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Selling a car online in Nigeria is probably the fastest way to let go of your vehicle. However, are you sure you sell it the right way? See our checklist!

So you want to sell your car for reasons best known to you. And you want to do it online too. Great. Best decision. Now, all you need is a checklist for selling a car online in Nigeria. To get that, you have come to the right place. Selling your car online can be one of the best and comfortable experiences you can have, provided that you do it the right way.

In this article, we will provide you with all the tips needed for selling your car online. Without wasting much time, let’s begin! 


A checklist is a great way to start anything!

1. Getting all your car paperwork 

In Nigeria, and pretty much everywhere, documents to your car matter a lot when selling a car online. Without it, the buyer will assume that you stole the car.  Even if your car is junk, you can sell it but you do need those papers. Therefore, the first step you need to take to sell a car online is to gather all the documents or paperwork of the vehicle.

In Nigeria, the documents you are expected to include are:

  • Original Vehicle license
  • Original copy of the CMR (Computerized Motor Registration)
  • Original and stamped custom document
  • Current car insurance (if any)
  • Court Affidavit
  • The initial plate number allocation
  • Proof of ownership document
  • Police report that contains VIN or chassis number, plate number, engine number, and proof that the car is yours.
  • Also, the original roadworthiness certificate.

Ensure that all the documents carry the correct name, which is yours. 


If it's not yours, you can't sell it! Prove it's yours!

2. Make any necessary repairs

For some people, they don’t bother to repair their car before selling because they feel repairing it will cost additional money, but that’s wrong. You can gain more value of money with a vehicle that is faultless. Moreover, if the car has an issue, it won’t gain bidders or buyers. 

Something like a cracked windshield can be fixed or replaced and may not cost so much.

If you still insist that you don’t want to repair some damaged parts of the car, then it will be fair if you speculate or mention this in your listing. If people are interested in the car, they will still buy the car despite the fault. 

3. Take the car for a wash

If you are the type of car user who barely takes their car to the car wash station then be prepared to do so. You must know that this will be different from the usual washing that you do. This will ensure that the car is given an aggressive washing.

Even if you are to do it yourself, ensure you wash it in the right way. Aside from cleaning the inside and outside of the car, target specific places in the interior of the vehicle. Places like the dashboard, AC, under the car, cup holder, or any areas that car easily harbour dust.

Remember to use a car vacuum and a proper car cleaning cleanser that won’t strip your car of its original colour. 


A good wash can improve your vehicle's appearance

4. Taking well-detailed pictures

Since you are selling your car online, your buyers will depend on the pictures you post online to judge the state of the vehicle.

Therefore your key to attracting bidders or potential buyers is to take excellent photos of your car. Avoid taking blurry or dark pictures; instead, make efforts to take clear and bright ones that can easily give out information.

You are expected to take more than one picture so that a buyer can understand what they are putting or spending their money on. Don’t just snap only the exterior of your car; the interior should be covered to give more information, too.

5. Do good market research on the price of your vehicle

Don’t assume you know the price or worth of your car or even give it a specific price off the top of your head. Every year and month, the prices of vehicles change according to the economy of the country.

Aside from this, you should also know that the state of the car, year, model, years of usage, and brand of the vehicle also contribute to the price.

The best way to get the right price for your car is to conduct market research on it. You can visit different online car sites such as Naijauto's car price section to see the cost of the vehicles that share similarities to yours.  

Another alternative to verify the price is to do offline research too. You can tell friends and family members that you want to sell the car and observe the price they give to you. You can also drive your vehicle to any outlet and listen to the price they give too.

Another best shot is to call a trusted mechanic who can provide you with the value of the car. Since it’s their job, a good mechanic can easily judge the price or value of a vehicle from its state. 

6. Find a good online car site

A reputable trusted online car site can contribute to maximum exposure, bidders, and even bring in many potential buyers. Thus, it is easier for you to sell your car quickly through an online car site than doing it by yourself.

Some online car sites do free listings for sellers; some collect a specific amount for listing, while others collect a certain percentage of commission when the car is sold.

When looking for a reputable online car site you should look out for qualities like good reviews from their previous customers, how long they have been in business, their policy for car sellers, requirements for listing, and the number of people that visit their site daily.

In Nigeria, there are reputable sites like Naijauto, Carxus, Cars45, Autochek, Jiji, Carmart, and Carmudi, also known as Jumia Car

Naijauto is one of Nigeria's most popular and credible online car sites

7. Make an excellent listing or description

Aside from pictures, your car description can also bring in numerous potential buyers, provided that you properly do it. In the listing, provide information about:

  • Year of the vehicle
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Mileage
  • Price of the car.
  • Engine size
  • Location of where you are selling from
  • Drive type
  • Transmission type

Other essential descriptions you should specify are:

  • Car condition
  • How good it is on the highway and its fuel economy
  • If the vehicle is insured or not
  • If the car was used by a single person or by a family
  • How reliable it is
  • Any faults or missing items in the car
  • And in some cases, why you want to sell it.

Remember, you should never lie in your listing or description. It will pay off if you are as transparent as possible.


Good listings make for a speedy car sale

This video will give you more tips on car selling online:

How to Sell Your Car Online Fast!


Finally, you should provide your contact information and be available for inspection or test drive. Having observed this checklist for selling a car online in Nigeria, you are bound to get a buyer quickly.

Importantly, don’t forget to remove your car plate number before the buyer takes the car.

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