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Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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Saving up money to purchase a vehicle comes with a lot of sacrifice and determination. Therefore, it's only wise that you buy one that is your money's worth. If you wish to buy a used Toyota Camry, then you have made a great decision. Not only is the vehicle going to be cheaper, but it means it has been tested and trusted. Also keep in mind that the Camry comes with a lot of features that you will definitely love. It has more cargo space than its competitors, it is a fuel economy car and it's performance is one you can depend on. But it's still important that you carry out your research before acquiring one. So here are some really important tips for buying used Toyota Camry.


Make sure you inspect and possibly test drive any used Camry before you make a purchase

1. Consider the 6th - 8th generation of used Toyota Camry

After the 5th generation, the Camry became more tech savvy, more spacious and the performance was more improved. In fact, the 2018 model, a radar was installed to help tell when there's danger around the vehicle. For instance, if you're driving towards an object, the forward collision system notifies you and the vehicle applies brakes automatically to mitigate impact. Now, these are things to consider when you want to buy used Toyota Camry.


Toyota Camry 2007, a.k.a The Muscle belong to the 6th generation

If you're wondering what years fall under the 6th, 7th and 8th generation, they are the 2007 (The Muscle) - 2011, 2012 - 2017 and 2018 - present versions, respectively. The 6th generation version comes with a 268 horsepower engine, full length airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and key-less ignition. The 7th and 8th generations come with all of that including turn by turn navigation, multiple safety options and more. So if you're a tech savvy person, ensure to check them out when you go to buy a used Toyota Camry.

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2. Carry out an online research on the model you wish to buy

In as much as its a used Camry, it's only wise that you know what features the car has, and how it should look when you purchase it. If some of the features you see from your research is missing in the actual car presented to you, then you may have to reconsider. For example, if you love playing music from a CD player, it won't make sense buying a 2nd generation Camry that still uses a cassette tape player.

Also, read reviews by Camry users. You may want to know what they don't like about a particular version. If they say the key sensor of a particular model easily gets faulty, you may want to check out that of used one - so you don't end up spending a fortune every month on it.

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3. Compare the prices

Some of the best used Toyota Camry you can buy are from those making distress sales. For instance, someome wants to sell their car to solve a certain problem or they want to purchase a much recent model, they usually sell at "giveaway prices". But then you need to compare the price with what is attainable at several dealerships. As some car owners actually put their Camrys on sale as a result of a persistent issue they are tired of fixing. You won't want to buy a liability.

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4. Go with a mechanic

As stated earlier, some people sell their cars when they are tired of fixing a problem. Therefore, go with a skilled Toyota Camry mechanic who can check the parts of the vehicle to ensure its in sound condition. You can also have them test drive it to be sure. If the owner resists and insists that checks can only be done after payment, that's a red flag.

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Finally, make sure that all the necessary documents are intact and possibly up to date. You won't want to get into police troubles for purchasing a stolen car.

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If you wish to buy used Toyota Camry, follow these steps and you're good to go.

Kennedy Ilediagu
Kennedy Ilediagu

Kennedy Ilediagu


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