5 sure-fire ways to remodel your car for higher resale value!


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A car loses its appeal overtime. Whether you want to sell it or keep it, it's important to bring it back to life via remodeling. This will not only to increase the driving comfort but also boost the car's resale value in case you're going to sell it!

Are you bored with your car? Do you want to sell it? Or do you just want to spice things up a little? Whichever the case may be, remodeling is the way to go. If selling it is your concern, you need to ensure that it is in a condition that would command a high buying price. Buyers like to know that they are paying good money for a car that is worth it. If you still want to keep using it, it always helps to be in tune with some of the latest gadgets and appliances as it tells a lot about your personality.

Many people shy away from remodeling cars because of the high cost. Well, you do not have to spend a fortune on it. In managing your budget, you can source for items within your reach, and still have a car that looks almost brand new. As always, Naijauto has got you covered.

1. Change seat covers

Seats are the very first items that catch your attention the moment you step into a car. When your seats are torn or worn out, they take away the beauty of your car. The first things you should work on are the seats. Understandably, replacing the entire seats will be costly; instead, you should consider replacing only the seat covers.


New covers give your seats a brand new look

Colors are very important in choosing the perfect seat covers. You do not want colors that contradict the background interior color. Go for ones that blend well into it. Not so good at combining colors? Google is your friend, use it.

When you are done replacing the covers, your seats will look brand new.

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2. Change steering cover

The steering is very conspicuous. Passengers see it immediately they enter your car. As a driver, your hands are always on it. So, having it old and worn out does not feel good.

Get a steering cover made of a fancy and durable material – the kind that exudes class. You can up the ante by adding a steering knob – it is a common feature among the cool kids nowadays. This is very handy if you like to drive with just one hand. Walk into any car stores and pick your choice.

3. Upgrade technology tools

All cars have basic tools. But one thing that sets some cars apart from others is the technology type. Technology takes driving from an ordinarily boring activity to an entertaining one. With highly entertaining features, the longest rides seem so short because you will be engaged throughout the journey.

There are several tech gadgets to choose from in remodeling your car. What you go for should depend on your budget. In trying to save money, you can go for features that are not over the edge. For example, heads-up displays can make navigation behind the wheels easier. You do not have to strain your neck. You simply look at the windshield to see areas that are ordinarily out of sight.


Your car looks so cool with a head-up display

Although this technology is only available in newer cars, installed by the automakers, there is provision for you to buy it as a single item from an auto shop and install it in your car.

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4. Repaint the exterior

The exterior of a car says a lot about it. And that is because it is what the general public sees. Not many people will get the privilege of ever stepping into your car, but the whole world can see the exterior. If you care about creating good impressions, then you should consider having your car repainted while remodeling it.


Have the painting done by a professional for a great job

A good paint job could make your car look like you just drove it out of the dealership brand new. It even gets better as you have the power to choose just exactly how you want it to look. Unlike brand new cars with follow-come colors, you get to choose the colors you want while repainting. You can let your personality shine through here. Are you a creative? Let the world see it by playing with different colors. Perhaps you fancy a certain color, what stops you from having it done?

To get a perfect job, do not attempt to do the painting yourself. Take it to the car shop, and instruct them on exactly what you want. Ensure that they use a very good paint. You do not want the paint peeling off shortly after it is done.

5. Upgrade your wheels

When you walk into a place, after seeing your face, people’s eyes naturally gravitate toward your shoes. Same applies to cars. People move their eyes down to the wheels as you pull over. Do something different from what you are used to.

You can go all out by having larger wheels installed. But this will require you to also change the bumper to avoid friction with the car’s surface.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, new tires enhance car balance and performance. You will find yourself enjoying your ride more than you used to.

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Chris Odogwu
Chris Odogwu

Chris Odogwu

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