The pros and cons of buying a used Mercedes-Benz and things to consider


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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It is no debate Mercedes Benz is the most favoured car brand in Nigeria. So much that any Benz is a hot seller here. If you are planning to buy a used one, these are things you want to know before sealing the deal. Check it out!

Mercedes has never relented in commands attention and respect in the automobile world and among car enthusiasts. And the engines of some of its models are reputed to last forever. Probably the reason everyone is clamoring to become a Mercedes owner despite its price. The Mercedes-Benz is even one of the official cars of our president and the vice-president.

We know how expensive a brand new Mercedes-Benz can be, you can check out the new Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon selling price here. So, making the decision to buy a Mercedes-Benz is a choice one has to make, especially when the budget is on the lean side. But before you buy a used Mercedes, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons. This is to save yourself from ending up with a money-pit machine. Let’s check out the pros and cons of buying a used Mercedes-Benz, as pieced together on


The Benz is the symbol of luxury

The pros and cons of buying a used Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest and most prestigous car brands across the globe. It’s renowned for its elegance, super luxury features and cutting-edge technology. Buying a used Mercedes is not really hassle free. You’ll sure need the help of an auto expert to inspect everything about the vehicle and the deal also. These pros and cons will assist you in making the right buying decision. Let’s see them before you close that deal.

The pros of buying a used Mercedes-Benz

1. Exceptional built quality and features 

The Mercedes is built with a lot of sophisticated features and advanced options. A used Mercedes is likely to have more exceptional features than other used vehicles. The interior features and quality of a used Mercedes-Benz is way better than the interior of a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry. You can say it's a Mercedes-Benz statement, always delivering first-class luxury. Its elegant features is certainly a cool reason for purchasing a used Mercedes-Benz.


A used Benz still has many valuable features that are not outdated

2. Impressive looks 

An old Mercedes-Benz car certainly gets the attention of everyone. Even when the car is five years older, it will still look sharp. All thanks to the manufacturers' efforts at taking the lead in impressive looks. And no car brand can get to showcase your success the way a Mercedes-Benz always does.

3. Amazing ride and comfort 

When it comes to a comfortable and luxurious quality ride, you can sure bet on the Mercedes to provide you with the experience. Built with all shades of comfort and luxury, it’s an experience worth relishing. Yes, and even with the older Mercedes-Benz too. It also does the task of providing the same comfort. It’s been confirmed to provide great comfort and luxury than new cars from the likes of the Toyota and Hyundai.


After 5 years of use, the depreciation of a Benz is quite similar to that of other brand's cars

The cons of buying a used Mercedes-Benz 

1. Maintenance cost 

The cost of maintaining a used Mercedes-Benz can be quite higher when compared to non-luxury car brands. If you are the type that takes his car in, to Mercedes service centers, you might consider looking up a local mechanic specialized in Mercedes-Benz repairs. You don't have to spend a fortune in the name of car maintenance. And one more thing, having an auto professional inspect the car before buying will save more cost in the long run.

2. Fuel consumption rate

Old Mercedes-Benz cars have been known to have fuel-thirsty engines. Their fuel consumption rate is on the higher side when compared to other car brands. You might want to consider this disadvantage before sealing the car deal. Or, you may opt for the diesel-engine variant like the CD1 and E220. The diesel variant has an excellent gas mileage.


Most of the cars from the German brands consumes much fuel compared other brands' models

3. No warranty 

This can pose to be a problem if the used Mercedes-Benz you intend to buy is from a private seller. The private seller won't give you any guarantee for the used Benz and the warranty from the manufacturer is likely to have expired. It might be a different issue if you are buying from a used car dealer, the dealer may likely have a warranty for the car.

And here comes a bonus tip.

Necessary things you should do before buying a used Mercedes-Benz 

1. Perform a pre-purchase inspection 

It's advisable to carry out a proper pre-sale inspection on any used Mercedes-Benz you plan to buy. Let the seller know you would like to take the used car in for inspection. An honest seller doesn't have a problem with this. And bear this in mind, it’s a used car, not a brand new Mercedes. When your auto inspector discloses some issues with the car, you can decide if it's something you can fix immediately or if it's beyond what you are ready to accept. And don't forget to pick the auto repair shop that will conduct the car inspection, so you get an honest report.


Pre-purchase inspection is obligatory

2. Carry out a scan on the Mercedes for fault codes

A complete system scanning on the Mercedes shouldn't be ignored. Get a scanner and let the seller know you want to check the car for faulty codes that will detect a malfunction.

3. Run a vehicle history report 

This is another necessity before sealing a car deal. A car history report will show you if the car has been salvaged, has been in an accident, and its maintenance history in some cases.
You will be saving yourself much maintenance expenses when you adhere to these pros and cons of buying a used Benz.

Don't forget this checklist as you plan to buy a used Mercedes Benz

Jane Osuagwu
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