Sedan vs SUV comparison: which suits you better?


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Are you looking to make a buying decision between the SUV and sedan but is having difficulty on which to opt for? We've compared these two types of cars here on this post. Check them out!

A sedan or an SUV, which is your choice?

With different car body styles out there, it’s becoming difficult to make a decision on which type of car to go for. When it comes to the sedan and SUV, their features, advantages, and disadvantages make it even more complex to make a choice between both.

Some car enthusiasts may opt for an SUV owing to its boxy look and dominant suspension. Sedan, on its own part, attracts others due to its sporty appearance and fuel efficiency. When you place both cars by the side and spot out their difference, it will help you make an informed decision on which car to go for.

As always, Naijauto will be carrying out some comparison between the two types of vehicles - the difference between the sedan and SUV.

When it comes to choosing between the sedan and SUV, or even a car to buy, ones likes and dislikes comes into play. But when you get to know the difference between these two cars, such as their height, fuel efficiency, seating capacity, power or price, it will help you get the ideal car.

1. Sedan vs SUV Fuel efficiency

The Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) burns more fuel than the sedan. The reason being that the SUV is a large vehicle. The sedan is a smaller car and fuel consumption is low. So, if you're looking to buy a car with great gas mileage, the sedan will be a great deal.

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A sedan has a better fuel efficiency than an SUV vehicle if you are considering fuel mileage

2. Sedan vs SUV Storage & Seating capacity

There's no gainsaying about this, it’s evident that SUV vehicles are bigger in size than sedans. The Sport Utility Vehicle has more seating capacity and can comfortably seat 6-7 persons while the sedan accommodates 4-5 passengers. For the sedan, its seating capacity is one of the snags that it's associated with when comparing it with an SUV.

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3. Sedan vs SUV Suspensions

SUV vehicles are equipped with high-riding suspension. This is to enable it to bear the weight of heavy loads more easily. The sedan, on the other hand, comes with a lighter suspension. The SUV has a stronger suspension set up than the sedan.


The SUV has a stronger suspension set up than the sedan

4. Sedan vs SUV Maintenance

Due to the large size of an SUV, the maintenance cost is much higher than the sedan. The high maintenance cost which SUVs have are because they wear and tear more while running on bumpy roads. Perhaps, the route you ply has bumps and is rough, you might consider going for the SUV.

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As you shop around for a new car, take these differences along with you to help you choose the right car.

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Jane Osuagwu

Jane Osuagwu

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