[Video] Porsche teaches how to take great phone photos of cars


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Learn how to take beautiful car photos with your smartphone from a new video released by German automaker, Porsche in its latest "Passion School" series.

Have you been wanting to take amazing photos of beautiful cars with your smartphone alone? Popular German automaker, Porsche has got you covered with a newly released video in its latest “Passion School” series.

The new video is short but filled with good tips that can be easily adopted by amateurs who want to take really nice photos of cars or just beautiful pictures generally with their smartphones.


Porsche teaches how to use smartphones to take beautiful car photos in a newly released video which is part of its “Passion school” series

According to the video released by Porsche, below is a highlight of the key steps and tips one should adopt in order to take better car photos using a smartphone;

  • First, one must switch to “manual mode” after launching the camera application of a smartphone. The photography expert in Porsche’s instructional video reveals that the “manual mode” literally gives anyone full control over some important camera features like Focus adjustments and Exposure.
  • The second point stressed by the expert in the video is “Location”. Yes, he mentioned that car photos should be taken at a location. To be more specific, he noted that one should try to use the smartphone to capture photos that show the beauty of the location as well as include the car itself in the same frame.
  • Some other extra tips given in the video include taking wide-angle and tight shots of a car from several angles as well as shots taken from ground level mainly to exaggerate the presence of the car.

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For a better understanding of these tips and also an illustration of how they can be done, please watch Porsche’s educational video itself below;

Video: Porsche Passion School - Episode 1: Photography

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