Don't mind them! You can buy and drive a Tesla in Nigeria but with these conditions


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Many Nigerians say Tesla cars cannot work in Nigeria but we have over 4 Teslas in Nigeria now.

What is Tesla?

Tesla is the only automobile company that has impacted the world positively in the last 20 years. Tesla Inc. produces automobiles that run solely depend on electrical energy. Yes, Tesla has no hybrid cars at all. This means with a Tesla car, you are never stopping at the gas station to fill up, you are not changing any oil ever again, you just charging the car like your mobile phone. 


This is how elegant a Tesla looks

Today, I want to show you what it takes to buy, own, and drive Tesla cars in Nigeria. Is there even Tesla in Nigeria? I will answer this like a Nigerian; is there any popular car brand that is not in Nigeria? well, I don't think so.

I have come across 2 Tesla Model S and one Tesla Model X in Nigeria, I feel so good that Nigeria is won't be backward when the new era of automobile happens all over the world.


That's a Tesla Model 3 spotted at Victoria Island Lagos

Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, and Elon Musk; the co-founders of Tesla were heavily inspired by Nikola Tesla who was a genius inventor from the 1890s and I have to say that they have been doing good!

How much does a Tesla cost in Nigeria?

A Tesla price in Nigeria hasn't been determined yet because there is none on sale currently by any dealership. Present owners of Teslas in Nigeria imported theirs directly from the USA with the prices ranging from ₦15,000,000 for the Model S to over ₦60,000,000 for the top model X excluding shipping and customs clearing fees to Nigeria. 

Tesla currently has 3 production models: Model 3, Model S and Model X. You would mostly find the Model 3 and S in Nigeria for now. Below are the average prices of every Tesla Model on sale by Tesla Motors Inc. 

Tesla model    Price in Naira 
Tesla Model 3 price in Nigeria ₦18,000 - ₦30,000
Tesla Model S price in Nigeria ₦35,000 - ₦55,000
Tesla Model X price in Nigeria ₦35,000 - ₦55,000


The power pack that comes with a Tesla for charging 

If you buy a Tesla in Nigeria, here are the car-related costs you would automatically stop:

  • No more spending ₦143 per litre on petrol or ₦219.13 per litre on diesel.
  • No more buying of engine oil for routine servicing monthly.
  • No more engine replacement or repair costs.

Here is an average comparison on how much a Nigerian that drives a 2020 Toyota Camry and a 2020 Tesla Model S spend in one year running their cars.

  Toyota Camry   Tesla Model 3
 Average fuel cost in a year  ₦365,000 ₦0
 Average routine maintenance cost  ₦180,000 ₦0 
Total  ₦545,000 ₦0

You can see that at the end of 10 years, the person with the Camry would have spent about ₦6,000,000 maintaining the car assuming no engine repair occurs while the Tesla owner would always charge his/her car between nightfall and early morning which between the same time we all go to bed and rise up.

You need to replace your Tesla Battery in Nigeria after about 10 years of use. However, you can't get Tesla batteries in Nigeria though, so you have to directly import an authentic battery made at the Giga Nevada factory from a Tesla dealership in the USA at an average cost between ₦3,000,000 and ₦5,000,000.

However, there is a Nigerian factor that makes the above calculations not go smoothly as it would have if you lived in the USA.

The problems and challenges with owning and driving a Tesla car in Nigeria

These problems are not limited to only Tesla automotive only, these are general problems with owning hybrid cars and plug-in electric cars in Nigeria. I have highlighted them below :

  • Lack of consistent power supply for instantaneous charging of the cars.
  • Lack of seasoned electric car technicians in Nigeria. 
  • Lack of electric car dealerships for easy parts procurement.
  • Unpredictable road conditions that can affect driving range.
  • Lack of Tesla supercharger stations for long-distance road trip re-charge. 


A Tesla Model X being charged somewhere in Lagos. Yes, Lagos!

The reasons above are why owning a Tesla in Nigeria is like riding on an alien from space. All odds are against you if you buy a Tesla in Nigeria just because it is a plug-in electric car. For now, if you really want to successfully own and drive a Tesla passenger car in Nigeria then you must follow my Tesla Code for Nigeria; a 7 point ultimate guide for you :

  • Install a Nema 14-50 outlet in your home for proper charging of your Tesla car in Nigeria.
  • Never drive a Tesla across states for any reason.
  • Never drive your Tesla on an unplanned trip.
  • Always keep your battery level between 20% and 80% at all times.
  • Avoid bad roads and flood as much as possible to prevent the battery from any form of hazard.
  • Once you notice a fault, contact Tesla directly for technical help and recommendations.
  • Cancel the mindset that you can enjoy the full potential of a Tesla in Nigeria (for instance, the Tesla Autopilot cannot work in Nigeria).

With these 7 point guide of mine, your Tesla will live just fine in Nigeria for now until full Tesla service stations start to surface. In 2019, Tesla launched the Tesla Powerwall Nigeria division in Abia State which is a right step in the right direction. Very soon, we would have Tesla dealerships in Nigeria and what I see again is an opportunity for Nigerians.


It would be a dream come true for Tesla to set up a charging station like this in Nigeria 

A technician that trains in the field of specializing in Hybrid and electric car technology would be the future of Nigerian technicians because when Hybrid cars take over Nigeria, there would be a need for seasoned hybrid/electric car technicians.

Here are 15 amazing facts about Tesla that will shock you! Check it out!


So yeah, it is possible to own and drive a Tesla in Nigeria but you just have to be a minimalist with the car. If there is any Tesla car for sale in Nigeria, you would definitely find it listed on

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