What is semi-automatic transmission: Its benefits & drawbacks?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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A car with semi-automatic transmission edges regular manual transmission in terms of performance. Check out the pros and cons of semi-automatic transmission!

1. What is semi-automatic transmision?

It is obvious that many people are aware of the manual transmission and automatic transmission. But the question is: What is semi-automatic transmission? The funny twist to this is that, this technology has been in town for a very long period of time. It has been in market since 1930s and overtime has been exposed to several forms of upgrade which gave it a different look entirely

A modern-day semi-automatic transmission can be likened to a manual transmission. The only obvious difference is the absence of clutch located on the floor, which is used for engine disengagement from the wheel drive of the vehicle. In a typical semi-automatic transmission, there is the presence of electronic processors and sensors which aid in this particular process. Just like the clutch pedals which you will need to press with your foot, the electronic parts are like perfect substitutes for that.

All you just need to do is giving command when you decide to shift the gear. The electronic components will hereby make the clutch do that. It will help in shifting the gear and ensure a smooth shift while driving. You should also know that it will allow precise timing and torque.


The electronic components in a typical semi-automatic transmission aid smooth gear shifting

There is a manual box in semi-automatics just like we have in manual transmission. The gear box is therefore useful in shifting the gear too. What distinguishes them is that, you do not need to depress the clutch before thinking of making use of the gearbox. The clutch in your car will therefore be automatically managed by these electronic components. That is why smooth and quick shifting is very much possible.

A typical semi-automatic will require of you to always take action anytime you shift the gear. This seems perfectly simple compared to what you do when driving a car with manual transmission.

2. Benefits of a semi-automatic transmission

Semi-automatic transmission promises better driving experience and shifting of the gear with ease. This you can do quickly without much of a difficulty. When you are just learning how to drive a manual transmission car and you are experiencing difficulty with it, you might want to try out car with semi-automatic transmission. This will assist you in understanding the appropriate time to shift the engine without much of a concern for when you need to disengage the clutch.

Another benefit of using a semi-automatic transmission is that you preserve lot of energy in case there is a slip with the torque converter. This is also what you will enjoy if you own a car with manual transmission.

How to Drive a Semi Automatic Car

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3. Drawbacks of a semi-automatic transmission

Despite the fact that it promises an exciting driving experience, it also tend to develop faults too. If you are working under a limited budget, you might not like idea of spending too much on a semi-automatic transmission, which is costlier than regular manual transmission. We can attribute this to the complexities of semi-automatics during production. Because of production price, there is tendency for higher price.

Cost of repair is even higher than replacing the impaired component. But it is possible you get an auto mechanic who might do it for you at affordable price. But there is a much possibility that it won’t last long enough. Semi-automatic transmission is prone to develop faults more than a manual transmission. These problems might be due to some reasons aside the transmission itself.


Aside the high cost of repair and maintenance, you will enjoy driving it more over manual transmission

4. Conclusion: should you buy semi-automatic transmission?

If you do not really care on how much you would spend on repair and maintenance, you might love to go for a semi-automatic transmission. But if you are working under a very tight budget, you should think twice before going for an automatic transmission. Instead, continue using your manual transmission.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

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