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Posted by: Henry Egan

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This year has got everyone fascinated by the latest level of technologies that have been made available & midsize luxury cars are the top of market. Check below our suggestions for this car style!

Midsize luxury cars are a great blend of style, space, comfort, high technology and max performance. With them, you can be sure of elegant interior/exterior designs, smooth rides and elaborate, high-end engine features. What's more is an all-wheel drive, copious safety features, a good warranty of horsepower and an excellent fit of driver-assistance equipment. Thrilling, is it? Wait till you get to experience them firsthand, you'd be blown away!

From a broad angle, the automobile industry is set to leave all heads turning as they offer a premium range of cars, so the decision about which car to buy is a tough one, tough watch. Regardless, here are the best midsize luxury cars on the current market you could select from, just in case you're looking to join the train and/or upgrade your game. The suggestions are brought to you by Naijauto.com!

1. Lexus GS

Daring! The Lexus GS is an aggressive one. The engineering structure of the car tells it all. Quite the master piece, the Lexus GS boasts of plural drivetrains, an all-wheel drive and a whoop ass turbo power. Its audio system is amazing, with upgraded functions that permit the best infotainment options and high graded speakers.

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The 2019 Lexus GS is an aggressive one

2. Volvo S90

Who said Volvo was out of business? Think again because the brand is set to burst. The S90 reeks of Scandinavian grace and refinement, in trims. The recent generation exhibits a reduced height in roofline that adds this 'Sporty' look, compared to its old models. Per energy, you can trust that it has a super max turbo power that could beat the others (well, except Benz). You can also anticipate its tech amenities, such a shatter!


The S90 reeks of Scandinavian grace and refinement

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3. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Smooth! The Mercedes-Benz model have so far made a legacy for themselves in the global market and this time, they are not an exception. The E-class is segmented into 4 basically: as a sedan, as a coupe, as a wagon and as a convertible. That implies that everyone can fit into whatever works best for them. How sweet!

That's good but that's not the best part there is yet. What makes a Mercedes Benz unbeatable is its personalization functions. The E-class offers just as much. The well Engineered leather seats, infotainment screen standard, a full packed turbo horsepower, memory and massaging functions are truly a wonder and it's easy to attribute all these to their strength in the market.


Mercedes Benz cars have an unbeatable personality

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4. Genesis G80

The spoiler! The Genesis G80 is lavish in itself and by most high standard. It's got a magnificent interior design that makes you drool all over at the sight of it. Talk of the fragrance!

It exudes a great sense of an almost heavenly scent. Like its high - tech counterparts, the G80 offers several layers of amenities like an Apple Carplay, high-end leather seats, alloy wheels and a host of others. Not to forget its standard safety features that envelope blind spot and pedestrian detection, lane assist (departure assist), etc. Your safety as well as your comfort are best guaranteed with this whole sporty package.


The G80 offers several layers of amenities

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5. Audi A6

Who doesn't know the Audi series? Everyone can attest to the fact that they are more than just an awesome set. The Audi A6 2019 model isn't left out either. With driver assistance features, a high tech vehicle operating system, a cruise factor and a super charged engine (twin turbo), the Audi A6 is set to sprint off like an Usain Bolt.

Not only that, the Audi A6 is user-friendly, making it easy to be controlled. This is because its display and operating system allow for over 300 personalization settings which include voice recognition, voice control among other mind-blowing features.

The Audi A6 is user-friendly, making it easy to be controlled

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6. Jaguar XF

The Sexy Jaguar! Also, a sedan model, the Jaguar XF is a British make, well-crafted for the best driver. It lets show of an all-wheel drive with a 2.0 liter turbo engine. Quite sporty, the XF model was designed exclusively for utmost cruising and an excellent level of comfort, again for the driver. The chassis and steering are both equipped to offer a balanced handling and passenger convenience.

The XF also introduces features like a parking aid, standard, foldable rear view mirrors and memory functions.


Jaguar XF was designed exclusively for utmost cruising

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7. Cadillac CTS

The American Sedan! The Cadillac CTS has a horsepower set at a 335 twin turbocharged six-cylinder and a turbocharged four set at 2.0 liters, which informs its manifold engine options and a well trimmed handling. That's not all. A 3.6 liter V6 and a wicked 420 ponies were installed. Sick!

Per urban functions, the CTS exhibits a graceful power seat adjustable to 8 different ways, an Apple carplay perfectly complimented by 11 sound speakers, well suited for Apple users, wireless charging and a grand cabin air.


The Cadillac CTS exhibits a graceful power seat adjustable to 8 different ways

Ready for 2019? This year has got everyone fascinated by the latest technologies that have been made available and midsize luxury cars are the top of the market. There are a huge number of them so there's no reason you shouldn't take your pick.

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