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Make sure you follow these rules when buying cars at Naijauto for safe and happy transaction!

It is a well-known and proven fact that buying cars online in Nigeria with Naijauto comes with ease and comfort. You don't have to take permission from work, you don't have to leave your family, you don't even have to spend unnecessary travel expenses, you simply stay within the confines of your home, office or whichever comfortable location, and transact with thousands of car dealers across Nigeria.

There are a lot of car listers selling new and used cars in Nigeria you can rely on at Naijauto. However, one can never be too safe, safety precautions are always very important. We don't just encourage you to buy cars online; we care about your safety too. Remember NAIJAUTO DO NOT SELL CARS DIRECTLY, so when dealing with any seller, make sure you comply with the following rules:

Rule #1: Never make payments in advance

Requesting for a sum of money as down payment or for transport fee and going off with it is a VERY POPULAR scam in online sales, especially online car sales in Nigeria. Therefore when buying a car online, whether it's full payment or part payment, whether it's for the car or for delivery fee, whether it's little or not, ensure you DO NOT pay money in advance, until you have met with the seller and you have secured the deal.

Rule #2: Always meet with the seller in person

This is actually a very important step when you want to buy or sell vehicles online. Moreover, always schedule meet ups at safe and public places like public parks, restaurants, religious centres, etc. That way, the dealer would have to be in their best behavior as people are around and watching. For safety sake, private houses or hotels or indoors are never an option.

Rule #3: Check everything thoroughly

You might be attracted enough by the pictures and information the seller put up online about the car you are buying, however, it is important that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly, and check all the documents before you part with your money. The deal closes once you have paid for the automobile, so it is advisable that before you make the payment, make sure that the car is exactly what you want, and has all the necessary documents.

Rule #4: Report to us

At Naijauto, we care about the safety of our customers. So ensure to report to us immediately, if you notice any form of abnormality or irregularity in your transactions with a seller, we would address it urgently.



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Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

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Hassana Obi is an automobile writer and editor at She prides herself on hundreds of informative and entertaining articles on Nigerian traffic regulations, car prices and celebrity car collections. When Hassana is not writing, she is a teacher and philanthropist.

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