Do's & Don'ts when selling your used car in Nigeria


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Selling a used car in Nigeria can be daunting as every buyer is wary of making a bad purchase. With these tips, you will sell off your car before you say Jack!

You were elated when you bought your car. It was probably your first or an addition to your fleet. Hopefully, it served its purpose, taking you around in good condition. For reasons best known to you, you want to sell it off now. It is perfectly fine. People sell their cars every day. While many people would love to order a brand new car from the dealership, not everyone can afford to do that. So, going for used cars is a more affordable option.

Selling a used car in Nigeria can be difficult especially if you go about it blindly. Knowledge is power. Knowing what to do and how to do it will save you the stress involved in selling used cars. Naijauto is committed to making the process a seamless one for you by showing common mistakes when selling used car as below!

1. Taking unflattering pictures

In the internet era of ours, one of the sure-ways to sell your used car is to post it on online car portals like You do not just write details of the car, you have to upload pictures of it for all to see. When these pictures are not good, you make it difficult for willing buyers to get it.


Buyers want to see how clean or dirty the engine is too

Do not take only a picture of the exterior. Take pictures of as many angles as possible. Cars have different parts, right? Show the different parts in the pictures such as the exterior, interior, cabin, engine, boot etc. The more pictures you show, the higher the chances of making a sale faster. You do not have to hire a professional photographer for this. Simply using a SmartPhone with a good camera is okay.

2. Not putting enough information about the car

Pictures are great, but this is a car we are talking about. The pictures can be flawless and the operation of the car is nothing to write home about. Before coming over to inspect the car, buyers want to have an idea of the car’s functionality. They want to know details about the engine performance, mileage, fuel economy etc. Putting these details out from the onset tells buyers that you are honest.

Some interested buyers may contact you to get more information about the car. You cannot give what you do not have. Telling them that you do not know answers to question they asked is a red flag. Learn about all details of the car and be ready to give information when asked for.

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3. Doing too much repair

Do not make the grievous mistake of putting a badly damaged car up for sale. Even if you end up fooling the buyer into buying it, they will come back for you. However, you should not spend more than necessary in fixing it.

The rule is, make a list of the major things that need to be fixed. Work with your list to ensure that you stay on a budget. The reason for this is when buying used cars, buyers try to get the best deal. They will price it to the very least. If you have already spent so much on fixing the car, you are most likely not going to make profit from the sale.

4. Not having maintenance records

It is an open secret that used cars put up for sale have one problem or the other. Now, it is up to you to show the buyer that the problems are not too much. Doing this with words will not hold water. Of course, you have to say good things about the car in order to sell it immediately. Buyers want to see concrete evidence of the car’s condition. The best evidence you can show them is the maintenance record. They get to see the number of times the car was taken for repair and what it was repaired for.

A good maintenance record strengthens your bargaining power as you have evidence that the car you are selling has good value. When a maintenance record is absent, buyers feel that they are taking a risk, hence, they will price it very low in order to minimize their loss if their suspicion turn out to be correct.


Showing your car maintenance record can gain trust from buyers

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5. Being ignorant of the car’s resale value

Every car has a resale value. This depends on the general market value of the car and its condition. Not having an idea of these things could make you either under price or over price your car.

To be on top of the situation, carryout research to get the general market value of the car. This will give you an idea of what price to peg yours at. If you have a maintenance record, measure the condition of your car. Is it badly damaged? Will the buyer need to carry out major repairs? If the buyer will not spend much money on fixing the car after purchase, selling it at a high price is justifiable.

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Chris Odogwu
Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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