What are the pros and cons of diesel engine?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Although there are set backs with using a diesel engine car. However, it edges gasoline engine in terms of performance and fuel economy. Click here for more!

Taking a close look at most cars that ply various roads across the country, you would be lucky to see many vehicles being powered by diesel. This will tell you how common gasoline cars are on the roads. So, you cannot even attempt to fill in diesel into cars that are meant to be powered by gasoline. Despite the fact that price of diesel gas is relatively high yet it seems a wise plan when it comes to saving money. There are still some people who are crazy about cars having diesels engines. Without putting too much attention to the price of diesel engine, here on Naijauto are the pros and cons of using a diesel engine.

1. Advantages of using diesel engine

  • Fuel efficiency

Despite the high price of diesel, it seems a smart idea to go for diesel engine since you will get optimal value for what you are buying. Diesel engine has an edge of 20-30% fuel efficiency rate over regular gasoline engine. You don’t need to fill your tank always as you do with conventional cars. When you get to most filling stations, you would only see 1 or 2 pumps for diesel gas.

  • Longevity

Diesel engines are poised to last longer. If you are this type of person who likes getting full value for the type of car you are purchasing, you might want to take a look at diesel engine. With a diesel engine, it is very possible you get an excess of 250 miles before thinking of getting new car.

Why Do Diesel Engines Last So Long?

  • Towing capability

Diesel is often associated with power. That is why you would see many trucks out there running on diesel. They have more power under the hood and are very likely to outwit their gasoline counterparts in performance.

Now, before you jet out to buy a diesel engine car, you should know that there are just few cars using diesel except you are interested in buying SUV or pickup truck. Your options in smaller cars might be limited in the market. This means it’s not all bed of roses for diesel engines. Here are the cons of using diesel engines

2. Disadvantages of using diesel engine

  • Higher gas price

Although you will definitely get your money worth from the gas mileage, but it is worthy of mentioning that you might hesitate a bit when you approach a filling station to get your tank filled up. This is due to the high cost of diesel per gallon.


Modern cars with diesel engine are mostly expensive due to their high performance

  • Loud noise

One thing that might piss you off about diesel engine is loud noise, though not very loud per say, but in comparison to gasoline engine, diesel engines are loud. When you hear high pitch sound on the highway, you might want to look around you for any diesel engine. The good news here is that many automakers are improving everyday on ensuring quiet diesel engine. There some diesel engine cars that are just as quiet as gasoline but costlier. Nevertheless, diesel engines have that reputation especially in heavy truck or older model.


Except you are rooting for pickup truck or SUV, your options for diesel engine cars might be limited

  • Higher emission

If you are an advocate of environmental sustainability, it would look so weird seeing you drive diesel engine car. The carbon footprint in diesel engine is relatively high due to spitting out of soot and contributing to smog. The only positive you can take from this is, they burn less gas and release less CO2. You might want to have a rethink if you are looking for eco-friendly car.

If you do not mind the few setbacks with diesel engines, you should go for one and save yourself bucks every month.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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