Should you buy SUV in Nigeria? Pros and cons of buying an SUV


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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People that drive SUVs in Nigeria are often seen as the wealthy and the powerful people in the society, but if you can afford, should you buy one? Check out the pros and cons of buying SUV in Nigeria!

There is an ambience of affluence around people that drive or own SUVs in Nigeria. Not just because of the road condition or other difficult terrains, the appearance of SUV speaks power, status, wealth and as many would say, intimidation. Despite all these, there are things you need to know before thinking of buying SUV. Several debates have arose overtime on whether buying a SUV is a smart idea or other way round. By helping you to make that smart decision, here are the pros and cons of buying SUV in Nigeria on Naijauto.

1. Buying an SUV in Nigeria: what's the advantages?

1.1. Comfortable interior space

One edge SUV has over most non-SUVs is in the area of interior space. SUV will comfortably and effectively meet your family needs with a sufficient interior space and extra space for storage. Buying an average-size sedan might not be a smart idea considering the size of your family especially in terms of storage capacity. When you find the need to travel with large equipment while retaining the feel of a family car, SUVs seem the right choice.


If you are looking for space and elegance, look no further!

1.2. Remarkable stability and safety

Since SUVs are wider and set on higher wheels than regular cars, it is definitely not out of order to feel safer in it. That doesn’t mean they are immune to rollover during high speed accident, but its stability on roads and the ability to move better on poor road condition in the country makes it a better choice. The slight challenge here is that drivers might need to put in more efforts by knowing how to drive SUVs properly and effectively.

1.3. Maneuverability

One of the biggest challenges facing car owners is driving under a heavy downpour. SUVs come handy in this situation. Because of its mostly four-wheel drive, slipping and skidding are highly prevented. Regardless of extremities in weather conditions, handling of SUV is much smoother.

2. Buying an SUV in Nigeria: What's the disadvantages?

2.1. Gas mileage

Though many automakers are coming up with newer SUVs with an improved gas mileage, but fuel economy isn’t really the best or attractive feature of SUV. Because of its weight, it requires lot of gas to move it. If you are driving SUV, you will have to pay extra bucks monthly to get your fuel tank filled. You can reduce fuel cost by going for those with considerably good gas mileage.


Because of its size in comparison to sedan, parking might be somehow difficult in a tight parking lot

2.2. Emission

When you compare SUVs with smaller cars, you would agree with us that SUVs produce more emissions. This also leads to increased exhaust fumes that might not be environmental friendly and a clear indicator of how much fuel it consumes. Ultimately, release of excess emissions into the air can lead to bigger carbon footprint. Don’t be surprised if your proposed SUV has come under serious attacks by environmentalists.

2.3. Versatility

Though it is often registered on people’s minds that SUVs promise more comfort and bigger storage space, but this varies on the make of SUV you are buying. Some of these SUVs do not have much a space you might be looking for, but they mostly have the capability to haul different trailers.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider an SUV - CARFAX

Remember, comfort is vital to every car owner or even the potential ones. Many people need to buy higher vehicles because of the presence of potholes on the roads. Alternatively, some, especially people with disability, are confronted with the challenges of accessing vehicles with higher seats. Shorter moms and dads can also face difficulty in getting a child bucked into an installed car seat in the back seat center. Either way, buying a SUV is definitely a good choice in Nigeria if you can afford one.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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