The term that causes many successful bidders to lose their car on Nigeria Customs e-auction


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Do you know you can buy cheap cars at the Nigerian e-auctions? Do you know you can lose the cars you have already won over a minor mistake? Check details below!

1. Why many successful bidders on Custom e-auction lose their car?

We must have probably joked about how useless the terms and conditions of any website is because very few people actually read it. What we do is to jump to 'accept' and click away without bothering to look over what the terms and conditions really say. Many times we have fallen victim to this and that is part of what contributes to some buyers losing their cars after successfully winning at Nigeria customs auction.

If you intend to purchase your next car from the ongoing Nigeria customs auctions through their e-auction, the last thing you want to do is to skip the terms and conditions listed for bidders.


Read every line on the e-auction website to be safe

Purchasing a car through the Nigeria custom e-auction is a good and cheap means to own a great car. However the action that prevents a bidder who has won at the auction, from acquiring that car is mostly because they flouted a rule that has been stated in the customs e-auction terms and conditions.

All rules listed in the document are very vital, but a few which have put bidders  in a tight situation is the number 8 rule of the terms and conditions. It states that a bidder who happens to win an auction is expected to pay an included 25% charge for 'Shipping Line and Terminal operators respectively' for that particular car. This fee should be included in the final amount a buyer budgets when making plans to purchase from Nigeria customs. However, some people get to find out after winning a bid, and end up having to forfeit their car.

This particular rule has been emphasized by the Nigeria Customs Service because many past bidders have made complaints about the information reaching them too late.


Customs routinely seize cars brought in the wrong way

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When speaking with reporters, the civic officer told that a lot of bidders have not only incurred the 25% additional fee that is mandatory but also incurred overtime charges for not clearing the car within the mandated period.

He explained that the cars listed for auction in the Nigeria Customs outlet are already placed with 'overtime cargo charges'  because the shipping costs for these car are yet unpaid as this payment is made at the point when the car is cleared.

When the News agency spoke to some bidders who have been affected by these, they explained that they were not aware of such a policy before embarking on purchasing with the Custom. Some lamented on the need of adjusting and amending their budgets. However this points to the ignorance of not reading and understanding the terms and condition policy laid out on the customs website.

Other rules which have caught many bidders unawares are the number 4,5 and 6 rules that laid emphasis on the stipulated number of days within which a car is expected to be paid for else it will reverse to its initial state or be given to the second winner in the auction. All of this has contributed to bidders losing their dream car and losing the money used in bidding.


Some expensive cars are impounded by customs and offered for sale by auction 

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2. Full list of terms and conditions by Nigeria Custom Service

Below are the term and conditions laid out by the Nigeria Custom Service. Make sure you read between the lines before buying a car from their auction!

  1. Applicant must have a valid TIN issued by the FIRS with an active e-mail account.
  2. An applicant shall pay a non-refundable fee of One Thousand Naira (N1,000.00) as administrative charge.
  3. An Item is auctioned as is as such request for replacement or refund shall not be entertained.
  4. The successful bidder shall make payment within five (5) working days.
  5. Failure to pay within five (5) working days the item reverts to the second (2nd) highest bidder.
  6. The successful bidder has two (2) weeks from the date of payment to remove the item bidded for or forfeit same at the expiration of the two (2) weeks.
  7. Any auction item not removed from the warehouse within fourteen (14) days from the date of payment shall revert to its pre-bidding status.
  8. Take note for overtime cargo, that the successful bidder shall in addition pay 25% charges for Shipping line and Terminal operator respectively.
  9. Bidders shall be allowed to bid for more than 2 items per bidding window.
  10. For claiming items, the winner shall present;
  • A valid copy of paid assessment and bank receipt (optional in case of e-payment);
  • E-mailed code to identify owner after payment;
  • A notarized letter in case owner sends representative. (Where owner is present uploaded photo on registration will do.)
  • Provide proper identification with the notarized letter such as International passport, Driver’s license, Voters card or National I.D.


Some cars at customs office in Nigeria

  1. The dwell time for this Online Auction Sale shall be Twenty-Eight (28) days.
  2. Third party claims shall not be entertained.
  3. Officers of the Nigeria Customs Service are excluded from participating in this Auction.
  4. Owner of seized item is excluded from bidding for same.
  5. Conditions and terms of this auction are to be carefully considered by an interested person before acceptance.
  6. Applicant undertakes to abide by the conditions and terms of this auction

Now you know what to expect, you can go into the Nigeria car auctions with all confidence.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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