4 easy ways to sell your used car very fast in Nigeria


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Selling your used car can be stressful in Nigeria because we have a lot of car dealers here and there. But there are sure ways to get it done fast. See more here!

Reselling your car can be a very long process just because we have a lot of car dealers all over Nigeria. Some potential buyers come to you and they just disappear because they feel they are not getting the best deal from buying a used car with you. 

Nigerians that buy used cars are always very sensitive to the smallest things so they take everything negative as a sign to not buy the car. There are ways to make used cars you want to sell very attractive to car buyers. This helps a potential buyer develop a connection with the car even before they pay for it and that's what you would be learning today. 

How to make used cars attractive! 

1. Polished and sweet-smelling interior


There is no way I can be attracted to this car!

My friend was trying to sell a locally used 2010 C300 Mercedes-Benz but the interior was dusty and it pissed a potential buyer off. Once potential buyers open up your car door, they want to get that sweet-smelling and shining interior feel if not, they start noticing everything wrong with the interior when compared to a brand new car.


Clean and wax that car today!

A shining car interior appeals to the mind of the buyer in many ways. The car buyer knows that your car is not brand new and it is only natural for it to have scratches here and there but you see, that shine and sweet smell make it desirable at that point of inspection. They start to imagine themselves in the car, nobody creates a driving imagination in a dirty car. 

You should take the car to an interior detailer at car wash stations around you, tell the detailer to wax the interior, and polish it to the finest level. This is a sure banker way to sell your used car in Nigeria.

2. Blacked out tires 

Black looking tires give your potential buyers the feeling that the car hasn't been used on rough terrain, meaning it's a good car to buy. There are ways to achieve an all-black tire and one is by washing with a sugar solution or using black spray on the four tires. 


See how the car is glowing with its black tires 

Trust me, nobody goes to a car tire and checks for the expiry date but once the tire is looking very rough it becomes a hindrance in the church mind of the potential buyer.

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3. Clean engine

This is like the most important thing to take care of when reselling a car. It is not enough that your car starts at once, it must also look very neat and unstressed.


See for yourself, the clean side is the part that attracts you

How do you explain to your potential buyer that the engine is in good shape when there is sand/mud all over the engine block? It doesn't make any sense talking too much. Just take the car for a water jet steam wash at a car wash around you for less than ₦2000 naira only.  

4. Put the manual on the seats 


Presence of car owner's manual weirdly a good selling point

If your car still has a user manual, it's best to place it on the dashboard or on one of the seats because once the customer sights it, he/she would be so eager to read through it as a new car owner. It is all in the mind of the buyer as long as the car is running well. 

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Always make sure you know how to avoid mistakes when selling your used car in Nigeria so that your hard work won't go all to waste. You don't have to thank me for these tips, it's what I enjoy doing. All these small activities above would make your car a potential buyer's magnet, trust me. 

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