The 7 most problematic Tokunbo/Used cars for sale in Nigeria right now


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What are the most problematic Tokunbo/Used cars for sale in Nigeria? You will be surprised after reading this post. Do not hesitate to scroll down and read more.

Is it possible to have a car that would never have a problem? Yes, it is possible, but does it ever happen? No, it never happens because nobody is perfect when it comes to car maintenance. However, there are some cars for sale in Nigeria that no matter how much you try to maintain adequately, they just would always be problematic for reasons you would be finding out today.

What are the 7 most problematic Tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria used cars for sale in Nigeria right now? This is the question this article will be answering.


Some cars are just problematic no matter what you do 

Have you ever heard about a car being recalled by the manufacturer because an error had been detected after the cars were sold to the public?. This happens every time and this proves the point that no car is indeed perfect. The fact that the manufacturer has sold the car doesn’t mean it is perfect.

Cars in Nigeria have a different fate when this recall happens. It is a long process sending back a car from Nigeria to the USA due to a recall so the car becomes problematic in Nigeria.

Also, there are some cars that Nigerians mechanics always have a hard time fixing. Cars like this are easily tagged as problematic in Nigeria because when it goes bad, it will take a long time to get fixed. Therefore, we advise you to buy cars like this with care in the market.

7 most problematic Tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria and used cars for sale in Nigeria



What the TSI engine looks like 

We highly advise you to avoid Volkswagen cars with the 2.0 TSI Engine in Nigeria because they can be very problematic. Common cars that carry this engine are 2011 - 2014 Jetta, 2005 - 2010 Passat, 2009 - 2015 Tiguan, 2009 - 2015 Passat CC.

The common problems of Volkswagen cars with this engine would be firstly its direct-injection technology. Other cars don't use a direct injection ibn for their engines but the TSI engine does and this means more pressure on the Injectors which make them leak overtime or get clogged.


Avoid Passat CC with the TSI engine 

Water pump failure is also very common on TSI engines. Water pumps are responsible for propelling water (coolant) through the engine system and radiator. The issue here is that the factory water pump is manufactured with plastic housing and many other plastic components. Over time, as the water pump is subject to this heat and normal wear and tear, it can become prone to leaking.


The plastic Water Pump was a big error from Volkswagen

Also, the belt tensioner on the Volkswagen cars with TSI engines is prone to early failure. When this tensioner fails, it causes the timing chain to jump and the valves in the engine could bend from this.

Other parts prone to failure on Volkswagen cars with the TSI engine would be the fuel pump, PCV valve and Ignition coil.



Of course, everyone knows a Murano

The 2003-2007 Murano's reliability is very poor and many of its problems are very expensive to repair. This car is a Nissan SUV that got popular around 2010 in Nigeria amongst the upper-middle class because it really looked good. The curvy exterior shape made it very attractive back then but its unreliability issues came to the notice of Nigerian users later.

The Nissan Murano is the one cars in Nigeria with the worst resale value ever. The car has a very poor second-hand value because of the problems it has. What are these problems?


This is what the CVT looks like in a Murano

The Murano uses a Continuous Variable Transmission and it looks like Nissan did not fully understand the technology at the time the Murano was produced. This makes the Murano rank high amongst cars with transmission and electrical problems. An electrical problem is the one problem Nigerian technicians avoid the most because it requires a lot of technical knowledge. 

The Murano also develops a lot of engines and brake-related issues as it ages so you cannot bet on a Murano to get you from here to there and this makes a lot of people avoid the beautiful Nissan SUV.

The Murano also has a front suspension issue that makes so much noise when the problem starts. 


Mazda cars in Nigeria generally have a bad reputation because they develop a lot of electrical issues. I mean, the other day when I was at the mall, this delivery man drove in a Mazda MPV to deliver off some goods, and he tried starting the car for 40 minutes, but it never came on. That is definitely an electrical issue and Mazda models are always prone to it.

Causes of electrical problems in cars like Mazda is the reason it is on the list. The prettiest reasons lead to problems in Mazdas. 


That's why these cars are not popular; problems 

Mazda owners also complain a lot about how interior accessories keep falling apart as the car ages. This makes the Mazda a Japanese car that is problematic in Nigeria and hence has a poor second-hand value.


The Jeep Liberty is quite common among the models of Jeep SUVs you can find in Nigeria but damn! this car is problematic and a lot of Nigerian mechanics avoid it because it is hard to fix.


This is a Jeep Liberty

The common problems of Jeep Liberty would be its electrical and starting issues that just happens without any real reason. Also, there are a lot of interior leaks with the Jeep Liberty when it is rainy season in Nigeria.


The first generation Liberty should be avoided

Another annoying problem with the Jeep Liberty is the window regulator failure. You park your car in the lot and as you are about to roll up, the Liberty says 'not today'. The window is would be stuck and it is expensive to replace the regulator in Nigeria. 


Window problem of the Jeep Liberty is common


General Motors is an umbrella that covers a lot of car companies and the most popular ones in Nigeria Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Opel, Hummer and Daewoo. All these cars are good but they often develop electrical faults which is the main problem in Nigeria. The Chevrolet Camaro for example is an American Muscle car that you would see everywhere in Nigeria but you would also find them hopelessly abandoned in mechanical garages. 


Everybody wants a Camaro until the electrical problems start

The best way to enjoy a GM car is to buy them brand new and as it gets old, replace parts with authentic spare parts directly from the manufacturer.  


The LR3 Land Rover is a box shape SUV that is quite common in Nigeria amongst the upper-middle class because it looks exotic. However, the LR3 is a bag of problems and it stresses technicians a lot.


What an LR3 looks like

The first issue with the LR3 is its air suspension. It leaks and makes the car lose its stance. It is also very expensive to fix in Nigeria. 


This picture says a lot already

Another issue with the LR3 is its electronic sensors. This car has so many sensors that easily go bad and triggers the check engine light on the dashboard. For example, when changing the brake pads of the LR3, the speed sensor is prone to damage and most owners have to replace the 4 sensors when replacing their brake pads.

The LR3 is one of the cars with the worst resale value in Nigeria because of its problems. 


BMW is the ultimate driving machine and the 6 Series is not left out of this appraisal. The 6 Series also has a bad reputation for being very problematic to its owners. 


Beautiful but problematic 

The problems of the 6 series start from its engine. The Variable Valve Timing system often goes bad and it makes the car an engine oil drinker. The fix for this problem is very expensive. The most common engine in the 6 Series is highly unreliable in Nigeria because it has a lot of plastic parts that crack under high-intensity heat.


The N52 engine in the 6 series 

The 6 series is also prone to the popular BMW Rod Bearing failure. This problem is one of the biggest reasons why Nigerians are scared of BMWs. The rod bearing is a part of the engine and in some of the 6 Series, it is very fragile. 

The 6 Series suspension collapses from rust in one of the components that it seats on. 

Atop all these, the 6 series is one BMW that a lot of Nigerian technicians cannot handle when it comes to fixing. BMW sets up the 6 Series in a complex way because it is a grand tourer kind of car. You would find a lot of 6 Series between 2003 - 2010 sitting hopelessly in mechanical garages.


Now that you know the 7 most problematic Tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria and used cars for sale in Nigeria right now? Try and avoid buying these cars as much as possible except you have a specialist technician that would help with its maintenance.




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