Top 10 most affordable new cars in the Nigeria automobile market


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Are you searching for the cheapest, most affordable, budget-friendly new cars in the Nigeria automobile market? Then you should see our top 10 selection below!

When it comes to selecting or buying new cars, everyone surely has their specific tastes. Currently, the Nigeria automobile market is being populated with arrivals of new models of cars from popular car manufacturers like; Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Land Rover, Lexus, Hyundai, Honda, Volkswagen, Kia, and Nissan. Among these new cars, has taken the time to go through and fish out the top 10 most affordable new cars for our fans. Check them out below:

1. The Nissan Leaf

This is such a pretty looking car among the new models in the market currently. It has been recognized now for its easy maintenance cost and its outstanding fuel economy among other new cars in its line.


The Nissan Leaf is admired for impressive fuel economy and easy maintenance

Brand New Nissan Leaf market price (average price): ₦11,640,000

The Nissan leaf can cover up to a 200 km on just a 30-minute straight charge. All these features make this car a perfect choice for those in the Urban areas or cities around the world.

2. The Toyota Hilux

This 6th generation Hilux possess so much elegance than all the previous Hilux models we have seen. Its design and concept are mainly based on Toyota Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle (IMV).


The Double Cab Hilux delivers amazing comfortability

Brand new Toyota Hilux market price (average price): ₦15,837,000

This vehicle can achieve a 170 km/h with its manual gear while it hits 175 km/h with the automatic transmission variant. Also, five (5) people can fit comfortably inside this Hilux Double Cab.

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3. The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is definitely the answer for anyone looking for an attractive SUV right now.


The Honda CR-V is also one of the new cars with incredible fuel economy

Brand new Honda CR-V market price (average price): ₦12,240,000

Some of the notable features of the Honda CR-V include; fantastic fuel economy, amazing reliability, and impressive safety features.

4. The Toyota Prius

Yet another Toyota car, right? Yes, that’s right. Even though Toyota is the most popular brand in the Nigeria automobile market, they are still rocking the top by rolling out some amazing new vehicles.


The Toyota Prius is a new hybrid car that is very fuel-efficient

Lots of Nigerians have been waiting for the new model that this Japanese brand will roll out. The wait is over now, go get the new Toyota Prius car and experience the Toyota feel.

Brand new Toyota Prius market price (average price): ₦8,460,000

5. Range Rover (from Land Rover)

Oh, this is the point where anyone reading this will probably squeeze face. We know that you might not quite agree with a whooping ₦30million plus to be tagged as cheap, Lol.


The Range Rover (Land Rover) is an all-wheel drive, luxurious car with impressive features

Brand new Range Rover market price (average price): ₦31,428,000

Well, everyone’s pocket can never be the same and if you think Range Rover is not cheap, then, try other luxurious cars like; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz etc. After all, they are all in the same category of luxurious cars.

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6. The Volkswagen Golf

If you want a quality new car while still budget-friendly, then you should check out the Volkswagen Golf.


The Volkswagen Golf is a strong, durable car that also has a budget-friendly price tag

Brand new Volkswagen Golf market price (average price): ₦8,892,000

The Volkswagen Golf is such an amazing pack of strength, durability, beauty, and affordability all in one place.

7. The Hyundai Sonata

The Hyundai Sonata is such a practical and good-looking midsize sedan car.


The Hyundai Sonata is a beautiful midsize sedan car

Brand new Toyota Prius market price (average price): ₦7,380,000

This vehicle has a spacious cabin for the passengers as well as a large trunk and it features decent hardware.

8. The Toyota Venza

If you have a young family, and you guys have an active lifestyle, this is the car for you.


The Toyota Venza is a mid-size crossover with 5-seat, suitable for young families

Brand new Toyota Venza market price (average price): ₦7,345,000

The Toyota Venza is a mid-size crossover with 5-seat. It features a 6-speed automatic transmission and comes with various engine options to choose from.

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9. The Toyota Camry

You might want to argue that the Toyota Camry is well known to have been around for quite some time now. Yes, that’s correct. Yet, it is still one of the trending new cars in the Nigeria automobile market till now.

Brand new Toyota Camry market price (average price): ₦9,720,000

2019 Toyota Camry TRD and Avalon TRD - All You Need to Know!!

The Toyota Camry has a stylish, sleek body and it also delivers good comfort as well as possess stunning reliability.  

10. The Kia Soul

And the last on this list is the Kia Soul. This model is a unique hatchback that possesses awesome looks.

Brand new Kia Soul market price (average price): ₦8,028,000

It is a spacious and powerful car and we believe it’s a perfect choice if you are looking for a new family car to buy.


The Kia Soul is a perfect choice for anyone looking to buy a family car


And here we will conclude this list of the top 10 most affordable new cars in the Nigeria automobile market. You might not quite resonate with the word “affordable” that we have been using so far in the context of this write-up because of some of the prices of the new cars. Well, we believe that before you can be searching for brand new cars, you would have increased your budget already and be ready for some of the prices we have listed above.

But, if you see that almost all the prices of the vehicles we have listed and discussed above are way beyond your pocket or budget, we advise you consider buying a Tokunbo or Nigerian Used car then.

You can check out our amazing huge collections of New, Tokunbo, and Nigerian used cars for sale in Nigeria.


Oluwaseun Solomon
Oluwaseun Solomon

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