SUV vs Minivan: Which car should I buy to have more space with less money?


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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The similarity in size between SUVs and Minivans is the basis for comparison by consumers on making a pick. Check out other important factors to consider, including space, power, fuel economy and more!

If you are thinking of getting a car that is not for individual use but a group of people, SUVs and Minivans are good choices. They are bigger than other regular cars and offer larger space to accommodate more passengers and cargo. People do not have to squeeze themselves like Sardine in a pack just because they want to take a ride with you. The big dilemma consumers often face is choosing between these two. Naijauto is here to guide you on the one that is better for you.

Below are 5 factors to consider in choosing between a Minivan and an SUV with Naijauto conclusion for each.

1. Passenger space: go for a minivan

If passenger space is important to you, you should go for a minivan because it has more passenger space than an SUV. The five minivans on the market have passenger cubic feet space of over 150. Due to their low floors, passengers in the third row are also comfortable. This is better than what SUVs offer.


Clearly, a minivan offers more space for your family

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2. Cargo space: minivan once again is the winner

Cargo space is a factor to consider in making a choice between a minivan and an SUV. If you are keen on getting a lot of cargo space, you will be better off with a minivan. They come with low floors and big wells at the back of the third row. While all passengers are seated, there is plenty of room behind to accommodate cargo.


This minivan has a lot of cargo space to carry load

The biggest minivan has a cargo space of 88 cubic feet and the smallest has 31 cubic feet. The biggest SUV has just 40 cubic feet and others have 20 cubic feet. So, once again, minivan is the winner in space-related criteria.

3. All-wheel-drive and towing: territory of SUVs

The SUV takes the cake when it come to towing and all-wheel-drive. Amongst all minivans, the Toyota Sienna is the only model that has all-wheel-drive. On the other hand, the all-wheel drive can be installed in almost all SUVs. If you also plan on towing vehicles, the SUV is better off.

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Looks smaller but actually stronger in towing, that's an SUV

4. Fuel economy: minivans save more fuel

Fuel economy is very important. You do not want to be spending so much money on fuel when you can save on another brand.

Many minivans come with a V-6 engine while many SUVs come with a V-8 engine. As a result of this, the minivan saves more fuel even when it does the same work the SUV does.


You can save some money on fuel with a Minivan compared to an SUV

5. Model variety: SUVs offer way more choices

They say variety is the spice of life. It is important that you have options to choose from in making your purchase. There are only five minivans on the market. This has been the case for many years as automakers have not made much effort to create more. SUVs have so much to offer in regard to variety. There are several two-row and three-row SUVs you can choose from.

What works for one person may not work for another. From the points discussed above, you can make your choice based on what you are looking for.

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Chris Odogwu
Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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