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Toyota Corolla is arguably the oldest Toyota model in Nigeria and it is ranked the best-selling Toyota product in the world alongside Toyota Camry. But other than these two models, there're a lot more Toyota cars favored by Nigerians. Check all of them here!

Nigeria’ automobile market is growing as new products keep flowing into the market. If you are on the hunt for a vehicle that is durable, affordable, fuel-efficient and specially built for the rigorous driving conditions in Nigeria, look no further. Toyota offers one of the best and most exciting feelings of driving a car in Nigeria. No one can undermine the presence and landmark Toyota products have made on Nigerian automobile market. The Toyota Corporation, Japanese owned company is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. Nigeria being the most populous black nation in the world with population over 180 million people, is the perfect market for Toyota products in Africa to thrive.

Nigerians are known to have insatiable thirst for vehicles of high efficiency and cost effectiveness; this Toyota offers. The Toyota brand was introduced into Nigeria in 1965, as at introduction, there was only one major distributor of Toyota cars. Over time, the Toyota brand has grown in Nigeria and is currently being assembled in Nigeria. Whether it is new or used Toyota vehicles, Nigerian car lovers have trusted and reserved special place in their hearts for Toyota products. The products come in varieties of shapes, engine performance, colour, interior designs and years of production with each product having its peculiar edge.

Below are the list of most popular Toyota cars in Nigeria, collected by!

1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla might just be the earliest Toyota product in Nigeria and it is rated the the hottest selling Toyota item in the world together with Toyota Camry. Toyota corolla has kept its exclusive status since the official Toyota vehicle used by lots of companies within Nigeria. A person sure possess a bet that the first recognized vehicle is going to be Toyota Corolla.


Corolla is the best-seller from this Japanese automaker

Toyota Corolla is one of the the majority of economical automobiles out there with regards to fuel usage. This is mainly because the engines are available in specs which range from 1.4L to 1.8L engines other than the sport variations which includes bigger motors. Nigeria continues to be faced with a good economy which gets to improve fuel cost to make finishes meet as well as generate sufficient money to operate the government. And Toyota Corolla collection do not lag behind in the area of comfort and beauty as it still provides good inside that avails comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy. It comes with smooth adjustable seats and back again space large enough for 3 passengers Corolla is the response to the challenge of the day to day company activities. Finally, it is also inexpensive.

2. Toyota Camry

If you are looking with regard to Toyota product or service that satisfies the needs from the rich and also middle income earners inside Nigeria, the actual Camry sequence offer design and performance. Toyota Camry gives structural amazement designs along with affordability with good preference in order to performance. Toyota Camry is a superb car. Toyota started creation of the very first generation line Camry throughout March 1982 at the Tsutsumi plant.

Specified the design code V10, when when you have S-series gas engines it had been known as the particular SV10, SV11, or SV12 depending on the precise version. It provides fuel-efficient, enthusiastic engines; this rides easily; and it grips well, which makes it more fun to push than numerous rivals. In addition , it appears great within, provides adequate room for travellers, and includes a lot of regular features, such as an user-friendly infotainment program.


Toyota Camry is one of the most sought after models in Nigeria

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3. Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is one of most used vehicles in Nigeria. It offers a great deal of options as well as performing numerous functions for each and every class and also for business within Nigeria. If you are after a Toyota merchandise that will be actually accessible and extremely useful for your organization, then Toyota Hilux is the ideal commercial motor vehicle you need to acquire. It complements every surface and just like other Toyota products, is quite fuel-efficient in addition to good motor performance.

Whether it be rainy period or dry season, Toyota Hilux can be a vehicle that you can rely on to get a smooth everyday operation. Having its built-in physique protection plus state-of-the-art bullbar, an integrated gathering plate in each Rugged Back button and a well-appointed interior honestly, that is more of a machine.

3. Toyota Highlander

Nigerians enjoy SUVs and even Toyota Highlander has taken almost all of the attention. If you are looking for an elegant toyota product that is gasoline efficient and stylish, then Toyota Highlander must be on your set of purchase of personal use or corporate purpose. The very Highlander could be the best-selling Toyota Sports Energy Vehicle inside Nigeria.

This can be a perfect auto for Nigerian roads. The main Highlander version of Toyota has been introduced throughout 2001, giving a feature laden and classy, large and highly effective, V6-powered engine with a good amount of addable alternatives and one well-appointed trim stage. It athletics and good-looking interior and also a long list connected with standard safety measures, its obtainable V6 power engine and often eight-seat factory built. For its blend of quality together with value, it provides comfort as well as quiet cruise. These attributes (previously optional) include adaptable cruise handle, lane passing away warning, side of the road keep aid, and forward collision alert with braking mechanism assist.


A quick look into Toyota Highlander interiors!

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4. Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna is often a mini-van that may be sturdy and offers varieties of convenience significantly for family and furthermore used by transfer companies around Nigeria. It is a regular auto on Nigerian road since its introduction back in the 1990s. It gives lot of home space plus it drives in all rims. Its energy resource efficiency and also good serp performance, makes it to be a viable car or truck for business in Nigeria. Toyota Sienna is probably not as unique as other Toyota products, but it is included with tons of safety measures and operater assistance. The actual Sienna XLE has further amenities, for instance heated entrance seats, programmed headlights, window blind spot tracking, and natural leather upholstery. The particular Limited design has each of the XLE options, plus a two-tone color plan, dual sunroofs, and a very beneficial power flip-style, split third-row seat.

5. Toyota Tundra

Toyota Tundra could be the truck of which speaks enchantement. Its beastie look is usually seductive in addition to being captivating. Actually, it comes at the price that is certainly high plus exclusive to big organizations. It is exotic and can be useful for business oriented purpose too. If you love major truck fact that registers their beauty in the hearts of folks, you need to look further.

Throughout Nigeria, men and women purchase this Tundra mostly intended for pleasure. the idea features classy interiors plus a handful of serps options including fuel useful to remarkably engine functionality. The Tundra features a 310-horsepower V8 bottom part engine. Some sort of 381-horsepower V8 is available. Like various other Toyota products, Toyota Tundra comes with lovely and effective safety engineering that will ensure a simple ride.

6. Toyota Sequoia

If you are a lover of massive affordable autos then you will enjoy this product of toyota. It is the upcoming popular Toyota SUV following your Highlander and even Prado. From the time it was presented into the market place, it has always been a common piece of engineering on Nigerian roads. Effective 5.7L V8 engine and it offers Multi-Mode 4WD system is tailored to run smoothly on Nigerian roads. Sequoia offers enough space to show large household to any public function. Moreover it comes with conventional safety features.

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7. Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma could be simply the most reasonably priced and low maintenance Toyota product all-around in Nigeria. Its gasoline consumption pace is very very low and it is a big rig and a personalized vehicle. TheTacoma provides typical pickup-truck versatility through multiple powertrains and human body configurations. In addition it boasts by far the most standard driver-assistance features in a car, which include automated urgent situation braking together with adaptive cruise trip control.  

Attractive as well as commendable inner surface feature involving incorporating touchscreen display screen infotainment in every single Tacoma. The very Entune technique works effectively and contains pleasing design. It is robust and strong enough to face up to the road issues in Nigeria. It is also sold with good protection technology. For anyone who is working with limited budget on acquiring some sort of Toyota products, Toyota Tacoma is your best choice.


Toyota products promise you more than your bargain for at incredible prices 

You are sure to see lot of these Toyota products on Nigerian roads and if you are interested in getting one of these powerful designs by Toyota, the information above should be sufficient to make the right decision.

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