secretly meant to be driven by women only

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3. Volkswagen New Beetle

Okay, this one is too obvious - there are just too many curves on this car, which clearly indicate femininity. It's notable that cars from the Volkswagen brand used to look very different, with rough edges and all that, so that men can feel perfectly comfortable driving in one. Only recently, 1998 to be exact, the bodywork of the car started to shift, with more curves added to the exterior and it has become almost completely curved with the Beetle model. 

a Volkswagen Beetle

Only buy this car as a gift for your beloved women or for collecting purpose 

We're not saying you should not buy a small car and/or a car from the Volkswagen, we say that if you particularly like a smaller car and it happens to be a Volks, do yourself a favor and choose the Volkswagen Golf.

4. Kia Picanto

First off, we have nothing against this car in terms of fuel economy and convenience. Kia Picanto is offered at very attractive prices and consumes an unbelievably low amount of fuel. Also, the smaller size of the car means you can park it almost anywhere, it would only take up 2 motorcycles space.

a Kia Picanto

Its benefits are plenty, but it still cannot make up for its feminine look

But, if possible, ask one of your male friends to get inside and hold the steering wheel, so that you can see how you'd look in the same position. It's just wrong. Your posture would be weird since it's gonna be all curled up to fit in. Also, the advantageous small size of the car would actually be dangerous if you're driving at a slightly high speed because the odds of flipping over is higher than others on the road.

Now you know the 4 cars that are not completely complement your masculinity. For more practical tips for buying a good fit for your transportation need, visit our Car Buying tips.

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