List of Nigerian-spec Toyota models for arduous Nigerian roads


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The Nigerian rugged road features have been known challenges to different cars from all kind of international auto brands but Toyota has gained the absolute love from car users from the country with its Nigerian-spec Toyota models.

With the roads, the climate, and even the never ending traffic jams in cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt along with the unique terrains, Nigeria makes itself an unfriendly place for most vehicles. And the fact that most cars we see flooding many Nigerian roads are not 'specifically' produced for Nigeria brings to car buyers brain-cracking questions about which car should we go for?

Are there “Nigerian-spec” Toyota cars?

A few car brands, such as Peugeot, used the “built for Nigerian roads” slogan to great effect, as did Toyota’s “acclimatized for Nigeria” cars campaign sometime back introducing Nigerian-spec Toyota models. We have seen that when vehicles go this route, it engenders trust, leading to higher sales.

When manufacturing for Nigeria, some factors an automaker would have to consider include:

  • Nigerian roads: As we know, Nigeria roads are not always in the best conditions. A car needs to be rugged to survive long on these roads.
  • Nigerian price: To ensure their products sell in Nigeria, car manufacturers would need to manufacture cars that are affordable for many Nigerians.
  • Fuel economy: Another issue that automakers tend to consider when making cars for Nigeria is fuel efficiency, considering the price of petrol in Nigeria.
  • Nigerian emissions standard laws: In every country and in Nigeria as well, there are emission standards regulations that guide the amount of air pollution cars are allowed to release.

Among many car brands in Nigeria is the Toyota marque. Toyota is Nigeria’s most popular brand without doubt. Toyota’s national standing is due to consistently turning out car models that are not only durable but reliable.

However, are Toyota models built specifically for Nigerians, bearing the above factors in mind? Well, actually there are car specs that Toyota Nigeria Limited (TNL) lists on their website as ‘Severe User Package’ for Nigerians. This is the company’s way of identifying those Toyota cars made for the country. Cars with this designation have a more robust frame, stronger suspension, and are generally fortified for use in a harsh environment. You might need to patronize accredited Toyota dealers to get these cars. Take a look at these “Nigerian spec” vehicles!

List of Nigerian-spec Toyota Saloon/ Sedan cars

1. Toyota Corolla

Toyota has a Nigerian version of our favorite sedan, the Toyota Corolla, and it comes in different trims. It specifically can be found in their authorized dealers outlets packed with features and technology perfectly suitable for Nigerians. Toyota Corolla price in Nigeria is quite affordable as well.

>>> More details for your reference:


Corolla is considered the Queen in Nigerian car market

2. Toyota Yaris

The sporty Toyota Yaris which many Nigerians love because of the sporty features and drivetrain is also available locally. The local version still has those outdoor and safety features for adequate protection and fun.

3. Toyota Avensis

Having a serene cabin with infotainment technology for easy riding and navigation, the Toyota Avensis is one of the sedan models Toyota has in stock for Nigeria users, and that are very suitable for Nigerian roads. The car comes with a 5-Speed, VVTI engine and above, depending on the trims, and it also is equipped with telescopic steering wheel.

>>> You can check its new and used price here: Toyota Avensis prices in Nigeria and its recent discontinuation (Update in 2019)

4. Toyota Camry

Undoubtedly, the Toyota Camry is one of Nigeria’s must-go-for brands. Naturally Toyota has a Nigerian spec for Nigerian enthusiasts. There are available options for 2.5 liters or 3.5 liters V6 engines with 6-speed automatic transmission. Click to see Toyota Camry for sale on Naijauto!


The Toyota Camry is part of the sedan package

>>> Further information for those interested in Camry:

List of Nigerian-spec Toyota SUVs

1. Toyota Rav4

The durable Rav4 has a Nigeria version that presents in different trims with well fitted leather seats and a power steering wheel. The trims are 6-speed automatic, with 2.0L and 4WD drivetrain.

>>> See more:

2. Toyota Rush

Having been recently release for Nigeria, the Toyota Rush Nigerian spec is for Nigerian users locally.

3. Toyota Fortuner

This midsize SUV also has the local version that is packing a 2.7L engine, 4wheel drive and 4 speed manual and automatic transmissions.

4. Toyota Prado

The locally branded Toyota Prado is really not lacking; the vehicle comes with different trims of 2-3 liters with optional manual and automatic drive.


Land Cruiser is the next name on this list

5. Toyota Landcruiser

The powerful locally equipped Toyota landcruiser comes with trims GX and VX. Even with 4 speed automation the car comes with a 4.0L and 4.7L of V8 Petrol.

>>> Please check prices of Prado, Land Cruiser, Rush & Fortuner here: Toyota car prices in Nigeria (Update in 2019)

List of Nigerian-spec Toyota Buses

1. Toyota Avanza

If interested in the Nigeria branded Toyota Avanza mid-size bus, there are various trims available that varies from 3-1.5 liters of 4-speed auto transmission with other safety features.

2. Toyota Hiace

Locally, Toyota has about 10 trims for its Toyota Hiace, with different seat capacities of 15-seaters to 16-seaters. This can be found in authorized dealers outlet.

>>> Further information at:

3. Toyota Coaster

There is also a branded Toyota Coaster of 30 seating with different engines of 2.7L Petrol and 4.2L diesel with transmission of 5-speed automatic.


The Toyota Hiace is part of the buses package

List of Nigerian-spec Toyota Pickups

1. Toyota Hilux

Coming with 11 trims that differs in diesel and petrol specification, the Nigeria Toyota Hilux is highly equipped for Nigerian users with different options. Just like every other car listed here, it can be found in accredited dealerships.

2.Toyota LC70

For so long, the LC70 has performed on Nigeria roads; it’s because Toyota has specially designed this product to run well on the rugged Nigerian soil with a V6 engine.


The Toyota Hilux is part of the pickups package

List of Nigerian-spec Toyota Trucks

Toyota Dyna

Having Vinyl seats and a 5-Ton Cargo Space, this locally specific Toyota Dyna carries with 5-speed manual transmission and 3.0L diesel for users with that preference.


The Toyota Dyna is part of the trucks package

Now you know your Nigerian spec Toyota vehicles. You can be confident about buying any of these for use in the country.

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