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Anybody can buy anything, no special skill is required for that but you see the opposite, selling? That requires a lot of marketing skill. Selling a product is an art on its own. The hardest part of selling is when you try to sell something that a lot of other people are selling. A perfect example of that would be the sale of cars in Nigeria.

Taking Lagos State as a case study, there are proper car dealerships in almost every area of Lagos. There are also a lot of people who just sell cars as a side hustle, which makes car sale in Nigeria Lagos very difficult. When Nigerians go to live abroad especially in the developed countries, they buy cars and send them to their friends and family in Nigeria to sell and convert to cash.

This means there is a lot of competition in this car selling industry in Nigeria.

This article you are reading is a testimony to how I was able to hack the car sales industry in Nigeria. A testimony on how I am now able to sell any used car from the comfort of my home in just a few days plus a couple of basic skills and the help of a site to sell cars in Nigeria. However, before I tell you these tips on how to sell cars in Nigeria which I now call secrets, you should hear my story on the journey to a car sales expert. 

Why Selling Cars in Nigeria is Hard

1. Everyone sells cars

Like I said before, every Tom Dick and Harry now sells cars in Nigeria, which makes it hard for prospective car buyers to keep finding you as the best option when they want to buy cars.


There are cars gathered for sale all over the country

There is no basis for customers to have only one person they buy from because everyone is always looking for the best deal.

2. The Value of the Naira keeps Fluctuating

Most cars we use in Nigeria come in from the USA or Europe and because the Naira keeps dropping when compared to other currencies like Dollar and Pounds, the prices of cars keep increasing. There is always an increase in the worth of a car even when the prospective Nigerian car buyers are not making more money.

Daily, it gets impossible for the average person to buy even a Nigerian-used car.

3. People are scared to buy

When Nigerians hear that a car has been used in Nigeria and up for sale, the first thing that comes to mind is fear of buying. This is because a lot of used car sellers in Nigeria are always very dishonest about the state of cars they are selling just to get buyers on their tail.

You see a used car on sale with a ‘no accident’ title but when you search for the VIN number on VIN checking websites to see the car history, you find out it has a salvage title. Also, people are scared to buy a car that would require a lot of repairs after purchase.


Some scam car sellers actually change the mileage on cars 

Thinking about this, 80 % of the cars in Nigeria are Tokunbo cars for sale. Tokunbo means the car has been used in a developed country but nobody fears to buy them for one reason. The car is coming from a place where there are the best roads & automobile technicians. If only Nigeria had that reputation, if only Nigeria running the future of our cars was no longer a thing, then we would be able to easily sell cars.

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4. My secret tips for selling cars in Nigeria

Do you want to sell that Honda Accord that you have been keeping for years? then listen attentively. I used to be like every other car seller, I buy cars from abroad then park them in my lot expecting to get customers to notice my 'sales of tokunbo cars in Nigeria' business as they drive by. Some years later, I started joining Whatsapp groups for car dealers but I noticed one heavy flaw.


Just having cars in your lot is never enough 

Fellow car sellers or affiliate car marketers would always add thousands of Naira to your selling price even after you have promised them a certain percentage as commission. Car buyers always have an idea of the market price of a car and they just won’t buy from someone who has added thousands of naira to that price.

People also used to bring their Nigerian used cars to my car lot to be parked and displayed for sale. Potential buyers would come and inspect but only for me to find out that they bought from people that even have no fancy car lot.

I even tried some sites to sell cars in Nigeria but it was like my listing never got noticed by anybody.

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These couples are smiling because they just found a buyer for their car 

I was tired and frustrated about this car sales business till I started hearing about the leading car sales platform in Nigeria, and all its benefits.

We are now in the digital age where people are cashing out just via their mobile phones and computers and all this is possible because of the almighty Internet. Everyone now has a smartphone and with an affordable amount of money, everyone can be connected to the internet.

80% of car buyers today search for car tips, advice and reviews from the Internet which makes it easy for them to decide on which car to buy from the comfort of their mobile devices. is a platform that has all the car tips, car news, car advice and car reviews carefully written out by automobile experts. To cap it all, has a car sales platform where a lot of Nigerian-used and Foreign-used cars are listed for sale.


What the Naijauto interface looks like

I know there are a handful of websites where there are cars in Nigeria for sale listed but I would tell you the story of why I stuck with Naijauto.

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Why Naijauto is the best car sales platform in Nigeria?

1. Car content and articles for Nigerians that you can’t get elsewhere is the most visited automobile website in Nigeria. This is because of how rich it is in automotive content that relates perfectly to the Nigerian automobile industry. From best cars in Nigeria for sale to review of cars in Nigeria for sale, car tips & advice and automobile-related news.

This is what makes the website gets a lot of daily visitors and this just means your car listed on the website will easily be found by a prospective buyer.

2. Listing is not free but simple

Unlike other car sales platform, listing your car for sale on the Naijauto platform is very easy to use and not free. Yes, not free and this is why is the best. I know you have a lot of questions at this point

There are three listing packages for anyone that wants to sell a car on the website. There are three listing plans that allow your car listing to be quickly seen by prospective buyers. These packages range from ₦2,500 to ₦25,000 and are divided between individual packages and business packages for standard Nigerian car dealers.


Packages for listing cars on

Personally, I always use advertisement packages because I believe in using money to make more money. Paying a few thousands of Naira to make multiple thousands of Naira is definitely a good investment especially for people like me because car sale in Nigeria, Lagos can be hard. has packages that allow you to   know when prospective buyers clicked your ad to check your listing. This way, you as a seller can know how well your listing is attracting buyers. This just makes you know that people are seeing your ad and maybe you just need to offer a better price to sell quickly.

This is why I always feel happy when selling my cars on with the listing packages I just described above.

3. Their customer service is perfect, from my research, is the only car sales platform in Nigeria that has an ever-supportive customer care service system. Naijauto management makes it an ultimate point of duty to make sure that every seller on the platform enjoys the maximum benefit of their sales platform.


Here is what some customers feel about the platform 

Once you send a mail, they reply almost immediately and they guide you through the process of selling your car quickly.

I know you want to learn how to list your car on The truth is that their website will immediately guide you through the steps but learning it here won't be a bad idea too. 

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How to list a car on

All you have to do is in the 7 steps below:


Selling a car on Naijauto starts from here 

  1. Sign up with your phone number and e-mail address
  2. Enter your OTP code to confirm your registration
  3. Input the details of the car you want to sell
  4. Upload pictures of the car you have for sale
  5. Choose the listing package you want to purchase
  6. Pay for your preferred listing package
  7. Prepare to meet with prospective buyers

Selling cars in Nigeria doesn’t get simpler than it is with




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