6 most reliable online payment methods for online car sales


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Online buying and selling of cars is the emerging norm in Nigeria. Not all online payment methods are to be trusted though. See the most reliable ones for online car sales and buying too!


So, you can now buy cars online in Nigeria. With the majority of customers and merchants venturing online to do business these days, it's no wonder that prospective car buyers are resorting to making purchases.

That's all great but how about reliable online payment methods for online car sales? While a host of payment methods are available to car buyers in Nigeria, finding the most secure and reliable means of making payments for that car is the tricky part.


Today, you will surely need to make a payment for something online

Car payment methods of old days

The debate is on regarding why Nigerians love tokunbo cars. However, the trade has been on for almost 3 decades with a lot of money passing back and forth. The traditional methods of making payments now seem outdated and unsafe, and unsurprisingly so.

This is because the use of cash, personal checks, and even cashier checks for payment purposes can be headache-inducing at times. This is because they can come with a lot of unnecessarily negative baggage and red-tape, especially if you're dealing with a dishonest car dealer or even buyer.

Apart from the fact that carrying around huge amounts of cash as a payment method is totally unsafe in case of theft, it is not a smart move in the sense that there is simply no certain way of making sure the money was given to you as a seller or given by you as a buyer goes through quickly and efficiently.

Other methods like using a personal check are no guarantee that the person who has given it to you actually has such an amount of cash in his/her account. Pertaining to cashier's checks, in as much as they are relatively safe, a forgery can be quite easy to get among criminals.


Cash was king but that's no longer the case

Car payment methods today

The best way to go about finally obtaining your car through payments (considering the insecure nature of the traditional means laid bare above), is the optimal use of the online payment gateways made available to customers and marketers.

This is due to the fact that they are considered secure, fast, and convenient. This of course makes them number one on every car buyer and seller's list of payment options.

Now let's take a look at a list of some of the most reliable online payment options to suit your needs with a bit of an insight into each.

Reliable online payment methods for online car sales

1. eTranzact

This Nigerian premier payment platform has proven to be a secure payment gateway as it ensures easily accessible methods of verification of consumer bill payments.

This gateway has spread its branches to some well-known countries in Africa including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cote d'Ivoire, and South Africa. It has even expanded outside Africa to the UK, and it keeps on spreading.

A car buyer or seller looking to perform payment transactions on this platform has varied options of e-payment like ATM, internet, POS, and mobile. eTranzact also accepts Nigerian locally issued cards such as Visa and Master cards etc.

Website: eTranzact


You can use eTranzact in as many as 6 African countries and overseas

2. VoguePay

This platform allows car website owners to receive online payments for their car brands. Its global coverage allows for a secure and convenient transaction between buyer and seller notwithstanding location and currency.

There are a lot of avenues one can utilize in order to make a payment. These payments VoguePay makes readily available can be done via wallet transfers, mobile payment, internet banking, and Bitcoin payment from subscription billing. Its setup fee ranges from ₦1500 to ₦2500.

Website: VoguePay


VoguePay covers the world but attracts a modest fee for setup

3. Paystack

Paystack is a payment gateway that affords businesses all over Africa easily accepted payment options from anyone no matter their location worldwide. It is currently one of the most used payment platforms as over 60,000 different sized businesses make use of Paystack to carry-out payment transactions due to its secure nature.

As a car dealer or buyer using the Paystack gateway, you could easily payout and also receive or accept any amount of cash straight from your dashboard to and from any bank account in Nigeria using a credit card, debit card, money transfer, and mobile money.

Here, the setup fee is free, and you are able to run online campaigns for your brand also without writing code using its payment pages with ease.

Website: Paystack


Paystack is growing rapidly in Nigeria, servicing over 60k businesses

4. Flutterwave

Flutterwave assures a top-notch service to its customers making it one of the most easy-to-use and convenient platforms for receiving and making payments online anywhere in Nigeria and the world.

Car dealers as well as car buyers could easily process payments in their local currency since the burden and expenses regarding banks and payment service providers are taken care of by the Flutterwave platform.

Reaching a multitude of people at once is also made easier by Flutterwave using different methods like debit/credit cards, mobile money, bank transfer, POS, etc.

Website: Flutterwave


Flutterwave is obtainable all over Nigeria and internationally

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5. Interswitch WebPay

Interswitch is a payment gateway that started its operations in 2002 as an electronic payments processing company. Its transaction services are delivered throughout Africa, which is the prime focus of this integrated digital payments and commerce company.

In this platform, a web car dealer can easily receive payment from cardholders using either WebPay or WebPaydirect. Its setup fee is set at ₦150,000. However, a one-time integration fee for every successful transaction is also set at ₦150,000. You are as well charged a fee of 1.5% of the transaction value which is subject to a cap of ₦2000.

Website: Interswitch


Interswitch is one of Nigeria's most used payment gateways for online

6. CashEnvoy

CashEnvoy gives various businesses the ability to easily collect payments from all the major Nigerian debit cards as well as through the CashEnvoy wallet. With this platform, sending cash directly from your bank accounts and debit cards without sharing any information concerning your financial state is facilitated using CashEnvoy's web application and personal email address.

A car dealer or buyer interested in using CashEnvoy can set up an account on the platform and enjoy its services with minimal stress as registration and making payments are actually free of charge. However, the fee for withdrawals is set at ₦4,000 or less.

Website: CashEnvoy


Get CashEnvoy and enjoy free registration, many payment options, etc

Meanwhile, the video below explains what a payment gateway is:

What is a payment gateway and how does it work?


The gateways mentioned above are some of the most reliable online payment methods for online car sales and online purchase payments in Africa as a whole. Therefore, any Nigerian car dealer looking to sell a car quickly or buyer looking to make payment transactions without having to worry about scams and dishonest personalities would be well advised to adopt the use of any of these secure payment platforms.

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