5 steps to take before shipping a car to Nigeria


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Shipping a car holds different risks but you can handle it. Read this article by Naijauto.com to know what to look for before shipping a car to Nigeria!

The increase of vehicle demands urges the service industry to develop a potential business - car shipping service. Gone are the days people scratch their brain to ransack every corner of the Internet to get themselves a reliable company for shipping a car to Nigeria. The options have been varied with plenteous companies joining the industry and therefore, better services go along. Today, Naijauto.com will lead you through all of things you should know before shipping your car to your customers, one of the most hectic human activities nowadays.

When referring to the auto shipping industry, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the car transport carrier, also known as, car carrier trailer, transport trailer, car transporter or tractor, you name it. But why it must be the car carrier trailer or whatever you call that is used most frequently but not , keep reading to find out!

1. What is the car transport carrier?

A car transport carrier is a tube-shaped trailer or semi-trailer which is manufactured purposefully for transporting land vehicles (mostly passenger vehicles or private transport vehicles) via truck.


Land vehicles are often delivered by a truck that was attached with a trailer

You can see two kinds of those commercial vehicles on the roads, one is the open trailer and the other is the enclosed one. Almost all those trailers contains built-in ramps that help in loading as well as off-loading cars. These ramps are assisted by power hydraulics to raise higher or lower their heights for stand-alone accessibility. Another vital tool for the trailers is the winches used to secure them with the trucks.

To here, you must have known why car carrier trailers are so common in car shipping industry, right? Perhaps, its most remarkable perk is the capacity to load a great number of cars (more than flatbed tow truck more specialized for haulage) while reducing the cost of delivery by leaps and bounds.

Also those loaders are more suitable for domestic shipping. However, it will be more popular to use roll-on/roll-off ways of shipping in oceanic logistics/ freight transport.


Oceanic logistics, otherwise, uses large ships for transporting

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2. How to choose reliable transport companies to ship your car to Nigeria?

Cars are one of the kinds of expensive stocks on the market. With the hectic activities of shopping online, the needs for delivering consumer goods are dramatically pilling up. Only a one-time mistake of relying on the wrong car transport service provider can leave you in the red, so the importance of searching the companies should never be underrated.

What's more, scams are everywhere and has been the headache of car purchasers. Sellers experience the same annoyance as well. Long distances of shipping a car leave scammers to do their plentiful tricks that hurts the pocket of sellers. To get rid of those tricks. Strictly force yourself to follow those steps before leave it all for your land transport company.

Step 1 - Find a recognizable company on the internet

The modern world brings to us a myriad of benefits. One of biggest achievement in this era is the invention of the internet. With the incessant development in its analysis, Google is the good and reliable friend of searching. Simply do a small and easy research on Google.com with the right keyword “Shipping a car in Nigeria” or so, you can get a clearer idea of where your faith should be placed in.

Of course, the searching does not end there. With the list of the most reliable firms on Google, now access to the specific homepages to further understand about the company. The About us section might inform you of the focused service the company provides but it might as well be flattery. If you can, find the comment’s section and see how people look at its service. Also bear in mind, good companies don’t fear of letting its users share their voices.


Doing research of the transport companies is an important step

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Step 2 - Don’t be blinded by cheap car transport

Prices are always looked for in any deal. Lower prices are like great triumphs in the minds of service users but just in moment they can be losers if they get tricked as well.

Unfortunately, people often fall in those traps which are when the companies only show the lowest price of delivery but in fact, it includes more terms that cost extras.

The best and only solution here is just carefully read the provided information.


When googling, don't let low prices biase you

Step 3 - Research the companies again

You might be like “What the heck you’re saying? Are you mistaken? You have mentioned the company researching in step 1”. But no. In step 1 you just have wandered around their official website looking for cues about their reliability on their sites. This time, look for information on the other websites or specialized forums talking about the shipping companies that are in your consideration.

One thing for sure is that a website on the top of Google search ranking should have quite a reputation among the netizens, so high chances are many people as well as papers give their opinions on the service. You should be aware to distinguish between which is a PR article and which truly is a non-biased article, which is important.

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Step 4 - Choose the one for your transportation

After researching the companies in your zoom, now it is time for a filter. Decide which company provides the best service and which one is the most recommended by other people.

Then, you should contact the company to get more knowledge of the service and the company itself. Read the confirmation carefully before you sign it.


Choose the best company for your delivery

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Step 5 - Get your car ready for shipping

Don’t keep much fuel in the tank. The car transport carrier often carries multiple cars at a time, which adds up a considerable weight if all the cars have been fueled up. The service providers will love if those tanks are at low level. If so, the cost of shipping might benefit as well. But also remember not to empty the tank, your car purchase would see it not a nice gesture.

Aside from the matter of gas. You like your car to impress its new owner, right? So give it a wash. The wash has another purpose as well. A shiny look will reveal anything so you have your reasons of the process of shipping might give your shipped car some scratches or breakage.


Give your car a good wash to say goodbyes. It means even more than that

In this step, you should inspect the car’s condition along with the carrier to note the existing damage on the car in “The Bill of Lading”. You need to sign it before the car is ready to be delivered. Keep it until your seller has confirmed the car is delivered.

3. Conclusion

People are always complaining about the obstacles when buying used car in Nigeria but car-selling has the same difficulties as well, from the risks of scammer’s tricks to damage that might occur during the delivery.

Naijauto.com believes if you takes those 5 steps in mind and strictly cling to it, shipping a car in Nigeria won’t cause you any hassle from now on.

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Jane Osuagwu

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