Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria: Really King of Autos in Nigeria or just over hyped?


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Is the Mercedes Benz brand over hyped? Everyone knows a Benz is the road king in Nigeria, but could this be a title begging to be retired soon?

Over time in Nigeria, from little child to grown-up, Mercedes Benz has grown in stature to ecome virtually the king of automobiles in the country. It is the epitome of affluence, class and luxury. From the days of the “V-Booth” to those of the G-Wagon, the Mercedes Benz brand is truly in a good place in Nigeria, what every man dreams of, and what every woman dreams her man will dream off. ? The street buzzwords attest to this: phrases like ‘Benz or nothing’ or ‘If we no drive the Benz na wetyn we gain?’

It used to be that only older people dug the Benz brand, but the young are flocking to Mercedes in droves also. On a bit of a negative side, the infamous ‘yahoo boys’ in Nigeria have even made it worse. It has become a trend among this notorious clique to purchase this particular brand of automobile when they make their first millions. This die hard act of purchasing a Mercedes Benz by this group does not stop there as some even go to the extent of performing ritual sacrifices and stealing of female undies as the source of funding their Mercedes Benz.


Mercedes Benz like this X-class has become a must have status symbol in most countries

Even the popular Nigeria singer Olamide (and singer Lil Kesh) was accused of justifying money rituals in one of his track ‘Logo Benz’ where a line in the track reads “If money no enter I go do blood money”. When questioned about this the artist was quick to interpret the lyrics of the song as an act of creating awareness that no such thing as ‘money rituals’ exists.

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Apart from these, many popular socialites and entertainment figures cars like Bob Risky brazenly flaunt like their latest Benz cars purchases. These also add to the urban myth that it is indeed Benz or nothing.


The bigger the Benz the bigger a star you are like Zorro!

However, is this all overhyped hot air or is Benz the real “Real Deal?”  Will it fade one day just like other Nigerian brands that came and went? To start with, what makes a car a Mercedes Benz?

1. Engineering and performance

You can’t go higher than the Benz brand when it comes to automotive engineering. Some cars in recent years, truth be told, approach the fine-tuned efficiency of a Benz out of the plant, but no car in its price range has yet topped the Mercedes Benz. Benz cars are finely designed to deliver performance in every situation, every time.

From powertrain to torque to engine power, you are in good hands, performance wise, when you are in a Mercedes Benz. For instance a Benz can stand the rigor of being driven at 150mph for pretty much forever. This would make most other automobiles give up more sooner than later. Also what about suspension? In a Benz, you might as well not be in a car, because that’s how good the suspension is.


Perfect engineering is the Mercedes Benz signature every time

2. Style

I love the designers that the Benz brand is proud to call their own. This is because if there is an auto engineering box, then they simply have not even heard of it talk-less of being inside it when they conceptualize a new Benz. Benz has for almost 100 years been an icon of style and panache. They never follow the trend, and yet remain as current as today’s blog post.


Let your Benz win the style debate for you, just sit pretty

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3. Safety

Mercedes Benz consistently passes crash tests in the higher percentiles making it one of the safest cars around. When you are in an accident in a Benz, the engine does not slide towards the car interior but rather slides down, out of danger for the passengers and driver. What about doors? They withstand impact, then pop open so they don’t trap anyone after the crash.

4. Luxury

When one says “luxury” in relation to cars, the tendency is to point immediately at Rolls Royce. While it is a fact that the brand continues to redefine automobile comfort, we are also looking at price tags. For its price range, the Mercedes Benz brand routinely outperforms all comers if the deciding factor is luxury. Whether you are talking plush seats or interior décor or anything else. Also remember, these usually come as standard not options.


Definitive Luxury is effrtless with the 2018 Mercedes Benz Mayback interior

5. Durability

People complain that Benz parts are expensive in Nigeria, but here’s the catch: they need to be. That’s because you do get your money’s worth when you land a genuine Benz component. It will last and outlast any other brand’s parts. The Benz cars are pieced together with parts and components that are the results of painstaking attention to detail in craftsmanship, so they do last far longer than one would reasonably expect, even at the price.

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6. It has everything

Whatever kind of vehicle you need, Benz gat your back: Truck, sedan, hatchback, vans, sports cars, SUVs, you name it, Mercedes Benz builds it. You need a super luxury ride, the Maybach is your deal; you want sporty performance? Then get with the AMG Class of Benz cars. The A-class has you covered if you are in the market for a 5-door hatchback. A small family sedan? Try a C or E class. And S class for a super family sedan experience.


Benz has come a long way since like this GLS SUV

7. History

Let’s face it, Mercedes Benz invented the car, or rather their symbolic -founder Karl Benz did. That is quite a pedigree to carry around in automotive circles. The modern company has been around since 1926. That represents almost a century of relentless pursuit of automobile engineering and design excellence. Not man car companies can boast about such awe-inspiring beginnings.

8. Price

The first thing (in fact the only thing) people gripe about when they are peeved with the Mercedes Benz is the price. Benz cars do come at a premium in money terms, but then again, not when you consider the quality you are getting. Still, if you are talking Naira and kobo, there is a Benz for every budget. It might not be as new as you would have preferred but you will get the name plate. Examples are a low priced Mercedes Benz ML320 2000 model for 800k, a mid-priced 2005 C 240 for ₦2m,  if you can’t quite afford the 2017 V-12-powered Mercedes-Maybach S600 which starts at $192,000 or ₦69 million.

Mercedes-AMG Project ONE: The Future of Driving Performance | IAA 2017

Here’s the final verdict: The Mercedes Benz may sometimes be glorified for the wrong reasons, but it is certainly not over-hyped or a pretender. The Benz car deserves every attention, accolade and respect it has garnered over the years. It is indeed deserving to be called the king of the Nigerian road.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
Joshua-Philip Okeafor

Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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