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Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Generally speaking, most people would prefer the four-wheel steering system over the two-wheel in terms of handling and performance. Click here to see why!

More often than not, many people do not really understand the difference between the “four-wheel driving system” and “four-wheel steering system”. That doesn’t make you a bad driver. We keep updating ourselves every day to be a better and smarter car owner. Regardless, without beating too much around the bush, the four-wheel steering system permits the driver to steer the rear and front wheels to different directions. The simple distinction between the four wheel drive system and the four-wheel steering system is that; in four wheel drive system, the entire four-wheels are getting power from the engine while in four-wheel steering system, the driver can effective turn all wheels by using the steering wheel.

This article is primarily focused on the four-wheel steering system in your car. We understand that there are benefits you could enjoy from it and at the same time, challenges. Here on Naijauto are the pros and cons of four-wheel steering system in Nigeria.

1. Benefits of four-wheel steering system

  • Stability

You definitely would not love driving an unstable car. A four-wheel makes you enjoy a very satisfying and smooth driving experience. This is possible through easy control of your vehicle, most especially when you are attempting to drive under a heavy downpour or make a turn around the corner. Regardless of strong wind or potholes, your car with this steering system will maintain much needed stability on the road.


In a four-wheel steering system, you will effortlessly control all the wheels with the steering 

  • Smooth steering

Imagine the frustration if the steering wheel in your car doesn’t respond instantly when you are trying to make a turn. One of the benefits of owing a four-wheel steering system over two-wheel steering system is the sharp and quick response of the steering whenever you put it into action. It gives you much needed precision and comfortable driving experience.

  • Faster lane change

Nothing gets a driver more excited than a car that can switch lane effortlessly. When you have a four-wheel steering system in your car, driving and passing people on the interstate becomes so easy.

  • Terrain performance

We are quite sure this point would excite many potential car buyers in Nigeria. We all know the condition of most roads. Four-wheel steering system might be the answer you are looking for. No matter how tough the terrain can be, a four-wheel steering system will handle it effectively for you. The chance of getting stuck in any the tough terrains you might have found yourself in is very minimal.

  • Smaller turns

Since the rear wheels can turn in different direction in a four-wheel steering system, it is much easier to make a small turn. When you see a four-steering system trying to maneuver its way around corners, you shouldn’t panic much. It is built to do that.

Active Rear Steering - 4 Wheel Steering Explained

2. Drawbacks of four-wheel steering system

  • Malfunctioning

Because of the existence of many electronic components in a four-wheel drive system, there is possibility of higher risk of malfunctioning. When one part decides to malfunction, it will affect the whole system. Consequently, you will need to perform more maintenance and repair jobs on this kind of steering system. Having this problem might put you at more risk on the road and also incur more financial debt on you.

  • High cost

You do not need to be told that a four-wheel steering system is more than likely to cost more than a two-wheel steering system. You have to put into consideration manufacture time and the number of parts used to develop it. Its complexities make it pricey over the regular two-steering system.


Cars with four-wheel steering system might be expensive but very effective on any kind of terrain

Quite frankly, going for four-wheel steering system is a very smart idea. You wouldn’t have to worry much about how the potholes and other stuffs on the roads could damage your vehicle.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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