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Crazy traffic and bad roads are very characteristic of Nigeria, so what are the perfect cars for Nigerian roads?

My Nigerian friends living in European countries tell me tales of how it is expected of them to be supernatural in the exhibition of strength just because of their black skin.

If you think about the conditions we live in, it's enough to assume we all are some super creatures without capes. Surviving without electricity in 2020 and how cars that were never designed by the manufacturer to go off-road survive on the worst kinds of roads ever known to man.


Which type of vehicles would be perfect for the Nigerian roads?

The Honda "legwork" syndrome of the front tyre overturning on roads because the balljoint has failed causing the car to breakdown is a perfect example of how our bad roads affect automobile manufacturer's plans for cars.

If a Nigerian designed that car with the Nigerian conditions in mind then that problem would never have happened.

This article is an instructional manual to aspiring indigenous automobile manufacturers or special order instruction to every car manufacturer out there that plans to sell their cars in Nigeria like Toyota, Nissan, Honda and the rest. Let's see what perfect cars for Nigerian roads are!

A rugged/Adjustable suspension setup

When I say rugged, I mean a suspension that is designed with roads like in the picture below in mind.


The bad road conditions are impediments to many cars traveling in Nigeria

This is the reason why I strongly feel German cars are the best kinds of cars for Nigerians. German engineering has some practical suspension setups that fit Nigeria best, please permit me to be blunt.

In Nigeria, you drive on major 3 carriage expressways that should not have any form of breakage or pothole from beginning till the end but you should not be surprised when a big pothole just appears in front of your windshield ready to challenge your driving skills because the speed which you are driving at would determine the impact it would have on your car.

Because these roads have speed limits of 100km/hr so, the car you are driving would determine how safe you get to be on impact with these surprise potholes at high speeds and that's why German engineering inspired cars like Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche e.t.c are the closest to being safe for Nigerian road conditions because as you speed with these cars, they adjust balance automatically to make sure the car doesn't roll over on any impact.


Rugged-manufactured cars are a must when traveling in Nigeria

Japanese cars weren't designed for extreme conditions like that and it could roll-over on impact because they get lighter as it goes faster because of the effect of wind that rushes under the car as you accelerate. The wind lifts this car and because the suspension setup allows this to happen, it's not always safe to drive on expressways without anticipation of bad road spots no matter how smooth the road may seem.

The perfect Nigerian suspension should be a rugged and adjustable one that allows you to experience different levels of stiffness and ride height because of the variation in our roads.

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A/C Cooler than 16 Degrees

We have only two kinds of seasons here in Nigeria and you would agree with me that the only reason why most of us have had to use the maximum level of your car's heater was just out of pure curiosity.

You just wanted to find out if a car can blow hot air out of the vents. You switch on air conditioners around noon in Nigeria sometimes and you would still be dripping in sweat because it might take over an hour for the car to let go off all forms of heat.

Have you noticed that some cars with A/C are always hot in traffic? It's because of the heating effect of all the cars in traffic. The heat emitted from the engine and exhaust makes the whole road environment hot and because your car's A/C depends on the air outside the A/C system now uses very hot air for its operation.

Traffic is mostly in majorly in states with major business/industrial districts but the SUN factor is all over the country so we need A/C systems that can go cooler than 16oC because this is Nigeria.


Not because you have a working A/C means your car is cool

Headlights/Tailights that don't extrude

I did a review on a Dodge Challenger last year and I noticed that the headlights and taillights were kind of hidden inside the body frame of the car. What I mean is that it is very difficult to reach the headlights and taillights because the bumpers offset outwards, so on any impact with the front and rear bumpers, the lights would be hardly affected.

This should be a Nigerian feature of a car because we have way too many drivers that break road rules without remorse and bashing your car can be a secondary side effect of their bad behavior.

I drive a Toyota Avensis with taillights shooting out, you should see my car now. The rear light is like a jigsaw puzzle because I live in Lagos where Danfos like kissing the ass of my car when they start their early morning rush. Even their lights are hidden from danger, very Nigerian!


With the headlights or taillights sheltered by the jutting bumpers, they are safer when participating in the crazy Nigerian traffic

No Ground Effects

Ground effects are body kits on cars that extend below the standard ride height of a car. They make the car appear very close to the ground as if it's a lowrider. Lowriders are absolutely a NO-NO to any car that plans to live in Nigeria.

It's funny how the most wealthy people in Nigeria living in areas with fancy/standard structures with good roads often get reasons to journey to areas with the worst roads.

They abandon their ROLLS-ROYCE and FERRARIS just to access these areas and guess what, these areas are not offroad areas. They are just unfortunate to not have a good road condition. Any car that is Nigerian would have no ground effects.

I know a guy that had to strip his car of all ground effects that came with his 2005 modified Honda Accord Coupe just because of how it drags on the ground when he gets to some parts of roads while driving in Nigeria. it was so bad that he first tried raising the car to accommodate the ground effects but the car was looking like one of the ugly cars from MADMAX FURY ROAD movie.

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Nigerian roads are the death to low ground clearance cars

We have a couple of cars being manufactures as Nigerian cars but their designs are not indigenous. We need a German car reliability standard but still very affordable kind of car and I hope this becomes possible very soon. 

What else does a Nigerian car need to have to survive our conditions and become one of the perfect cars for Nigerian roads? Send an e-mail to me and let's discuss.

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