7 reasons you should buy a car from Innoson Motors


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The domestic name has been gaining a greater reputation with the value it puts into every Innoson car. Here are 7 reasons you should buy a car from Innoson Motors.

Ok, there was recently a lot of buzz about the young Nigerian graphic designer, Osuolale Farouq, who made a better design of the Innoson motors logo and was invited by its CEO Innocent Chukwuma for a discussion.

You probably know that because it was all over Twitter, let us be sincere. So, apart from that, what do you know about Innoson Motors? Obviously they produce cars, please do not even say that! Anyways, that is why you are here; Let me fill you in on some details.


Innoson Motors is the Nigerian pride

Innoson is the first wholly indigenous automobile company in Nigeria. It was founded in 2007 by Innocent Chukwuma, a foremost industrialist and business mogul. Chief Innocent has a vision of putting Nigeria on the map for the production of solid and quality automobiles.

To a large extent, he has been successful.

Apart from the Federal Government and several other companies that have been partnering with them and buying vehicles from them, they are also attracting attention from several neighboring countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cote d'Ivoire, and others.

As a Nigerian, you are most likely thinking of owning a car or changing the one you have very soon. Well, I am here to give you 7 reasons why you should buy a car from Innoson Motors.

1. You get brand new cars at the best prices

Come, let us talk to ourselves. In Nigeria, only a very small percentage of us can afford brand new 2019 models or even 2015, or even 2014! Take the Toyota Camry for instance, which is one of the most common models in Nigeria, the 2019 model ranges from $20,000 – $25,000 for a brand new one! That should be about ₦7 million – ₦9 million.

Now that is a very large sum for most people and families. As a result, most people would settle for the second hand or Tokunbo cars that we very well know. For the Camry, the more popular models are the Toyota 2008 model, the used car price is somewhere around 2-3 million nairas, depending on how neat it is and where you buy from. A 2015 model of the Toyota Camry would be somewhere between ₦5 and ₦7 million.


Made by Nigeria for Nigeria, the Innoson cars are offered at affordable prices

Chill o!

Let us analyze this thing.

The Innoson UMU is a sedan too. A brand new one would be between ₦3 million and ₦4 million.

I think this is very clear. You can be a brand new car owner, spending less by buying an Innoson vehicle, instead of joining the Tokunbo club, driving ancient, outdated models that the world has left behind!

2. Innoson vehicles are made for Nigerian conditions

Many of these imported cars are not made for our environment. The Toyota Camry is made in the US. It was made with US specifications and suited to meet the needs of the people there. While they pay some attention to the global car standards, it is still more suited for their environment.

But these Innoson cars, are our cars! They were made here, with a preference for our environment. There is no doubt that they would perform well. For instance, these cars have specially reinforced shock absorbers. Of course, they know what is going on with our roads. How many potholes and rivers you have to cross on your way to work and back every day.


Innoson Motors offers a wide range of body type options

Again, talk about the unparalleled fuel efficiency of Innoson vehicles. They know that in Nigeria you would get caught in terrible traffic regularly; they have provided cars with high output, but low fuel consumption so you can spend less. These are just two of the very many adaptations to our environment.

Innoson is the way!

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3. You get access to auto finance

Through Sterling bank, Innoson has made car purchases very easy. You would have to register with the bank and once approved, you would be able to pay over 3 years.


More and more Innoson cars have been running on the roads of Nigeria

Yes... 3 years! You just need to make a down payment of 25% of the total price, depending on the type of vehicle that you choose.

No hidden charges or burdensome interest rates; everything is clearly spelled out.

I mean, what else do you want?

4. You have diverse options to choose from

Whether you are looking for a hatchback, a sedan or pickup or even buses, Innoson is capable. Technically, their cars have awesome specs that would compete with other brands in their categories. All that talk about Nigerian products not matching the specifications of other foreign brands is non-existent with Innoson! You get the same and even more because these cars are more suited to our environment as discussed earlier.

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5. You are offered a 3-year warranty

This does not need too much explanation. 3-year warranty on the engine, axle, and gear; they are that sure of their products. You do not get this when you go to buy any ‘Tokunbo’ vehicle. When you also consider the fact that some of these used cars have some inherent faults, my dear reader, you should just pick Innoson and forget the rest; save yourself the stress of fighting your mechanic and car dealer because the gear or one engine part is faulty.

Just buy Innoson. Honestly!


A long warranty is one of the upsides of buying an Innoson car

6. Easy access to original spare parts, maintenance and repair services

In case you have to buy any spare part for any Innoson vehicle, it is as easy as you entering any of their stores to obtain it. You get to enjoy easy accessibility and you are sure that those parts are original. When you want to service or repair your vehicle, it is also very easy. The cars were made here and it would not be a big deal to get it to one of their service centers. You get to enjoy what Americans enjoy when their Toyota Camry has a fault - Ease!


Ease of maintenance as you don't have to depend on spare parts abroad

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7. You are building the nation

Look, apart from saving for yourself, you are empowering our local industry when you do that. You are keeping our money within our borders and strengthening our own products. You are being patriotic! At least, you have invested in the economy too!

Video: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Innoson Motors

In conclusion, if we have more of Innoson motors, we can start building more cars; our mechanical engineering students can start practicing what they do in class. We can have more jobs; we can build our nation. But it starts with the first step – Buy an Innoson vehicle today!

With these few words of mine, I believe I have been able to convince with these 7 reasons you should buy a car from Innoson Motors!

Thank you!

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Testimony Olajire

Testimony Olajire


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