Dos and don’ts when shopping in Ladipo spare parts market


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Ladipo Lagos is the biggest car spare parts market in Nigeria where you can find almost all types of auto components. However, you must be careful when shopping here. Check below for shopping tips when you are at Ladipo auto market!

What you should do when shopping in Ladipo auto spare parts market

Below are highly recommended shopping tips from Naijauto experts for you when coming to Ladipo market, Lagos to choose car spare parts.

1. Take a trusted mechanic along

Incidences of parts-switching or the purchase of fake or sub-standard parts, are part and parcel of the Ladipo experience. Not all the traders and vendors in the market are above board, and you might find yourself the victim of a scam if you are not careful. A knowledgeable mechanic will save you many hassles.

2. Suspect everything until proven genuine

That sounds cynical, but it’s a disposition that will save you some grief. Ask questions and verify with two or more other sources.


With such number of spare parts, how you can choose a reliable one?

3. Be on the lookout for substandard parts

Unfortunately, sub-standard and fake parts abound at Ladipo auto spare parts market. Some imitations are so cleverly made, it is near impossible for a novice to distinguish. Find a way to verify the real from the fake.

4. If it's too cheap, it’s not real

Ladipo sells cheap parts, however too cheap a price is a red flag. Knowing the price of auto parts and cars through updated Price lists is one way to find out the current market state of things even before you go there.

5. Make a small mark on your part to avoid it being changed

Once you have identified a genuine part at a good price, leave a small scratch on it where only you can identify. Sleight of hand has been known to occur in Ladipo, and this helps you know if your good part has been switched when being packaged for transport.

What you shouldn't do when shopping at Ladipo auto spare parts market

To avoid frauds or overpriced shops, you should check this Don'ts list carefully.

1. Don’t deal with “baranda” or “asabari” (touts):

These are self-appointed middle men who hang around the market and prey on innocent buyers. The wise course is only to deal with people inside their shops, as these touts raise prices and can scam the unwary.

2. Don’t buy outside/fringes of market:

It’s a classic mistake when shopping in Ladipo market to purchase auto body parts from the ocean of traders and hawkers just outside the market. You wil shortly find yourself in the same repair cycle when you need to go back to change the part you just bought. To limit this eventually, always buy from shops inside the market proper. It also helps to know what you are buying through up-to-date maintenance advice tips.  


You can find all ranges of parts from small parts to complete engines

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