Before selling your car, make sure you won't make these 10 mistakes


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Selling a car appears to be the easiest thing in the world, until you actually try to sell your car. Avoid the usual pitfalls with a guide below!

There are certain common errors of judgment people are prone to when they embark on selling their vehicles. These mistakes prevent them from getting the best value for their car. When you want to sell your car due to any number of reasons, here are some mistakes car sellers often make that you can avoid.

1. Not knowing the value of your car

Car prices can fluctuate wildly because of varying economic conditions, car condition, or even government policies. Before you put a price tag on your car, carry out market research to know how much your car is worth as of that time. When you put a high price on your car, you don't get to sell if off and when you give it a low price, then it will be a waste.

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Time to sell that car? Don't worry, it can be a breeze

2. Taking the first offer

We are not advising you to reject ‘your first offer’. When you list your car, there is every possibility that you may get a call for a lower price than your listed price. Don't be tempted to jump into it knowing fully well that it could have been sold for higher than that. This is why a market research is best, so if you sticking to the market price, you don't lose. There can of course be a situation where the first offer is the best offer; now this is a great deal.

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3. Don't make big repairs 

Yes you can make some repairs on your car and get it ready for listing but making big expensive repairs on it is really not a good idea. When you make big repairs, it will cause that car to increase in price and getting buyers will be really difficult. Explaining to buyers why the price tops that amount may not always be pleasant as they are looking to buy cheap also. It's best you and your buyer arrive at an agreement before you can go ahead to make the repairs and then they will pay the new price.

4. Be sincere

Okay, we said you shouldn't make that big repair but that doesn't mean you should lie. Be sincere about any damages that your car might have. Do not lie about that. If the buyer eventually finds out you tricked he/she into buying a damaged car, he can sue. This will of cause result in high legal fees or even in getting arrested! You surely do not want that. Explain to your buyer about the condition of your car and let him make the choice.

5. Not washing the car

This subheading says it all; do not put a dirty car on a list. This is simply bad marketing. A neat car appearance brings out the beauty of a car and attracts customers. Moreover, a car with a dirty appearance gives the impression that it has been listed for a very long time and no customer is interested in it.


Your car has one opportunity to make a first impression; make sure it's positive

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6. Determine the sales model you will be using

You should determine if you will be selling the car yourself, or through a dealership or a third-party car-selling service. Selling the car yourself may get you more money, at least higher than a dealership price. However it will require you to do more marketing and keep other records of the sale. A dealer does all the marketing and work with a quick sale but your final gains might not be as high as when you sell it yourself.

7. Using poor quality pictures

Online listing is very good as it attracts massive potential buyers, but the big mistake you will be making is putting up a very low quality picture of your car. Put up quality pictures and many of them too to attract buyers.


A picture speaks a thousand words, take sharp well defined pics, not blurry like this

8. Bad description

Just like when you are putting up a house for sell, using a good description for your car is highly necessary. State the model, year, trim and version of your car with other interesting descriptions that will make buyers dial you up. You may even hire a writer to do this for you for a small fee.

9. No maintenance record

Having a good car maintenance record or servicing record for your car is a big plus. This shows the buyer you have been keeping the car in good shape. Even when there is no damage in the car, the previous records of repairs really matter. So you might want to go back to get the receipts from your auto mechanic.

10. Finally you have a buyer

When you finally have a buyer, there are few important things to bear in mind:

  • Meet up in crowded places. Do not make the mistake of seeing him in a private place as you don't know if they truly want to buy the car or are criminals
  • When making transactions, don't do it in a private place. It’s best both of you walking up to the bank and carrying out the transaction there.
  • Giving out too much personal information is risky. Though, it's good to let out basic information that will be needed when making out a sales agreement, but do not give out unnecessary personal information.
  • Allow your buyer to test drive the car, as this gives him the assurance that you are not hiding anything from him.

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Bills of sales or car sales agreements are vital, and easy to write

Following these pointers will give you a profitable, high value car sale.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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