Online shopping for car parts in Nigeria: A practical guideline


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Dig in to find out hơ the be a smart purchaser when it comes to online shopping for car parts.

If you are a car owner in Nigeria, you probably know that changing car components in here costs you quite a lot, mainly because of the poor-quality roads. Even Napa, the brand that is considered cheap by most people is difficult to find in used car parts in the stores. Because of the unavailability, people tend to change their focus on the secondhand parts to keep the car running while lowering the price.

Speaking of online platforms for car parts purchasing, they are convenient and handy but at the same time dangerous. You might need a little luck while online shopping, as sometimes you fall into the trap of scammers, sometimes you don’t get the part you want merely because you don’t have that hands-on experience that traditional stores offer. Picking the right parts for a decent price might cost you a lot of time. The following tips from industry experts will help you find what you need in a short time and make sure you have a pleasant time online shopping for car parts in Nigeria.

You can be the mechanic of your own car

Nigerian economy didn’t look significantly great for the last few years, and the people are also suffering from this trend. So, it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your budget so that you don’t sacrifice vital spending for fancy car parts.

a woman fixing a car

It doesn't require a uniform to be a technician

For instance, car sale numbers have noticeably increased in the past 2 years, and repairing revenue has gone up even more. Nowadays, you can find a lot of Nigerians switching to self-taught mechanics. They are easily sighted on the streets, changing old parts with the better ones. However, people still didn’t get used to the lifestyle that involves online shopping for car parts that might save them a considerable amount of time and money.

It doesn’t require many skills either

Expert consulting has always been a must before buying a new car part. We have to believe what the technicians say without any other source to confirm. However, with the availability of the internet, you have various sources of knowledge, allowing you to research by yourself, or at least to have a reliable source to compare with what the mechanics say. For that, you don’t even have to go to the store to buy stuff, just google what you want, do a little research, and buy the parts online.

a black man fixing a car

Don't let this captivating smile tricks you into buying unnecessary stuff

Nowadays, there are multiple types, model, and version of the car parts that are online for you to choose from. If you know exactly the part that you want, its manufacture year and model number, I couldn’t be easier to find it online.

Don’t spend time unnecessarily

It’s called the World Wide Web, the name says it all, there is no way for your local store to have a better variability as well as availability than the internet itself. In fact, it can’t even compete with the internet when it comes to quality. Some stores don’t have the part you ask for, but they guarantee that it will arrive in the store soon, effectively you can’t have a hands-on experience of the part, then what’s the difference between locally shopping and online shopping for car parts? There is actually one: you wasted your time coming to the store. Automotive online purchasing gives you a better accuracy and quality because it offers you a really huge collection of components that you can choose from, effectively gives you a higher chance of getting what you are looking for. However, online shopping may nurture risks, you should read this article How to distinguish between a genuine seller and a scammer when buying car online to be a smart online purchaser.

someone typing on a laptop

Go online and save yourself a tremendous amount of time

Don’t waste time driving around when you can go online shopping for car parts

The first store you arrive at doesn’t always guarantee the part that you want, in that case, you will have to travel to another one, and another one, until you exhaust yourself (or your car). You probably understand the tedious feeling of the constant stop and go. You might find yourself stuck in the traffic, or even worse, in an accident. Shopping online for the parts prevents you from all the mentioned risks and significantly shortens the buying process, giving you more time to enjoy the ride of your newly repaired car. Therefore, consider purchasing the automotive parts online for a more pleasant buying experience.

Video: The Benefits of Online Shopping

Keep it within your budget

Think of this case: you want to buy a secondhand 2001 Ford Mustang, the car is good and all but it still needs a new suspension. You decide that local stores are good enough and end up spending N4000 at least for the part.

a wallet and two coins

Save your money by buying car parts online

However, if you decide the purchase it online, the price is significantly lower, around N2000, in exchange for the waiting time of the delivery service. Look, it is half the price, and the shipping is very likely to be free. It looks suspiciously cheap, but the reason it gets such a price is that there is no middleman – the main reason products anywhere are two or three folds of their true values.

Beware of the special situations

If your car cannot wait any longer for the replacement, you will have to pay extra for the expedition fee. If you are not in a rush and can give your car a few resting days, then you should be relaxed as your shipping will most likely come in time. Be careful with the order in the first place, if it is wrong, you will have to send it back, causing the delay that is supposedly avoidable. Also, be sure to check for the store’s reputation and credibility before deciding, the internet is a crowded place and there are chances that you encounter scammers.

a man with a black hat

There are scammers lurking around at every "corner" of the Internet

You probably deny the fact that this kind of business model has developed that well in Nigeria, but the internet is a place with plenty of opportunities and businesses will not let it slip through their hands, they even promote it with sales and discount events. If you still doubt the availability of the platform, simply look for it online and have yourself amazed.

In conclusion, the online platform is being more and more popular in Nigeria and you should take this opportunity to renew your shopping style to benefit yourself, saving the time and money so you can pursue other important things in life.

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