Should you be scared to buy BMW cars in Nigeria? Decide after reading this!


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BMW has been go head to head with Mercedes-Benz for years but people are scared to buy BMW cars in Nigeria. Discover the reasons for this here and ways to overcome this fear!

The most popular luxury brand for the elite in Nigeria has been Mercedes-Benz for years now and its greatest competitors in the world would be the BMW and Lexus, which is also the case in Nigeria.


A solid BMW line-up here

The weird thing in Nigeria is that you hardly see BMWs competing with Lexus and Mercedes-Benz on major roads because people are scared of the brand for reasons it took me a while to understand.


Rema with BMWs because that is his favourite car brand

Should you really be scared to buy BMW cars for sale in Nigeria? Of course not, why should you be scared of buying a car for you? The reason for this may be because everyone gives negative remarks about the car.

This is why I spoke to members of the BMW club of Nigeria just to find out all to know about owning and maintaining any BMW car in Nigeria. This way, it doesn't give you any stress.

The 7 secrets of owning BMWs in Nigeria without stress 

1. Spare Parts are expensive

BMW parts in Nigeria are expensive because it is an uncommon luxury car brand that needs high-performance parts that are usually expensive in the market. You cannot get BMW parts easily anywhere unlike Mercedes-Benz or Lexus.

This makes the part sellers easily set a higher price on the cost. Even when it comes to basic routine maintenance (car servicing), BMW cars have special engine oils that are more expensive than the common engine oils you can use in other cars like Toyota, Honda, and Lexus.


BMW cars love strictly original OEM parts.

Fake parts on BMWs fail very quickly and it makes your car spend more time lying around in the mechanic workshop. Plus, BMW is not for anyone that doesn't have the motivation to spend quality money on making his/her run daily.

2. Always listen to your BMW

BMW is the ultimate driving machine. BMW has kept that reputation of having drive trains that perform their best at all times whether it is a sports edition or a normal edition variant.

This is why any fault in the drive train affects the way a BMW car drives and the car lets you know immediately.


The Ultimate driving machine!

In Toyota cars, for example, you can still drive the car with a bad sparkplug or ignition coil and you won't easily notice. In BMWs, one bad component quickly tells when you drive the car.

BMW engine faults need to be fixed immediately they get noticed so that it doesn't affect any other component.

3. BMW Technicians are very scarce in Nigeria

BMW is that one car brand that needs a specialist mechanic/technician to handle at all times. BMW cars require a lot of technical know-how to fix and maintain. Nevertheless, in Nigeria where there are only a few affiliated BMW dealerships, BMW car specialists are very scarce.


You see a lot of abandoned BMWs because technicians are scarce

If you have a BMW in Nigeria, don't ever think of taking it to just a regular Toyota technician. There are BMW technicians scattered around the country, find one BMW technician, and develop a good relationship with him/her because they are scarce.

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4. Electrical Issues come up a lot, be ready

BMW is a company that is constantly using a lot of electrical components to make their cars perform better. However, most of you think the company is making life harder when it is just simplifying the car's system.

Electrical components are smaller and they only need a high level of technical knowledge to be maintained properly. This is another reason why you need a well seasoned BMW technician to handle your car.

In new BMWs, A/C related issues, dashboard warning lights, and other electrical component issues are common. Once they are not repaired the right way, the car starts to lose its value and starts ageing quickly.

5. Watch out for the leaks and breakages

BMWs have a bad reputation of always experiencing a form of coolant or oil leak due to damaged important components like water pump, engine seal, sump over, etc.


Leaks from a BMW car is a common occurrence 

This means you have to do a visual inspection from time to time just to check for leaks in the engine bay. Also, BMW has a lot of plastic parts in its build. BMW uses plastics for vital components. Since we are in Nigeria where the sun is always angry, it tends to crack and you will be needing new parts from time to time. 

6. They develop vibrations when braking

Most BMW cars especially the 3 Series develop this problem where it vibrates excessively whenever you apply brakes from driving at high speed. This happened to me when I was riding in a 2010 BMW X5. BMW cars have this problem whenever there is an issue with the suspension system or the brake rotors. 


This is what a warped rotor that causes vibrations looks like

You have to be aware of this problem just because BMW cars used in Nigeria easily get this problem. Bad roads ruin the suspension system and too much heat makes the brake rotors warp.

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7. You don't just buy used BMWs anyhow

Used BMWs are bought according to the problem they have. Most sellers of used BMW cars in Nigeria sell either because they want to buy another BMW or they are tired of the problem the car is giving them.


Shine your eyes very well before you buy any BMW 

Once you inspect the car along with an experienced BMW mechanic, you have to price the car according to all the problems it has so that it won't be a bad buy. The good thing about BMW cars is that once you tackle the issues in the right way, you will enjoy the driving experience to the fullest each time you drive it.

Should I buy a BMW in Nigeria?

Yes please, go ahead and buy an ultimate driving machine for yourself but just pay attention to the 7 secrets I have highlighted above. If you really want to have a stress-free BMW experience then you should consider joining the BMW club of Nigeria because they will help you with your BMW car.

Here is a video on why mechanic generally hates BMW:

Why Mechanics hate the BMW brand


There is no car ever manufacturers without its Pros and Cons. BMW is not any different but ignorance makes people talk down the brand without getting to experience the car in any way. The answer to the question: "Should you be scared to buy BMW cars in Nigeria?" in the title is absolutely "No" as long as you follow our advice above.

At, we care about your knowledge as a car owner or aspiring car owner in Nigeria, now that the question "should you really be scared of buying BMW cars in Nigeria?" has been answered, go on to check for details on how to maintain every car brand in Nigeria from the common Toyota, Honda, Mazda to BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and others.

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