What to remember when shopping for a new or used Honda Pilot


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Crossover SUVs offer more comfort and space so many people opt for either new or used units of this car model. Now let’s talk about the Honda Pilot for a little bit!

Most parents have felt the uprising need to own a midsize crossover SUV because it offers comfort and space during the times when there’s a need for the family to be transported from one location to another. The automobile topping the chart today in the midsize crossover SUV sector is the Honda Pilot and we’re going to be discussing those features you should look out for when you go to the shop to purchase one for yourself so you can have full enjoyment of your money’s worth.

The Honda Pilot was launched in 2003 and it was noted to be very unique due to the fact that it is capable of transporting 8 people comfortably, giving them the same comfort a full-size minivan or SUV would. It is a very reliable automobile when it comes to rainy or snowy seasons. Everyone loves to be entertained while taking a drive and so, the car is fully complemented with amenities for entertainment such as a rear-seat DVD system and heated seats.

The Honda Pilot has existed in the market for over 10 years and so, there have been newly released models from time to time. Major things you need to know when shopping for a new or used Honda Pilot are:


The Honda Pilot has existed in the Market for over 10 years

1. Differences in Honda Pilot generations

We all know that automakers spice up things by releasing new car models from time to time. This is also very much applicable to the Honda Pilot. It is currently in its third generation and there are some major differences in each generation that may or may not seem appealing to you. So, let’s take a look at the uniqueness that each model year comes fitted with each generation.

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  • First generation

This generation is between the years 2003-2008. As the oldest generation, they are sold at the lowest prices and their repair cost is steeper than normal.

They offer features such as keyless entry, satellite radio, navigation, automatic climate control, and a rear-seat DVD entertainment system with the only safety features being the cruise control and a rearview camera. The first two front row seats are very comfortable for adults while the third row was designed to accommodate kids. However, when the last two rows are lowered, it can accommodate a cargo space up to 90.3 cubic feet.


The 1st-gen models have the cost of maintenance a bit steeper than the 2nd generation

Video: What it's like to own a 2007 Honda Pilot

  • The Second Generation

This was from 2009 to 2015. This generation offers an extra 2 inches of legroom compared to that of the preceding models and can accommodate up to 87 feet or cargo space directly behind the first row. It offers newer features like five power tailgate, Bluetooth connectivity, and a tilt-and-telescoping steering column. It has a fuel economy of 18/25 mpg and can tow up to 4500 pounds when the right equipment is being used.


This was from 2009 to 2015 and have more interior leg and cargo room

  • The Third Generation

This is from 2016-present. The third generation is remodeled with driver-assist features like road departure mitigation, collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert and a lane-keeping system along with keyless ignition and an 8-in touchscreen. It is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds with a fuel economy of 20/27 mpg. It accommodates up to 83.9 cubic feet of cargo space with the second and third rows folded.


The third generation is remodeled with driver-assist features.

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2. The Downside of Honda Pilot

The Honda brand is very well known for its reliable reputation. However, every automobile in the market has its years of not-doing-so-great and for the Honda Pilot, this was the year 2003. Pilots that had high mileage were associated with issues of transmission failure and ignition switch problems.

So, before you go ahead to purchase a 2003 Pilot model, have a mechanic take a close look at the ignition and transmission issues to make sure you’re good to go. That won't be too bad for a choice but if you just can't forgive it, just try these best alternatives to the Honda Pilot in Nigeria.

I’m guessing with these few points, you have been able to decipher which Pilot model works best for you. However, you should note that if you’re being economical but need reliability, the first generation of the Honda Pilot is what you should go for but you’ll have to make a compromise on the driver-assist technology. Also, as great as the newer generations are, they offer lesser cargo spaces and they cost more than the first and second generations but they are rich in driver-assistant features and have the high fuel economy. So, they are all the things you need to know when shopping for a Honda Pilot, so make your wise choice!

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Okenwa Emeka

Okenwa Emeka


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