Selling your used car? 9 tips to get the best deal


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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You need to carry out a proper research on how much your car worth in the market. If you check here on Naijauto price listing, you should be able to know current price of your car. That will allow make rational decision on setting price for your used car. Read on!

You have used your car over a period of time and you are thinking of buying a newer version or probably another brand, let say replacing Toyota with Mercedes. You will be faced with several obstacles such as convincing your potential buyer to buy your car and getting the best deal ever.

Some people do not even like the stress of haggling price, so they give out their cars to reliable firms or individual to do that on their behalf. The downside to this is that you can never get the best out of the deal. If you do not mind, no problem, you can hand over your car. Here on Naijauto, you will be shown 9 tips to sell used car that will make potential buyers jump at your offer.


For you to make the best deal out of your used car, you need to give it a befitting look

1. Give your car a reasonable price tag

You need to carry out a proper research on how much your car worth in the market. If you check here on Naijauto price listing, you should be able to know current price of your car. That will allow make rational decision on setting price for your used car.

2. Detail your car for an attractive look

This is the part you have to be smart and uphold your integrity too. You have to clean up your car, fix minor issues and inform your potential buyer of any major issue with your car. The reason is that why you have your own mechanic to help you take a good look at your car, the potential used car buyers in Nigeria do not make the mistake of coming alone. They prefer coming with a mechanic to help them take a look at the car and if he/she discovers any big issue that you have not mentioned to them beforehand, that is a big turn off.

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3. Pay more attention to interior

Make your car inner cabin a palace view for potential customers. This means it must be very clean and smell really good. You do not want to open your car to a customer and the stench of dead rat fills the air.


Taking good care of your car interior will bring you more money

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4. Make use of the Internet to market your car

Marketing your used car is the key here. Luckily for you, this is the social media era. Take a very good picture of your car and post it for potential buyers to see. Remember to filter out sensitive part such as the registration plate number before putting it online for security reason. You can also advertise through close acquaintances, friends and even your family members can help with that. Ensure to add all eye catching features in your car especially the comfort and safety features and most importantly your documentation.

>>> Or simply, just post it on to sell it within a week: Click to post listing!

5. Keep calm and be polite always

Put it at the back of your mind that some buyers can be very annoying and irritating. Remain calm in this kind of situation and endeavor to politely answer their enquiries.

6. Meet at public places

Any form of arrangement or inspection should be done at a public location. You do not want to bring a stranger you met online to your private home. Your privacy is vital and setting an appointment should align with your comfort and safety.


Be polite and prepare for all situations during the discussion!

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7. Prepare for a bargain

You need to polish your bargaining skill to get a best deal. Knowing well that your buyer is coming with the mind to get a perfect deal, you should be able to meet each at middle point and make it a win-win situation for both of you.

8. Be careful with payment methods

One mistake that many car owners do at the point of selling their used car is collecting cheque. Do not collect cheque, request for cash as a form of payment or you follow him or her to bank to make the transfer. Make sure you receive cash deposit alert from the bank before you hand over your car documents and key to the buyer.

9. Change car ownership

The final step is to transfer ownership name you registered with your used car to the name of the buyer after payment. This is also a safety protocol in case he or she uses the car to commit crime.

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